21 thoughts on “Goodbye, Sam (that Samy Vellu video from Comedy Court lah)

  1. I change my mind on my favourite band.
    The Comedy Court IS my favourite.
    Supportlah Malaysia talents.

    BTW Congratulations to Malaysian’s People Power
    in 2008 Election.


  2. Oh no!!! Not with this song!!! My favourite singer, Sir Cliff Richard!!! (Cliff who? LOL!!! Me old man mah!!!)

  3. wohhOO!! goodbye sam!! permanently goodbye..it’s not a cya! it’s a tata!!!

    is he still the road n transport minister ar? (sowie ya paiseh..i really duno..they said he’ll still be the MIC chief?)

  4. Hey Lilian, thanks ler.. for all these posts.. better than Malaysia kini (b’cos more humourous) and less serious.

    I read back to your late February post until now.. some things you write made me tulan, some made me sad, some made me laugh..

    Hope we all see a better future!!

  5. Bryan – Best comment award for you! Hahaha. You got read Teng Hock Nan needed to summon a police to get rid of Star photographer because ee beh ki lang liao. Si peh shiok. And do you remember Lim Keng Yaik said to Lim Guan Eng :

    “He really gian (is hard up) for the position and will even hoodwink the public to get it.

    “Guan Eng is too young to know about Anwar and his tricks. Ee chiak lu, lu pun um chai

    Mana itu apek cina pigi liao? Balik tn’g suah liao? Ciak kaki liao.

  6. Lim Keng Yaik’s son kena chiak by Tian Chua also e um chai. Only know how to jaga kain orang but didn’t jaga anak in Batu. Sigh…when will they learn…

  7. pablo – Yayaya, that apek Ah Aik really no bayang and batang hidung tunjuk hor? At least I respect our ex-CM Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon for being so gracious and a gentleman. That’s dignity, not like someone else who insisted to continue eventhough almost all his kakis slaughtered. Abuden, he cannot sacrifice his little,fatten lambs by leaving also hor?

  8. STP – The original song was Goodbye Joe, Hello samantha? Correct ah? I think my elder brother’s era lah. You too old for me hor? Hehehe.

    Khian – HAPPY 21st birthday! I guess the issue you mentioned the other day is solved? Enjoy your freedom. Go register for the 13th General Election. LOL, who knows they may have an emergency one?

  9. Since Mr. Teng so gien to be CM, next time if I see him on the street I sure yell acknowledge him loudly loudly wan. Haha…

  10. Bryan – Finally apek Aik appeared on RTM 1. Lansi said KTsuK is not resigning. Damn confident somemore. But UMNO hinted it is MCA and Gerakan’s fault BN lost so many seats. And Ah Aik hinted it is not their fault but people don’t like certain people. Shiok only, pointing fingers to each other.

  11. This is a good song. All of us have a good laugh.
    Goodbye once and forall to Sam…………………………kekekekeke

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