SPM results out, now what?

So, the SPM results is out but this time, the all As students won’t get front page because the sore losers (from you know where lah) who are living in denial need to ‘jom’ the front pages to keep bluffing themselves they won.

Anyway, it is also good because when the media harped too much on all As students, it will cause more parents to become more kiasu and pressure their children to study even harder and more school kids will turn cuckoo and ……

Ok, ok, that’s my excuses for not producing all As kids. But seriously, there are people who are smarter and there are people who are street smart and there are people who are barely there. Once we start to embrace this reality of human lives, we will become better parents.




STP already SMS me this morning about results. Sorry I didn’t reply because my Celcom kena barred because my online payment didn’t get through.

To answer STP question – Yes lah, my son also got A in English lah. I didn’t know they even study what English in Science and Technology subject on top of the normal English subject. He failed his Sejarah though. Maybe because his mom poisoned her children’s minds that all the Sejarah textbooks have been censored. The History subject has been tailored to favour the PREVIOUS ruling coalition party. So, maybe that’s why he failed lah. LOLZ. He is a Science student so Sejarah bungkus tak apalah.

Anyway, he is interested in culinary arts and may not want to go to Form Six. How many As? Kenot tell, it is his own privacy. His friends read my blog so I cannot reveal too much about him.

See how lah, Form Six or college. Read After SPM, Form Six or college and see the feedback from readers. No sweat lah, whatever is fine with us.

To those who left comment to ask if they can check their SPM or STPM results online, I don’t think you can. You know our country lah….

26 thoughts on “SPM results out, now what?

  1. Sejarah, such a fascinating subject is completely and utterly useless and maligned in the KBSM system.

    I didn’t appreciate history until after I left high school.

  2. You are not alone

    alot of my friend who are taking SPM and STPM.
    failed thier history..
    some of them cannot believe it
    one of them already went to ASEAN .. and LOL
    getting a FAil for stpm..

  3. terence – Eh, that time no BARRED lah. Only this morning kena barred. I think my sms to you have been intercepted because of sensitive materials related to donation of (kerosene) to Semi Bulu.

    whojen – LOL, I never see what they study in Form Five sejarah oso. But I heard from the Bangsa Malaysia gathering the details are changed lah.

    suanie – History is only interesting on Discovery Channel. Hahaha.

  4. To me Sejarah is not a useless subject. It’s the teachers.

    If teachers are able to deliver the subject using mind mapping method, trust me, more students will excel in Sejarah.

  5. Culinary arts, eh? He must have learnt much from you. Be a celebrity chef also not too bad. As long as he has a passion for whatever he wants to do, he will do well and enjoy doing it.

  6. Sejarah last year was ridiculous actually…
    I have like a question in Moral where they give a paragraph on united nation, but they ask about OIC..that’s ridiculous right..totally tak releven.

    anyway, Sejarah was stupid last year…
    there’s a question-Jika anda pemimpin malaysia, huraikan macamana anda mentadbir negara dengan cara islam?

  7. well..spm and stpm hor no class one.say oni stpm is one of the hardest paper in the world. actually its not if u see properly.the questions all also repeated every year exactly the same thing for spm.

    sejarah is oni interesting when they talk about the world history. the rest was just blah…i dont even know why we must learn sejarah back then. not like we were by then..not like people care about whats past. we should look forward to the future.

    btw spm is just blah..no class one..if ur son is very interested in culinary, he would hav to work very hard in culinary school.it aint easy.its harder and more stress than stpm and spm.

  8. Culinary..hmm, not bad..you know, the orang kaya-s are not doctors, lawyers, and engineers, they are rather people who walk a different road.
    College or form6 doesn’t matter, what matters at the end of the day, how we live our life..getting high high education doesn’t mean we will make it big also..so ask your son to think properly and do what he wants lah..

    Go education fair lah, gerenti banyak after this..

  9. After SPM, you can take what you want as long as your goal stays with you and be firm. One of my schoolmate who want to be an Accountant gives up half way and later takes up Law, now want to change again. Yet I have complete mine and happily earning big bulk.

