The challenges we face as the citizens of a new State Government

The real obnoxious 5xmom has a lot of things to say about the defeated (a nicer name than losers) but she will do the adult thing today and just say ‘I told you so….’. Bye-bye! Sayonara! Selamat ber-retire buat selama-lamanya.


(This is a screenshot from The Star. Mr. Editor of The Star must be sooooooo speechless. That’s why they only have one single line of words and yet, it is one of The Star most read article. *roll eyes* I was there last night and the foreign press mobbed Jeff Ooi and this is all we get from The Star.)

But she will rant on The Star. The game is over, sirs. Sing a different tune now, please. Dato’ Wong Chun Wai, I want to say ‘dai sei, padan’ and *farting sound from armpit*. Your articles in the previous weeks have left us in so much fear and anger instead of helping your big bosses. You are the liability. You said we (Christians) voted with our emotions. You are right indeed. Anger. Disappointment. Disillusionment. A lot of emotions. You are partially to be blamed. The mainstream media are liable too. And the losers are you. Not us. We can just buy another new paper or get our news elsewhere. It costs only one RM. It costs you millions.

Anyway…let’s not rub it in further for them. I look back at my old posts and I realised that though it was fun poking at them when they (yang bermaharajarela) slammed us in those days, it is now no fun anymore. Yesterday, as the results of Malaysia elections came up, I can almost cross out the long lists in my head. Another one bites the dust, another one and another one. Beruk, goblok, liars……. From here on, I hope I have less things to rant.

Back to the real situation now :

I was flipping through the papers and one sentence caught my eyes. And suddenly, I realised the gigantic task that lies on me, as a citizen.

Nik Aziz says :

“I want to thank everybody, all the races that worked together with PAS to bring in this victory. I appreciate your support.

“We will approach this victory from an Islamic point of view and this means everyone is equal.

“All are brothers and sisters.

There should be no more dividing people along racial lines,” he said.

We have been fed so much biased news on the mainstream media for too long. We get nothing but negative views. Now, we have to see everything in a new light. We have to have that faith in our new State Government. We need patience and time for them to blend in. They gave us a lot of promises and though I don’t expect them to deliver all, at least I hope they will do some of them.

  • I hope the poor in Penang will receive more aid from the State Government.
  • I hope they will finally get our roads and transport system out of the mess.
  • I hope they will give more voices to the youths.
  • I hope they make Penang tourism shines, for its natural beauty and char koay teow and not those corny stuffs we have now.
  • I hope they will stop bringing in industries that need too many foreign labours.
  • I hope they give us more activities that get us together as a community.
  • I hope the new generation of state exco will make Penang so canggih in our IT sector, the rest of Malaysia will be so very teh jeles. At least measure up to the 5xmom’s standard. LOL
  • There are plenty more. And yes, I hope their feet remain on the ground and they will remain the same individuals like they are when they go around their election campaigns. Because if they don’t, Penang people are famous for tiu-ing people out of their office.

    Lastly, when I walked into church this morning, I walked in with a renewed hope. But Father Fabian said, “This (cast vote) is not the end of our task. It is just the beginning. It is up to us as individuals to do something to help the poor and marginalised.” Without us, the new State Government will not go far. How much are we, as individual willing to do to make Penang like the island we envisioned? That’s the challenge we have ahead of us.


    By tomorrow, I am going to drag out the real and original 5xmom and get her to write her normal style. I am getting sick of my own posts already. I guess everyone is. But oso difficult wor. No more Mr. Blue jokes jor, I suddenly feel so lonely. HOHOHO.

    23 thoughts on “The challenges we face as the citizens of a new State Government

    1. yes it should be back to work all states, opposition or not.

      btw, did you change your hp no? tried to call you last nite, but tak dapat…

    2. three things i want gone:

      1) police state
      2) biased in mainstream media
      3) constant touting and reminders that chinese/indians were immigrants. like, duh?

    3. suanie – You also suddenly wake up to a new State Government too? So shiok lah. Ya, my head is spinning about the new city council, police (not new but at least diff style of managing it), out with the mainstream media and yes, we hope we stand equal now.

      simon – LOL, I changed a few times already wor. I think I forget to give you my latest which is a 019.

    4. The the original is finger licking good.(5xmom).Let’s all look forward to a better Penang.

    5. the strengh of people’s power must never be under-estimated! especially penang people hoh?!?!??!

      we are all true malaysians, malay, chinese and indians. this GE; we proved that by coming together we can make the big difference.

      DAP,PKR n PAS; u are there because the people believe in you! each of u are elected by people’s power!!

    6. I am sure gonna miss Samy. NOT. Bwahahaha!!!

      Lets hope Selangor will be better than before. Lower the toll charges lah. Toll charges more expensive than petrol driving from point A to B if taking the toll route.

      I wonder if they are gonna demolish Zakaria’s palace after balance and check. Bwahahaha!!!

