DAP Lim Guan Eng press conference in Penang

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Penang DAP Lim Guan Eng

DAP Lim Guan Eng with PKR Dato’ Zahrain in a press conference in Penang told the reporters that they will need to talk to the State Secretary first before they announce anything. Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon has informed DAP Chow Kon Yeow that the State Government will be handed to DAP. However, DAP Lim Guan Eng said he is now only the CM Designate for Penang and they need to talk to the State Secretary first.

Dato Zahrain and Lim Guan Eng
(Dato’ Zahrain from PKR in brown shirt along with DAP and PKR candidates)

DAP Lim Guan Eng urges all DAP supporters not to celebrate and there will be no celebration as well.

Lim Guan Eng

DAP swept all the seats and Lim Guan Eng said this is the people’s choice. He is very humble about it and said that this is not about PKR or DAP but the people of Penang and their wishes.

jeff ooi

Jeff Ooi being interviewed by the press. Bloggers, do you realise that bloggers have a lot to rejoice too because there are so many bloggers amongst the politicians? Three cheers to us!

Can I remind the commentators that if you have something happy to share, please talk about your wishes but do not bring back the old matters. Please do not talk about any defeats on my blog.

39 thoughts on “DAP Lim Guan Eng press conference in Penang

  1. I am so happy Jeff and DAP can form a government and prove their worth in the State of Penang! May God bless them and make them successful!

  2. What can i say except “Syabas!” to voters in Penang. Hopefully what happened and will happen in Penang will inspire Malaysians elsewhere that change is a good thing.

    Cheers for the bloggers!!! We bloggers rock! (heheh)

  3. Wish the best to all the candidates who won up in Penang.

    Remember that the people are the BOSS and if you do not perform, you will be held accountable at the next election…

    Anyway, good on you Penangites for taking a bold step to decide your future. Now, it’s time for everyone to work hard to make not only Penang what it can be, but Malaysia as well!

  4. Congrats to the BR. I hope they remember that we voted them in so we can vote them out. Lets hope they govern the state with wisdom and humility for a change.

  5. oh dear me, how come i dunno about the press conference?

    thanks for the update and info… oh and for the pictures!

    i’m very glad that DAP had captured penang… but we must also do a ‘check and balance’ on DAP. hopefully whatever they promise during the ceramah, they will fullfil.

  6. kopi – Shhh…now we mustn’t rub it in. Hehehe.

    lucia – Guan Eng did say, it is now up to the ‘opposition’ (not DAP lah) to maintain that check and balance.

    kelwin – I am still recovering from the shocking results.

    Des – Well, the one here really shows a lot of humility. I can say that the DAP/PKR and PAS line up are all very humble about it.

    terence – Thank you, pak guard.

    suanie – I was there but came back already. My husband took those photos by standing on table! LOL

    Thanks for all the comments, I need to sleep already

  7. Now DAP!, please make Penang WORLD CLASS!
    Revamp the whole area and make sure the next time I go there, I am greeted with warm welcome and development better than Kuala Lumpur.

  8. Woke up at 6.31 and was greeted with more victories;) in Mkini. Definitely a new dawn for Malaysia, thanks Lil and those who privided the other link to Mkini. The TV was so very slow!

  9. Hi,
    I am truly happy that the opposition’s fight is finally seeing some fruit.

    And I must say salute to you for bringing all the live updates from Penang.

    Now let’s hope the new state government for Penang, Perak and Selangor would bring some changes and reflect what the rakyat has been hoping for.

    It’s such an amazing election this year.

  10. Whoa… what a shock! so rugi i’m not registered for the election!

    I want to see what BR will do for the next 5 years. I hope there’ll be something… not just saying things, but do it.. 🙂

    BTW, congrats for the winning!

  11. wah, aunty lilian..ur blog was down last night..so gancheong..I was waiting for the results..and I tried going to malaysiakini, but server down also..Your blog also down..Woke up this morning, and found out Penang was swept away by DAP. Congrats…
    So, the next time I drop by Penang, I shall see what differences they make..:)

  12. To all elected DAP/PKR/other candidates,

    We Malaysians have decided….

