Outside Edelweiss, a Swiss restaurant in the heritage enclave in Penang.


My Sony Ericsson P1i.

And no, there is nothing much about this post. So, don’t crack that pretty or handsome head of yours.

P/S and totally unrelated : And Lim Kit Siang blog is down again. Kena over bandwith lagi.

14 thoughts on “Tralalalala

  1. Pablo – LOL, see lah, I say don’t speculate but people sure go ‘wah…is it this or is it that’. NO LAH! The pic in my phone is something I picked up from DAP ceramah. They sent out the cute rocket boy through bluetooth and all of us received it.

    And yes, I know the latest hoo-haa in Silver Land but I live in Oyster Island so I no care ler. That’s why I tralalalala.

  2. pablo – Somemore got. I am amused how easily people get agitated (I mean from those almost 300 comments there) and start speculating and jumping to conclusion and predicting doom etc etc etc.

  3. the juices are just fresh, really!

    i love Edelweiss. history, heritage and old. the big clock inside is amazing. love the toilet joke they have there and almost everything are non halal.

    but who cares? good place to chill.

    gotta love it!

  4. wow, so canggih 1 their ceramah??? sending out wallpaper thru bluetooth!! first time i heard of it!

  5. Yea yea ashotiwoth, it’s Volkswagen logo. Don’t know why the first glance gave me the impression it looks like WordPress.

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