Is Malaysiakini blocked? Penang CM this Tuesday

Malaysiakini site is back and running on this site. I read that Malaysiakini is blocked? I also notice a big lapse in their reporting, the last being 4 am. I have just managed to get their site so let me paste some news over.

The Youtube video below is the press conference by DAP and PKR after the elections result were announced.

(held on 9th March around 12.40 am at Red Rock Hotel, Jalan Macalister, Penang)

Penang CM: Guan Eng to be sworn in on Tuesday
Beh Lih Yi | Mar 9, 08 3:27pm

Newly-elected Air Putih state assemblyperson Lim Guan Eng will be sworn in as the Penang chief minister on Tuesday.
Talking to reporters today, Lim said that the outgoing CM Koh Tsu Koon wanted to be present at swearing in ceremony but he would not be able to attend if the function was held tomorrow.

Lim said that Koh wanted to be in Kuala Lumpur when Barisan Nasional chairperson Abdullah Ahmad Badawi forms the federal government.

Abdullah is expected to seek an audience with the King tomorrow for that purpose.

“As such we have to do it on Tuesday so that Koh can also be present,” said Lim, who is also the DAP secretary general.

Lim also won the Bagan parliamentary seat, leading the way for the opposition parties to complete an almost clean sweep in the state.

And these are some of the top news now. You can read them on Malaysiakini. Working on this URL :

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I am going to subscribe to Malaysiakini from now on because without it, we would have been kept in the dark last night. I think we all should. Yes to Malaysiakini. GIVE US BACK OUR ALTERNATIVE NEWS!

7 thoughts on “Is Malaysiakini blocked? Penang CM this Tuesday

  1. kopi – Ya, I think going to have total blackout.

    pablo – Same thing as Malaysiakini. Maybe Ops Beroks? Or Ops Goblok. Lucky we have so many bloggers in office now.

    Catch the Q&A with Tun. Must read. Funny answers about Zam. I dare not put it here. I don’t want to kena block jugak.

    yvonne – This rely on Federal Government ler. Fed. Gov still in the old hands ler.

  2. Just too happy over the 2008 General Election result.
    BN Nehnehneeeeeh

  3. Well done opposition parties. I have been waiting for this momentfor years , to deny BN 2/3 majority. At least kick BN buck to work harder especially on the service given to the public from the goverment departments and corruption. The job opportunity, education and entrance to the public universities should be equal regardless the race.

    Keep working hard for the people.

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