Some things I dig up about our Penang Chief Minister YAB Lim Guan Eng

Updated : Our new Penang Chief Minister has sworn in as Penang CM.

Today, Tuesday 11th March 2008, Penang is going to have a new Chief Minister. So, I feel it is appropriate I share some of YAB Lim Guan Eng biodata and profile. Well, I stumbled upon an old post by accident and suddenly, I have so much respect for him. (no, I am not bodek-ing)

Read on, this is not your regular boring biodata of a boring person in a boring post.

Briefly, YAB Lim Guan Eng is born on 8th December 1960 and that means he will be 48 years old this year. Born in the year of the rat. He is an accountant by profession.

Lim guan eng, DAP
(photo taken at DAP first ceramah in Penang, attended by a few people)

He went to jail twice. The first time was a massive detention of many politicians and if I remember correctly, The Star’s publication was suspended as well.

Detained without trial under the Internal Security Act (ISA) on 27.10.1987 and released 18 months later on 19.04.1989. First to be detained under Operation Lalang and last to be released.

During the DAP ceramah over here in Air Puteh constituency, a senior DAP member, Wong Khan Li (Sorry the spelling may be wrong as they introduced his name in Mandarin) related to us about his (Wong) visit to Sdr Lim Kit Siang’s house during one Chinese New Year. He said both senior and junior Lim were in jail then . In that ceramah, Wong shed some tears and was emotional when he told about us about the wives at home. He is a jovial guy but when he related this, he couldn’t contain his emotions. It is the same Wong who was the MC at the DAP Han Chiang mammoth gathering. When you see a funny man suddenly turned emotional in front of a crowd in a padang with no lights, you have to believe that kind of tears. It is shed in front of strangers, not reporters and photographers.

han chiang DAP ceramah
(the crowds in Han Chiang eagerly awating Lim Guan Eng arrival)

Mr Wong said we Penang people are lucky that we have someone like YAB Lim to come to Penang to defend the island for us. He told us that YAB Lim is someone who serves without counting race or religion. He reminded us that YAB Lim went to jail twice. The second time was because he defended the grandma of an under-aged Malay girl.

Charged under the Sedition Act and Printing Presses & Publications Act in connection with the moral scandal of former UMNO Youth President and Melaka Chief Minister Tan Sri Rahim Tamby Chik. Convicted and sentenced to two concurrent 18-month jail terms from 25 August 1998.

Well, by sheer accident, I found this interview between TV Smith and YAB Lim.

TV: Always wanted to ask you about your prison experience…

GE: You gonna blog about that?

TV: How many types of cockroaches were there?

PW: Ask something more meaty lah…

TV: How was prison food?

GE: Not too bad. I had sand in the gravy, stones in the rice and chicken without meat…

PW: I said meaty not meat!

Do you remember my post on roasted pork? When I read the above, I felt a chill. I know it is bad in Kamunting and I didn’t know it can be that bad.

Until now, I still wonder how I got the idea of digging up the details on ISA. If I didn’t do it the other day, I will still think life is a breeze in ISA and politicians are a bunch of power crazy people who crave attention. I suppose it is some divine being whispering to me to go dig and open up our eyes.

TV: What were the toughest moments?

GE: When my wife and kids came to visit. When they looked through the separator glass and barbed wire, when they spoke through the intercom to a bald (shaven), helpless husband and father. That’s when it really got to me.

TV: How did your family take it?

GE: They too, understandably, questioned me as to whether what I stood for was worth it. I was disqualified from Parliament, lost my pension, lost my professional accreditation (as an accountant) and thereby hopes of starting my own practice.

(photo taken after DAP has won all the DAP seats in Penang at the 12th General Election)

So, I believe Penang is in good hands now. We are honoured and extremely lucky to find a man of substance. I hope he will lead our island to be the best of the best.

TV: So what keeps you fighting?

GE: To be able to help the next down-trodden person who has no one else to turn to… That keeps me going.

Now, did I just make politics even more interesting? And do you feel that we are somehow short-changed? I hope they will released the Hindraf 5 soon. No one deserves to be treated in that kind of inhumane condition. Life is not fair huh? People who siphoned billions of Ringgit walk free. People who tried to defend innocent people get such severe treatment. I am glad that we have fought half the battle. (winning Penang is half of it)

Tahniah dan syabas, YAB Lim and your comrades from DAP. I have never looked at politicians in this light but you have changed my perspective.

