How did DAP make such an impressive performance in this 12th election?

This is not a political post. But read on anyway. It is more a post on something I wrote about ‘The three traits in men (women too) that you should beware of.” in November 2005.

Do you know that there are three traits that makes a person (usually men) greater than others?

1) A hooked nose.

2) A short man.

3) A curly hair man.

So, you may wonder…how is this related to DAP sweeping all the seats in Penang? Well, DAP political strategist is Sdr Liew Chin Tong. I heard he is the mastermind in DAP. Like a chessmaster, he plans who to contest where and how to approach each area to sing the right tune.

And Sdr. Liew Chin Tong has all of the above traits. He is not very tall (at least shorter than me I think), his nose is hooked and yes, if I remember correctly, he has curly hair (or probably he was too busy to comb his hair). His old blogspot is over here and he now blogs from Malaysiana.

Once again, The Obnoxious 5xmom has proven that her observations are always right. So, girls, if your mom didn’t tell you already, now I tell you.

And aiyoh, people still leave ‘condolence’ message for Pak Lah on MY blog. I had deleted so many sensitive ones but still got plenty.

A reader, Loh sent me a link for this Hokkien song. Click on it for the song.

7 thoughts on “How did DAP make such an impressive performance in this 12th election?

  1. ayooo..kesian lah you 5xmom..have to read all rintihan and ratapan and ucapan takziah for pak lelah..hopefully you tak lelah reading all their kesedihan.. 😛

  2. CY – This is only the mild ones. The garang and ganas ones I deleted liao. Dare not even read. Bodoh mia, these ppl never see my disclaimers meh? But hor, that day at Han Chiang, Sdr Lim Kit Siang did say he wondered if Pak Lah even know how to surf the net. He even took out the NST full page colour ad of the Warkah site. I was like “WOI! I pwnd that site already.” and I am benefiting from those full page advertisements.

    Erin – Lucky you not a man, women got different features. High cheek bones, thin lips, (think Teresa Kok), high eyebrows (Ng YY).

    kadusmama – Yalor, meluat already.

  3. Kew – I mentioned in a previous post why I refused to close comments. I didn’t fool anyone it is Pak Lah’s site so if people mistaken that’s their problems and Pak Lah’s websmaster fault. I had put so many notices there. I am sure if Pak Lah’s has an able webmaster and those NGOs who are supposed to reply the emails, they should contact me. They boasted they have so many ppl to deal with the emails and feedbacks from the rakyat mah, so either they write to me or let ppl keep sending messages lor.

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