    Now, the ball is at your feet,

    You’ve denied 2/3 majority to BN,

    We want you to do your job to check and balance the government decisions, how to use the peoples money, how they govern the country.

    You mustn’t fail us, remember your promises to the people who voted you.

    As for all of us who pay taxes, the government of the day must be made accountable for the expenditures, only spend on what is necessary, take care of the people, irrespective of their race, religion and political affiliations.

    Don’t take revenge on BN people or their supporters, you must not fall into BN’s trap, or else what is the different between you and them?

    As for the states, you have managed to outdo BN is many states, but we ( the people ) wishes that you govern these states with good, clean, efficiency and most of all, be accountable to the people of your decisions.

    We are watching and we will decide again in the next GE, if you don’t.


    The People

  13. congrats to the Oppositions……the people had made their choices and voices heard…..so made a change for the better come true….and thank you Lilian and Co. for yr effort and time in updating us thru yr links and photos….

    Power to the People….

  14. Wow…ur atm’s pics best lah! But somehow, I seem to get the impression from one of the pics that the Keadilan guy is in control? Or am I imagining things? It’s going to be a coalition government, right?

    BTW, wasn’t DAP the state government in Melaka long ago? What happened there? How did it go over there?

  15. I was at Penang Relay for Life event in Youth Park, and I didn’t sleep for 23 hours until now, walked around relay ground for 12 hours plus listening to news update with friends.

    Delighted I was. Happy happy happy.


    you know what I mean! Penang babeh!! and I DO hope that we will start seeing changes and more liberal and equal opportunity for everyone in this lovely charming island that is better than anywhere else!

  16. Congrates !

    Well done, Aunty Lilian!

    Let’s us pray for a better Penang and Malaysia.

    Warning to those who have won : We ‘re the boss. If you are not doing your job, you’ll be fired in the next election….

    To the others : It’s not a question, but a lesson to learn .

    Remember, we ,the people of Malaysia, the voters, your boss are not fools , but thinkers!

    Aunty Lilian, you rocks ! Some says better than CNN.


  17. Guan Eng ( Kit Siang, Karpal, Anwar ) and friends, you guys have worked so hard and you have come a long way ( all the way back from Kamunting 1987… from prison cell to Chief Minister’s office – that must be quite “satisfying” to say the least 🙂 )
    we are all very proud of you … but the Real Work begins NOW!

    Being the government is a whole new ballgame from being opposition. Now that we the rakyat have placed our confidence in you, given you the opportunity to serve us, please prove yourselves. Don’t let us down.

    Show us and show the country what you can do.

    Make us even prouder of you in five years time!

  18. Congrats to Penang voters for making a great impact in the Malaysian politics. Now, many poor Penangites will be richer by RM6k.

  19. congratulations to all our winners. the people have chosen, the decisions are made. Now, its the elected’s turn to fulfill their pledges. We look forward to a new era of a Govt that is accountable and answerable to the people. DO NOT fail to listen to the people. DO NOT
    become the BN that we just booted out. Thank you God for your blessings on your people..

  20. Thanks for all the comments. I cannot answer everything but one in particular :

    March 9th, 2008 at 11:41 am e

    Wow…ur atm’s pics best lah! But somehow, I seem to get the impression from one of the pics that the Keadilan guy is in control? Or am I imagining things? It’s going to be a coalition government, right?

    STP – Ya, my atm damn bold wan, he can squeeze here, squeeze there, not like me, chicken dou sei. Re the PKR, Dato’ Zahrain come across as a brave man, very friendly, speaks some Hokkien, jovial and down to earth. But no lah, they pledge cooperation between PKR/PAS/DAP and we can expect some positive changes.

    I like Dato’ Zahrain ‘cos he got the guts to say :

    1) Kerajaan sudah housiau sama kita (housiau means lied but a crass language in Hokkien, my kind of language)

    2) Biar mereka (BN) jadi parti pembangkang esok.

    But that of course is just from first impressions I had from two ceramahs I attended. Hehehe.

  21. I am very happy for Penang and of course for Lim Guan Eng, Jeff Ooi and the whole team! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    So wish we could have street celebration parade!

