If I hear more ‘masih relevan’ and ‘kami sokong bla bla bla’, I think I will smash my TV.

I was taking a nap around 8 pm, soundly asleep on a rainy evening when these two farking words were repeated by some asslicker morons. So, it jolted out of my nap.

“bla bla bla masih relevan”

Whatever happened to the other day ‘tak relevan’?

And how da hell so many unknowns, asslickers and losers become prime time news celebrities? They come in all shapes with the same farking “saya masih sokong bla bla bla…”

Hello….encik, saya tak kenal kamu lah. Jadi kata-kata kamu tak relevan.

Do you know that they even interview bloggers’ most-hated Mr. Zam? Puhthuiii….

Dah kalah, mengaku aje lah….Ikut Koh Tsu Koon dan Ong Ka Ting. Berani jadi jantan. Kambek lima tahun baru mula lagi.

You may say, “Gila kah engkau? Siapa suruh hang tonton RTM1? Rumah hang tak ada Assthrow kah?”

(hang = Penang Malay dialect for ‘you’)

But you see, pre-election, they stuff shits. Post elections, they stuff shits. But post election lagi jialat lor. They rope in morons asslickers to stuff shits into the 50% of the nation that already loud-loud said, ‘WE HAVE ENOUGH.’

I purposely catch the news because I like to compare the real situation and the mainstream news and media. I never expect that I would come to a stage where I read Harakahdaily and find it lebih relevan. It is sickening how they twisted the words around to fool our folks.

BTW, I wonder what if the famous son-in-law become Internal Security Minister? Mampus aku kena sumbat masuk makan nasi berlauk pasir?

Like RPK said, jangan jadi ‘Bodoh punya orang‘ by listening to the mainstream media.

I hope you have subscribed to Malaysiakini? It is only RM15 per month. Ditch that The Star, saves you 50%, saves lots of trees and plenty of stress. I bet you won’t read this from The Star tomorrow about this example of asslicker :

Interestingly, the first bouquet sent to Lim’s office today to congratulate the DAP’s “historical win” was from the controversial RM25 billion Penang Global City Centre developer, Abad Naluri.

“So fast?” a surprised Lim said when told by a journalist on this. The new CM added that previously it had been very difficult for him to meet with the developer.

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