So, the SPM results is out but this time, the all As students won’t get front page because the sore losers (from you know where lah) who are living in denial need to ‘jom’ the front pages to keep bluffing themselves they won.

Anyway, it is also good because when the media harped too much on all As students, it will cause more parents to become more kiasu and pressure their children to study even harder and more school kids will turn cuckoo and ……

Ok, ok, that’s my excuses for not producing all As kids. But seriously, there are people who are smarter and there are people who are street smart and there are people who are barely there. Once we start to embrace this reality of human lives, we will become better parents.




STP already SMS me this morning about results. Sorry I didn’t reply because my Celcom kena barred because my online payment didn’t get through.

To answer STP question – Yes lah, my son also got A in English lah. I didn’t know they even study what English in Science and Technology subject on top of the normal English subject. He failed his Sejarah though. Maybe because his mom poisoned her children’s minds that all the Sejarah textbooks have been censored. The History subject has been tailored to favour the PREVIOUS ruling coalition party. So, maybe that’s why he failed lah. LOLZ. He is a Science student so Sejarah bungkus tak apalah.

Anyway, he is interested in culinary arts and may not want to go to Form Six. How many As? Kenot tell, it is his own privacy. His friends read my blog so I cannot reveal too much about him.

See how lah, Form Six or college. Read After SPM, Form Six or college and see the feedback from readers. No sweat lah, whatever is fine with us.

To those who left comment to ask if they can check their SPM or STPM results online, I don’t think you can. You know our country lah….