References :

Biodata of YAB Lim Guan Eng taken from DAP website.

Excerpt of interview with TV Smith taken from his blog post in 2005. Please visit TV’s blog to read. There are lots more interesting things about YAB Lim Guan Eng.

53 thoughts on “Some things I dig up about our Penang Chief Minister YAB Lim Guan Eng

  1. an awesome entry this is! i swear i was so emotional when i heard that he is gonna be the next chief minister. he so deserved it. i attended his ceramah way back in 1997 by-election in teluk intan. guess i was in f4 back then. i do not know why, but i was totally captivated by him!

    i also did read the interview by TV Smith back. All the jail visits, losing of his accountancy accrediatation, years spent in jail… and he still keep on fighting… he so deserve where he is today. hope he can do a good job and stay as penang chief minister for many many terms.

    and omfg, i did not even realise that he is already 48!! he sure did not look like he is 48! from his look, i’d put him somewhere around late 30’s to early 40’s! the jail term must have help. (more rest ma..) hehe…

  2. uh oh. I think I have a growing crush on Lim Guan Eng. Die. My mother’s age you know! *goes back to reading tv smith’s interview* Why Guan Eng so funny one! ahahhaa

  3. Jayelle – Hey, hands off! He is my age you know! LOL. *goes off to think of some sob-sob story to bring to bring assemblyman* (he is our assemblyman)

    Bryan – Ya, I like the sex part. But I dare not put here. Later I sindiri masuk Kamunting.

    aaron – Ya, I was telling my hubby LGE got nice face skin. Very healthy like that type. Then, I found out, OMG, same age with hubby wor.

    bryan – At least we are lucky we are in Penang.

  4. oh you lucky lucky thang! how tall is he ar?

    read the sun2surf interview..:) He is such a good husband. Was even a homemaker for awhile while the wife went out to work. THIS KIND OF MAN WHERE TO FIND YOU TELL ME!!!

  5. People like Lim Sr and Lim Jr are like angels sent from heaven. Some call them cocky and kwai lan. But who would champion for the rakyat and end up going to prison or risk detention just for speaking up for the rakyat? RESPECT.

    Can you get him(Jr) to meet up when I come to Penang? Wanna compare who more handsome (Dont bring Bryan). Bwahahaha!!!

  6. Finally, somehing different this time. I feel that one of the reason opposition win so many seats this time is because they had learnt to stand unite instead of each fighting for their own party and this is a good start off. Hope that PKR can convience PAS not to convert Malaysia to Islamic country.

  7. Lilian, I was telling hubby if MPPP got vacancy, I want to apply, particularly if working in his Office la! I have a crush on him too oredi. Oh God!

  8. “Charged under the Sedition Act and Printing Presses & Publications Act in connection with the moral scandal of former UMNO Youth President and Melaka Chief Minister Tan Sri Rahim Tamby Chik. Convicted and sentenced to two concurrent 18-month jail terms”

    “sand in the gravy, stones in the rice and chicken without meat”

    Thanks for reminding us of this injustice!!! SOBs!!! Corrupted UMNO, corrupted police, corrupted courts that found him guilty, corrupted prison!! This is the kind of shite country we have. Maybe this is what those BN beetch-air-ses were talking about when they love to compare Malaysia to Burma. (and it’s Myanmar, you stoopid low-educated Malaysia destroyers!)

  9. but i really like his first press conference:

    “i am answerable to NO ONE, except the Penang people…”

    a direct dig to you-know-who…

  10. No greater is the man of integrity who will stand by his convictions! Good luck, Penang! You’re in good hands. Make the most of it!

  11. Just the thought of him floods me with all emotions good and strong…. Abang Z DIED and I’m still trying to find something good to say bout that ….

    Keep up the fight LGE…. Good Luck meeting the Maker abang Z…

  12. I am elated to know that YB Lim has been sworn in as the fourth Chief Minister of Penang. As an ordinary Penangite, I find this to be one of the most amazing thing that has happened to Penang ever since the development era of Tun Lim Chong Eu. To me, this is indeed a beginning of a new era.