    7. hi lilian, it’s an exciting time indeed. thanks for updating your blog frequently, i had trouble getting on mkini and you know how the MSM suck big time.

    8. thquah – Lilian is finger licking good? Bwahahaha!!! *rolled off chair, down the stairs and rolled back up* Blek!!

    9. terence – Cilaka lu. Sure you silap dosage liao. And don’t start it. If not I tak tahan mau laff in their face. I must use duct tape to seal up my mouth in order not to say anything you know. If I haven’t put up so many DAP/PKR fansee posts earlier, I sure tembak kuat-kuat. One last salvo for the road down Sungai Siput. But now that I did so many post, dare not, later ppl misunderstand pulak.

      Eh, Ng YY ada kena kah? I lazy to find result. First person to know, please tell me if Ng YY ada kalah kah?

      ann – Something is wrong with Malaysiakini lah. They haven’t updated since 4 am. Even their main news site.

      milly – I hope the three parties work well together lah. Cos cooperation only can get things off. If not we lagi chialat LOL.

      nocturnale – I was so shocked with Perak (is it confirmed yet?) and Selangor.

      thquah – It is spicy and original at the same time hor?

    10. I hope they make Penang a better place to stay in,
      make it more canggih and beat KL,
      a world-class city or at least like S’pore…
      free from traffic congestion and air pollution (i’m dying..)and no more “the dirtiest state of M’sia”
      contribute financial helps to the poors, not so wealthy families like mine…
      everyone speaks English in order to achieve world-class citizens of M’sia…
      i have one last demand which might seem inappropriate and impossible…
      lead penang to join s’pore and leave m’sia..
      (if it offends anyone, please take this for joke, after all, everyone understands very well that it is not going to happen)..

    11. My state is also an Opposition state. 🙂 I wish my pa had lived long enough to witness this himself but I’ll bet wherever he is … it’ll be drinks on him.. all day today…

    12. folks, its a new dawn for all of us in Malaysia, lets count our blessings. We wait with much anticipation, but lets not expect to rebuild Rome in one day. granted there are many things to be looked into..and we need to give our YBs time and space to plan and move quickly. While I wish well for Penang, I am also hopeful to see improvements in Selangor, in fact in all of Malaysia.

    13. At last, long waited after so many years finally rocket landed successfully in Penang. We really hope that they can workout to other states also. Anyway, Lim Guan Ying as our CM in this coming 5 years still not sure is good or bad to us. Just scared that ‘they’ will ignore is and keep developing other country instead. That will be the nightmare.

    14. Lilian, Ng YY made it through, i’m so dissapointed *sigh*
      I am so dissapoited that a few “you-know-who” ppl made it through either.
      Last night when i knew DAP has made it, i’m so touched that i wanted to cry.
      Now i have a very high hope on them, hope that they can make Penang a better place!

    15. According to the Sun, the Opposition actually won 49% of the popular vote. UMNO had better listen up real hard now :).

    16. I was also shocked to learn that when I wake up this morning, itu Khir Toyo(l) has been thrown out of Selangor.. O.o

      Wonder what can of worms will our newly elect discover in Selangor…

      Hmmmm.. Perhaps I should visit the “Istana Klang” before it is demolished for something else.. Kekeke…

      Nevertheless, the work is just beginning and so, everyone needs to roll up their sleeves and get to work – opposition or coalition alike!

    17. It’ll take more than 1 term for the BR to clean and turn Penang around. As long as they can get the ball rolling in the right direction during this term then we should be okay.

      I’ll be more than happy if our infrastructure is modelled after that of Singapore but thats about it as the government propaganda over there is worse than here, forget about freedom of speech and the hawker food sucks. Corruption and nepotism also exists over there but things go on so smoothly that nobody bothers much.

      I say we keep our Malaysian identity and move forward from here.

    18. I was the liturgist in church this morning and had to restraint myself when leading my church to pray for the new leaders. Heart wise, I wanted to thank God for removing the corrupt, bla bla bla but head wise, I asked God to bless all the leaders and pray that they will lead this country in a Godly manner. I know Nik Aziz will. I take his word that he will treat all Malaysians as brothers and sisters and will not discriminate us on racial lines.

    19. I love the Elections 5xmom. She’s passionate, excited and answers all comments politely!

      I don’t like the usual obnoxious 5xmom.

    20. To me, it’s still the bottom line – all the issues that the Oppositions capitalised on in the pass are real issues, issues that affect us to the very last bit. And now, the table is turned and all of a sudden the Oppositions have become the ruling government of Penang. Nevertheless, one thing will never change – the issues brought up previously are still very real and are as pressing and challenging. And it is now their (the new ruling government)turn to do something about it.

      To me, the Oppositions (now a misnomer in Penang) must now prove their worth by solving the problems they themselves have pinpointed previously. Penangites have elephantine memory – we remember what we hear in those ceramahs; the promises and pledges made to us. We will surely be watching closely on the next move by the new state government.

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