  22. Long live the RAKYAT! The new goverment of Penang must now start to walk the talk. They have 5 years to do what BN had failed for the last 50 years. And believe me, we the RAKYAT will reward them with more states in the next election if proven by positive changes. By then, the BARISAN RAKYAT will be ready to form the next FEDERAL GOVERNMENT by RAKYAT MALAYSIA!

    Truly, Allah is Great!

  23. Congratulations to all rakyat Penang.
    It brought tears to my eyes to learn of this news.
    I must say this, bloggers like you have done a great deal to have brought about this change.
    Bravo! and Thank you.

  24. Penang has come a very long to achieve all it has. It is very nice to see Guan Eng back again.

  25. corsaro – Yes, it is good news. And I am glad that Koh Tsu Koon steps down like a gentleman. Not like our living in denial other leaders. I just watched the prime time news and I am pissed.

  26. Dear New Perak State Govnt to be :

    It is very heartening to note that Perak will have a new govnt soon… let’s be the best state govnt that we have ever had for Perak, bring her out of the doldrums which the previous govnt has failed economically.

    If Perak can do better, us Perakians wouldn’t need to travel all over the country in search of work, right?

    (bla bla yadda yadda blog owner has edited your comments yadda bla bla)

    Once again, Syabas for your victory.

    The People

  27. Ditto, I just hope he can keep his ship in shape this time round. Deep seated fear of history repeating itself.

  28. From today, the new Penang government has a huge responsibility. Promises to fulfil and show to the rest of Malaysia and the world that Penang can and will be a better place to live under a new multi-racial, transparent, progressive and fair government. This mammoth task can only be possible with the rakyat’s support for a committed need to change and a responsive new government tuning to their needs. Work must start immediately for an anouncement and a time frame on progress must be set, so that the rakyat can see and feel that the new government is truly working toward change for a better Penang. Five years is not long and the groundwork for the next general election 2013 starts now. Do not compare to Nigeria or Myanmar, as some ex-politicians would do, but compare to our nearest south neighbour, Singapore, is enough of a challenge. Think positive, we can do it.

    One of the most important change that the man-on-the- street should see and gain is clearly an improved Integrated Transport System between Penang Island and Seberang Prai link-up with the current bus transport system if there is no change. It should also include plans for a few new and faster ferries for frequent trips. The Penang Bridge, the bridge widening project and the Second Link caters well to the middle income and rich rakyat. To those who can’t afford a car or cost of fuel, the new government’s priority is to improve on the Penang-mainland people mover to bridge Penang Island and Seberang Prai as one. Not only will it cater to the current mass including tourists. The whole echelon of rakyat will benefit. The rakyat has suffered greatly, under the previous government blind to see that one of Penang’s oldest icon, the ferry service, has long been overdue for change. They foolishly ignored the rakyat’s suffering and opted to open up scarce land on the island with massive projects that benefit only a few.

    I have been living in Penang 16 years now. Prior to this I had studied in Singapore and resided in Selangor and Johor Bahru. The ferry service is Penang’s icon to the world, has worsen with no improvement seen since 1985 when I visited as a school boy. The revitalised ferry and terminals on both ends can bring life back to the inner city area of Penang and Butterworth, under a time frame of min 3 to max 4 years before this term is up. It can be a deciding factor for the rakyat to see and gauge if the new government had indeed done a task the old government could not even bothered to do in the past 30 years. A modern integrated transport terminals on both ends with wide atriums for the comfort of the rakyat to transit with some basic facilities like food outlets. Build what is necessary – outlets, bright lightings and wide covered walkway that leads to bus, taxi, carpark and pick-up points. On the mainland the terminal will also lead directly to a new train station which has not seen any improvement in ages.

    It need not be a billion ringgit project but a rakyat’s project that is priceless. It will surely obtain the approval of the masses. Not a mini-Putrajaya, not PGCC. Will KOMTAR now also be revitalised into a rakyat’s centre for Arts, Drama and Culture ??

    Time will tell but only within the next 5 years.

    Makkal Sakthi !!

    PS: A positive optional link is to design the plan to incorporated a not-to-distant LRT system.

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