I just like these words. You say I tak relevan. I say you tak relevan back.

So, tak relevan is like the 2008 Malaysia errm…okok, I oredi promised I won’t talk politics anymore.

Here are some tak relevan things.

1) I have been on “no animals killed intentionally for my foods” diet for a month already. I only have a few more days to go. By March 21st evening, it is back to makan real animals. I bukak posa the moment they put Jesus to death on the cross. Actually, I think I have got my dates wrong.

2) For the last few days hubby and I had been so crazy over the errmmm….We totally forgot that we have to attend his niece’s house warming on Sunday night and we totally forgot to buy her a present. Lucky, her mother (hubby’s sis) phoned us to ask why we didn’t go. So, we rushed over with an angpow instead.

3) We were so fashionably late as it was already 9.30 pm and all the in-laws have left except for some guests. They must think we are the worst and most lansi uncle and aunty who arrived when the caterers were clearing up.

4) I wonder why we women have this funny pattern. I am 44 and I won’t be asking a 24 years old girl where she buy her mini skirt because I want to buy like her fashion. If I am 34, I wont ask a 14 years old where she get her clothes because I want to wear like hers. So, why is it ok for a 64 years old woman to ask me? Is it because she is so fashionable and young? Or am I freaking wearing a 64 years old woman’s fashion? This question bugs me the whole day and it bugs me every week.

5) I am glad that finally our choir has the last choir practice for Easter. We are going to rest until Christmas. I hate waking up at 9.30am in shock and feeling dizzy because I need to rush for mass at 10 am. (if I don’t have choir, I go on Sat evening) I will be late and before I even get into church, I will cussing the earlier ‘batch’ who had finished their prayer but they enjoy hanging around, having breakfast in church! Therefore, I have no parking and need to park on the curb outside. The residents there treat the curb like a dog’s toilet and I need to evade the shits like landmines. So, I cuss more. By the time I got inside, I probably need an hour to say sorry for the cusses I made the whole morning.

6) I am going to prepare dinner for a group of about 30 youths middle of this week. I cannot decide if I want to cook regular dishes with rice or something western. I also wonder if Indians who are Christians eat pork? Never mind, I will stick to chicken. Still I am curious if Indians who are Christian eat oink oink? Stupid question?

So many tak relevan things. You are welcome to leave not relevant comments as well.