I am a law abiding citizen and don’t have summonses. But those of you have kena saman from MPPP or MPSP may want to know that our new Penang CM Lim Guan Eng has said that summonses to be waived.

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said Tuesday that the Penang Municipal Council and Seberang Perai Municipal Council will waive all summonses involving hawker licences and parking offences issued before March 11.

Lim made the announcement just hours after being sworn in as Chief Minister.

The government could not estimate how much this involved, but Lim said that the waiver would not affect the councils’ operations as it was monies not collected yet.

I have seen overzealous MPPP officers issuing summonses for motorbikes and even trishaws! This was especially rampant during Chinese New Year when everyone was trying to do some last minute shopping. I was like wtf, poor ahpeks like that kena summoned, so kesian lah. I hope they do away with the coin meter type of parking. The other day, I put in 60 sen for an hour parking. I went to my dentist and totally forgot all about it. I thought it was just a quick job of getting a mould for my crowning. But that torture on the dentist chair went for almost two hours. With a drill in my mouth, a saliva suction tube, dentist’s hand and a huge cold, rubber clay choking me, how can I remember that the minutes are ticking away at the parking meter, right? When I returned, the red light was flashing. Lucky tak kena saman. (usually it is RM30 I think)

But I suppose when the new law comes in, we cannot play-play with the new city council.



Last night, I went to TESCO for some grocery shopping. We ran out of foods because pre-election ceramahs occupied both hubby and I. We ran out of maggi mee and it is the school holidays. So our kids need lotsa foods all the time.

Well, the shelves are empty because Tesco has some Harga Paling Rendah promo and people grabbed all those tins of sardines and baked beans. Not that it means anything else.

When I was in Tesco, I have that warm fuzzy feelings. As you know, Tesco has a good mix of shoppers from all races. People were still talking about the election results and when I see Indians, the urge to suddenly shout, “Makkal Sakthi”. LOL. You can just feel how united we are in getting what we want. For a change, we no longer think of ourselves as UMNO, MIC, MCA/Gerakan. We only feel people’s power.


After our grocery shopping, we went to Lam Wah Ee hospital at midnight to get my son’s stitches removed. Yes, the other night he had a cut and that needed 2 stitches. Contrary to what you see on medical drama TV, the ER is usually deserted. That’s why we go at midnight because there is no waiting time. However, charges are different. Day time charge is $2 and after 8 pm till next morning, it is RM10. This is the consultation charges charged by the Medical Officers (doctors but call MO).


So, my little boy and hubby were playing with the F1 car that comes with $40 petrol at Shell. Vrooomm…


Meantime, my #2 son was in the treatment room to get the stitches removed. Later on, my little boy came to me and was singing something. I cannot hear very clearly what it is but it sounds so wrong to me.

When #2 son came out, I asked him, “Eh what your brother singing ah?”

I asked the little boy to sing again, “Penis, penis, sperm.”

#2 and I looked at each other. We know what we hear. #2 son thinks for a while. And he told me, “It is Phineas and Ferb on Disney Channel. Nay, you spoil your own son by subscribing to Cartoon Channel for him.”