    Keep your dreams and stay with it. After you are out from Diploma or Degree, SPM or STPM is not worth already (store it to show it to your sons or grandsons that you have at least make it.

    No point arguing on which subjects are best for you or your sons/daughters to get As. Just follow your dreamzzzzz.

  10. Culinary? Good choice…not because I’ve a passion for food. But once I saw an advert for an executive chef in a local hotel, starting pay RM8000 (negotiable). My eyes nearly popped out! Gee! Why did I choose to be a teacher? A POOR teacher!!! LOL!

    Sejarah these days not like what we studied in school lah…all those stuff (Can’t say! Don’t wanna join Lilian eat curry rice with cockroaches for dessert!! LOL!!!)!!! And those pirates and assasins in the past are now heroes. It IS incredibly BORING, I tell you! And I hear they never mention Hang Tuah now, yunno…because of a certain reason, and then there were those Chinese gold miners in Bau, Sarawak who staged an uprising against the White Rajah at the time. How come they are not singled out as heroes too???

    BTW, A’s only show they’re good at studying and excelling in exams…and a week or two later, they would not remember a thing! Imagine this! I asked some Form 4 students who got a string of As in the PMR Exam: Who are the ethnic tribes living in the jungles of West Malaysia? They couldn’t answer, so I gave them a hint – “Orang….” and happily, they replied, “Orang Utan!!!” ROTFLMAO!!!

  11. can use sms to check though…Aiya, I also get terrible results for my Sejarah la. Lol, my Sejarah teacher hated me. Cause I told that I am not interested in Sejarah. Hated me till i finished Form 5 =P

  12. for me, i think sejarah is a useless subject lo.
    it is good to know about history but ah..
    it seems alot of important information has also been removed.. ( What the government thinks is not important )

    Also i agree, teachers who teaches this subject is very crucial as you know this is dam boring subject lo.. if teaching like our * typical * teachers.. reading from the book and * ask * baik class? LOL what the point

  13. who said SEJARAH TEDA GUNA were people who r soooo NARROW MINDED… !!!!!

    people who learn history, means that they learn EVERYTHING…

    there are history about science, history about arts, history about politic, history about economy, and everyhing that effect civilazation… its all learn by learning ONE MAIN SUBJECT >>> SEJARAH.

    sejarah doesn’t mean SEJARAH MALAYSIA only maaa…

    soooo narrow minded… patutlah prejudis tinggi sangat… yay!!!! blueeekkkk!!!

  14. sue me said bfore….

    “i dont even know why we must learn sejarah back then. not like we were by then..not like people care about whats past. we should look forward to the future.”

    so funny…!


    hey…. have u ever heard that BELAJAR DARI PENGALAMAN? haiyaa…. itu pun tak tau maaa!!!

  15. Sejarah is useless lar, didn’t achieve the objectives of the subject also, say what learn from past mistakes from Sejarah, my ass lah! Didn’t see the country’s leaders learn also…

    Culinary!!! I wanted to be a chef too!!! I love food, I mean really good food…Hmmm…after I get my Bachelor’s Degree, I might consider that…hahahah!!! Now only want to fast fast complete the Degree enough liao, not interested in what I’m studying now also. Bluek!

  16. Can check STPM online nia…


    I hate history too even though I got a A2 for it. I prefer Sejarah Dunia than Sejarah Malaysia. It is just a repetition of what you have study in lower form.

    To Charleskey… that Sejarah question is really ridiculous! Luckily, I am not teaching Sejarah. Phew….

  17. St Xavier’s Institution, where to check student’s score in SPM? can someone help me? Thanks!! Who scored 10As?

  18. Again, could someone help me? Where do i check SPM result, if possible, online?? anyone? anyone? TQ!!

  19. suyi – I don’t think they have any website to check the results online. Our Education Ministry not so canggih yet.

  20. Was St Xavier’s institution penang published in any mandaring or engligh newspapers? who scored 10As? Lilian any ideas? Thx

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