    As a kid, I used to hear about DAP trying to wrestle away Penang from the BN. Back then it was only a dream, something akin to a fairy tale. But today, it is finally here. The man has really set foot in Seri Mutiara this morning to become the next Chief Minister of our beloved homeland.

    Guan Eng’s life is one that is full of scars – scars left behind from previous battles, scars endured on behalf of the downtrodden. He is not one of those demagogues who resort to keris wielding in order to win respect. He wields an earnest and relentless fighting spirit. Finally, some hope for Penang to see its glorious days returning.

  13. Joel – Many of us are just trying to get to know the CM. And it is good that we hear from the real people and not the mainstream media.

    kopi – LOL, it takes a lot NOT to talk about abang Z so I chose not to mention at all.

    STP – Ya, hope we get better char koay teow at cheaper prices.

    simon – He really convinced us that we Penangites are part of the process and not the silent ones.

    pablo – You said the site is not available wor.

    Dan – It is shocking what they have done to so many people. The thing is all these will come back to haunt them. Are you referring to Donald Lim’s talk in one of the church in PJ? I got an email from someone and I tell you, I was so happy to see Donald Lim losing. He said we should be glad that we are not like Burma and he got boo-ed.

    KGCC – Looks like our new CM already has a fan club. From 20s somethings to 40 somethins. Jayelle is 20 something. Not like the fake ‘We love Pak Lah’ cheerleaders hired by UMNO. Yesterday, they were at the PWTC or somewhere to cheer Pak Lah when he got down from the car. The whole scene came across to me as ‘cheap shot’. These bunch of girls were screaming like they are fans of some famous singer or something and Pak Lah is the celebrity. No wonder Pak Lah lost all the trusts from the voters.

    steven – Don’t believe the mainstream media.

    terence – HOI! Tak makan ubat lagi?

    Jayelle – Hahaha, you got a major crush! Never mind, move to Penang after you finish.

  14. hahaha.. yaaa…. going there in disguise as a noob dentist, eyes darting around hoping to see YB Lim doing his rounds. lol. dunwant lah, give back to you. Nah!~

  15. Hi! Awesome entry! Yes, everyone is going to see the progress of Penang and other state-controlled Opposition Party. Lets hope for a better future! 🙂

  16. Nothing makes a man better than to go through the sufferings of the down trodden, the hurt of the wretched and the desperation of the poor. God bless LGE. I pray God’s light shine on him.

  17. YB Lim Guan Eng is a man of honour, i sobbed upon reading this entry, not because i was being emotional, it’s because i can feel his spirit of fighting, spirit of not giving up, no matter how hard the path in front of him could be. He suffered throughout many years of injustice, lost credibililt of his own just for sake of people he defended.

    I salute you, YB Lim Guan Eng!! You’re the first politician i ever saluted, hope you will never be the last one!

    You are Penang new hope, BRAVO!!

  18. before i could read what u have to say my eyes just swell up with joy as well as the admiration i had for him n his father… who so relentlessly fought with love for the rights of people n so ever self-sacrificing…regardless of race as can be seen through their imprisonment not on their own wrongdoings! Indeed they deserve this day …. they run the race they fought the race and I pray GOD will be with them all through giving them all the blessings and strength to go on from this day forth…. honestly today i am really happy for them n not forgetting all those who had with them all the past years. they all deserve a pat on the shoulder…. just as GOD would said “WELL DONE…good n faithful servant!!! (with the highest honor!)… i really salute you LGE n BLESSED CONGRATULATIONS!!! M VERY SURE PENANGNITES ARE ONE LOT OF HAPPY PEOPLE LOOKING FORWARD TO A BETTER TOMORROW… n THANKS TO YOU IT’S GOING TO BE A GOOD MICO (malay indian chinese & others) MOVEMENT & NATION TO LIVE IN WHEN ALL THINGS R RULE WITH JUST A PEOPLE IN MIND N NOT A RACE IN MIND!!! my office had been beaming and teasing me 4 that was what i said….godly righteousnous will win (not self righteousness) … light will cast out darkness… we as a people must always carry the torch of integrity, honesty, loving kindness, etc n be hardworking, helpful, sharing n caring etc. to make this world a better joyful world… full of hope for every citizen for all things good to come !!!! really would love to shake yr hand n said WELL DONE THANK YOU N GOD BLESS YOU FOREVERMORE…. will continue to pray for all of you

  19. “A man was as good as his word.”

