Post election = asslickers and shits stuffers galore

If I hear more ‘masih relevan’ and ‘kami sokong bla bla bla’, I think I will smash my TV.

I was taking a nap around 8 pm, soundly asleep on a rainy evening when these two farking words were repeated by some asslicker morons. So, it jolted out of my nap.

“bla bla bla masih relevan”

Whatever happened to the other day ‘tak relevan’?

And how da hell so many unknowns, asslickers and losers become prime time news celebrities? They come in all shapes with the same farking “saya masih sokong bla bla bla…”

Hello….encik, saya tak kenal kamu lah. Jadi kata-kata kamu tak relevan.

Do you know that they even interview bloggers’ most-hated Mr. Zam? Puhthuiii….

Dah kalah, mengaku aje lah….Ikut Koh Tsu Koon dan Ong Ka Ting. Berani jadi jantan. Kambek lima tahun baru mula lagi.

You may say, “Gila kah engkau? Siapa suruh hang tonton RTM1? Rumah hang tak ada Assthrow kah?”

(hang = Penang Malay dialect for ‘you’)

But you see, pre-election, they stuff shits. Post elections, they stuff shits. But post election lagi jialat lor. They rope in morons asslickers to stuff shits into the 50% of the nation that already loud-loud said, ‘WE HAVE ENOUGH.’

I purposely catch the news because I like to compare the real situation and the mainstream news and media. I never expect that I would come to a stage where I read Harakahdaily and find it lebih relevan. It is sickening how they twisted the words around to fool our folks.

BTW, I wonder what if the famous son-in-law become Internal Security Minister? Mampus aku kena sumbat masuk makan nasi berlauk pasir?

Like RPK said, jangan jadi ‘Bodoh punya orang‘ by listening to the mainstream media.

I hope you have subscribed to Malaysiakini? It is only RM15 per month. Ditch that The Star, saves you 50%, saves lots of trees and plenty of stress. I bet you won’t read this from The Star tomorrow about this example of asslicker :

Interestingly, the first bouquet sent to Lim’s office today to congratulate the DAP’s “historical win” was from the controversial RM25 billion Penang Global City Centre developer, Abad Naluri.

“So fast?” a surprised Lim said when told by a journalist on this. The new CM added that previously it had been very difficult for him to meet with the developer.

To my new readers, this is my regular style of blogging. In fact, this is a toned down way of my regular style because I normally spell the F word with a u and not a. I do not care if my readers like to see or read what I said. I always say and write what I think. Not what readers want to read. So, get use to it, please. To my regular kakis, I have changed the template. New posts on the blue section. Older posts in summary below. I know you don’t like it. I don’t care wor. 😛 CIBAI! Nah, I change back liao.

26 thoughts on “Post election = asslickers and shits stuffers galore

  1. Madam Lilian,

    you are so funnylah! I laughed when I read this.
    I’ll do the same if i got the tv.nasib baik rosak for few months.perhaps that the reason I voted…oppsss. undi rahsia!hahahahaha….

  2. I admire your boldness. You are a person who’d throw a stone at someone’s car (someone you hate) and then say, “It’s me! So what?” Haha.. i like you a lot.

  3. ya lor… every one of them going round with an ice pack soothing each other’s recently kena kick balls…. see beh tulan ( pun intended ) ….

  4. ks – Most of ‘them’ still there. Can diss the OPPOSITION party liao. LOL. And it is not wrong to diss opposition wan worrrrr.

    Tan Sri Sir Earl – Aiseyman, you should have run for election.

    kopi – I like to see them hinting and pointing fingers at each other.

    iskandar – They all memang melampau lah, Tiap-tiap hari the same news.

  5. I came just now when you just changed to the new template but I saw no road. Now this theme is a lot clearer. Haha…

  6. Previously wanna meet management team of Abad Naluri is as hard as going to heaven, now rep from Abad Naluri first to send Guan Eng flower?

    ???????????I should say the first to kiss up with new CM. Such insincere people.

  7. We should STOP BUYING The STAR Newspaper!!! Banned The STAR.

    Look at those journalists at The STAR before election and after election! Lick My Arse!!!

  8. i was going around the net and saw photos connecting Patrick Lim and Pak Lah.

    apparently, Pak Lah’s daughter in law is the niece of Patrick Lim, and Patrick Lim became bff of son-in-law due to mega projects and he organized the money-wasting Monsoon Cup which didn’t benefit the local islanders in Terengganu affected areas.

    now go google those photos if you havent! too bad i forgot to save the links for you!

    now talk about media…

    i stop watching news for ages, and i frequent here and malaysiakini more =D

  9. Dear auntie lilian,
    This is a ireleven comment..

    I’m jz too free, cz it’s 6 am and I can’t sleep due to waiting for SPM results…and I’m vr nervous, my heart is beating non-stop(Of cz beating la)..

    Gud luck to your son too.

  10. With a tagline of LIFE, LIES, SEX, HUMOR, they come here for news.

    Change the tagline lah. Very misleading. Bwahahaha!!!

    Tan Sri Earl is back. Tot he went to Kamunting and eat kali lice. Tiu!

  11. O_O “Dad, mommy said the ‘F’ word!”

    When I read the heading I thought blogging about debauchery.


  12. This election makes me proud to be a Malaysian once again. An added bonus is each time I travel back to my hometown, Penang/Kedah are all Barisan Rakyat states.

    My hope is that they stay on the path of governing the states well and not witch hunting.

  13. i came here to get news on the pre and post election updates, and now i am stuck! been coming here to read up on whatever u spewed out! n is funny n relevan. ur sentiment is shared by lots of us out there!
    keep it up!

  14. Some ppl like that one. Kalah and don’t want to admit the RAKYAT tarak suka them. Kalah admit and like you say, come back in 5 years again. Tarak gentleman langsung. I read today STAR, when the new CM, Lim Guan Eng take his sumpah, none of the 11 UMNO assemblyman go. Tarak tunjuk gentleman langsung. They never think and realise that we, the RAKYAT will see this and now we know bila kalah, tunjuk muka. Bila menang tunjuk berlagak. What style is that har? You say, I cakap ada betul boh?

  15. The word to use for these morons still living is indenial is TOKKOK(term borrow from another blogger you know who lah).

    Post mortem this, post mortem that, blah blah blah…..especially the Rafidah lady, really TOOLAN of her. Just admit lah……time to be humble loh but still so arrogant, will make rakyat more TOOLAN only.

    BN still suffering from the “hangover” of the PRU12 and is still indenial of what really “hit” them…..buat apa post mortem…’s not like all Malaysian’s don’t know why you kalah….if it takes them so long to sink in the idea why they lost, they must really have an IQ of an amoeba!

    Anyway, new to your site but like what I see…..

  16. Mei-mei Lilian, u so violent kah! Aiyor! Lent lah…must be more forgiving, otherwise suffer so much become vegetarian all for nothing liao lor!!!

    P.S.: So what did ur anak get? Straight As kah? If not, blame it on the mum! He got her genes! And Charles, how did u do? No good, blame Aunty Lilian; she got u hooked on blogging so u didn’t study!!! Wakakakakakakakaka!!!!!

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