    We also learned early in life that a man who didn’t keep his word couldn’t be trusted—such was a serious character flaw. Sadly today for many, giving their word doesn’t mean a thing. Think of so many crooked business leaders who lie by cooking their financial books, politicians who make promises to get votes, promises they have no intention of fulfilling, and so many of the rest of us who place little value on the word we give and the promises we make.

    All the best to YAB and his father. Hope all our future country leaders knows how to keep their promises. God Bless.

  20. he must fight for equalities and turn penang into a model state like that of singapore….then this will shut bn mouth off….and hell to NEP

  21. I heard about his heroics defending the Grandma, and I said to myself, this guys really have a heart of gold or maybe the heart of a saint… Just imagine defending someone from a Malay comunity…

    What he has done, and what he has demonstrate is really noble, and having children of my own, I just cannot imagine the moment when the children saw him in jail..

    He is certainly not a criminal… what crime has he done? but how do you explain to the children?

    Hats off to you Mr. CM YB LGE…

  22. Infinite blessings upon LGE – an immensely fine soul and truly a gift to all the good people of Penang (and a bane to all the BN cacing!) This was indeed the sweetest victory for all of us who love this country and will not allow it to be hijacked by lanun and lowyar latok.

    Antaress last blog post..HOW TO SING LIKE A PLANET ~ by Mark Morford

  23. 🙁 unfair; with the selection of the local councilor memberin selangor by pakatan MPS sepang the candidate DAP in dun sg pelek also not select to service people most of them from outsiders like klang,cheras .this is show what is happening in BN goverment they only select the kroni kroni only ,know i would to ask this is a MAKKAL SAKTI?

  24. Minta jasa baik pihak tuan mengarahkan premis2 kilang bercuti atau memberi kelonggaran kepada pengundi di Permatang Pauh yang bekerja untuk pergi mengundi pada hari mengundi 26 ogos ini bersamaan hari selasa. REFORMASI!

  25. Tuan YAB Ketua Menteri,


    Saya ingin mencadangkan sempena sambutan Tahun baru Cina ini, khusus kepada semua pemandu di Malaysia Supaya mengamalkan pendekatan 3Q.
    IQ / EQ / SQ sebelum memulakan perjalanan mereka agar semua selamat sampai ke destinasi masing-masing.
    1.IQ- pastikan semua pemandu dalam berkeadaan siap selia sebelum memulakan perjalanan.
    2.EQ- pastikan emosi pemandu dan keluarga semua ceria dan tenang sepanjang perjalanan.
    3.SQ- mulakan perjalanan dengan membaca DOA masing-masing, Hanya Tuhan yang mampu memberi keselamatan kerana dia memang amat berkuasa.DOA AMAT PENTING dalam setiap perlakuan.

    Sekian, terima kasih.

    Rosdi [ Bac. Comm. (Human)]

  26. I am a Penang People, I fell the taxi fare is very expensive and most taxi driver don’t want to turn on the meter. I from Jetty to Pulau Tikus they says RM15 fixed price, I ask the taxi turn on the meter but the driver don’t want to turn on. I hope that Penang Chef Minister can Lim Guan Eng can arrange the fare meter price for Penang Taxi and force all the driver must run with meter like other state. Thankyou

  27. a illegal 4D bookie operate openly in Lorong Cantik 4, Taman Cantik, Butterworth (Near to Petronas, Permatang pauh). the most ridiculus is there are 1 counter opened just alike the legal operator. Wander police is sleeping. Believe it or not? Check it out.

  28. I really like our Chief Minister YAB Lim Guan ,
    He is a real HERO, he really sacrifices a lot for the people and our country. He is the people ‘s people. Bravo!!! Keep up the excellent job . Thanks Heaps. ” May God Bless Him and His Family “

  29. i have met Mr Guan Eng and believe me he is no nonsense guy,
    he will stand against anyone if what he is fighting for is the truth nothing but the truth,
    Penang people is very lucky to have a very good leader

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