Yes, whack them back!

Updated : You gotta love this news : Penang CM slams PM, denies stoking racial tension
found on Malaysiakini. I learn a new word today – Combative. iLikey….


Damn, I am beyond help. I just finished cooking for 35 youths and am supposed to run off to deliver the dinner for them. But this is just too good to pass through. Our CM Lim Guan Eng said don’t simply whack lah! Correct, Correct, Correct. What sort of statement did Ong Ka Chuak made regarding PAS/Chinese and Perak? (you go find the news yourself lah) That is one racist statement. But how come Pak Lah no whack Ong Ka Chuak back? Or why didn’t Pak Lah slap self for making racists remarks as well?

Below taken from NST.

Lim refutes stoking racial tension, only wants to open up tenders
Lim, who is just warming the chief minister’s seat after being sworn in on Tuesday, singled out Utusan Malaysia and national news agency Bernama for “putting words into his mouth” in their reports about the issue.

“They quoted me as saying things I never mentioned at all and this is not fair to me,” he said. “Even if they want to whack me, they should do it based on facts and not resort to slandering me. This is what I call ill-intentioned reporting. If I say something I will be responsible for it,” he said when asked to comment on Abdullah’s warning that Lim should not make statements that could stoke racial tension.

Speaking after the swearing in of the new Penang state executive council members at Dewan Seri Pinang here yesterday, Lim said he was baffled as to why the prime minister objected to the state government’s decision to call for open tenders.

“I called for open tenders…what is the problem in that. I don’t know how it is interpreted to mean that certain communities are going to be marginalised. In that sense he (the prime minister) is not right and he is going on wrong facts,” he said, adding the DAP-led Penang government was committed to ensure it corrected all the wrongs in the present system.

Lim cited the allocation of shares under the NEP and questioned how many Malays had benefited from it.

“Tell me how many of you got shares,” he said, pointing to reporters covering the press conference before going on to state that only a handful of people had been given shares.

He said the BN ruling coalition should say it outright if it was not happy with the new opposition-led Penang government. “If the prime minister is not happy with this new government in Penang just say so. But don’t give us warnings that we are stoking up racial tensions,” he said.

So far, Lim said Penang government had only announced that it was waiving parking and hawker license summons issued before March 11.

Lim said he suspected the federal government was probably unhappy about his decision on the Penang Global City Centre (PGCC) project and that was why the prime minister issued the warning.

Asked about the worry among Malays here that they would be marginalised and also rumours that the state government planned to tone down the call for morning prayers (Azan), Lim said: “This are all rumours…who is spreading this? I never talked about the azan at all. Who is playing up all these sentiments? I only announced cancellation of parking summons.”

Lim said he knew there were certain groups trying to whip up racial sentiments and branded them as irresponsible. “It is easy to play up this kind of sentiments. If the BN has any dignity it should do things according to facts and not just create issues and they whack us.”

Maybe I should change my tagline from Life, Lies, Sex and Humour to Lies, Lies, Lies and Politics?

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  1. Wei! I don’t lie leh. I bluff only. LOL.

    Another one of Abdullah’s political advisers/ANALyst telling him what to say lor. Could be KJ at work again. Abdullah only know how to fall asleep nia.

    Damn sien with the newspaper reports about how BN will do better lah, to improve lah. Niamah!!! You mean they didn’t know they were farked all this while??!!. They farking say the same thing before and after the elections. WTF!!! Woi BN! Hire me to ANALyse for you lah!!! 1st agenda, sack that SOB SIL!!!

    Tiu!! Sorry got carried away. Niamah!!!

  2. Pablo – Come to think of it, if we belog together, who the fark is gonna throw us ‘siew bak’ over the wall in Kamunting??? Bwahahahaha!!!!!

  3. i thought after the election everything will cool off but rumors are just everywhere. everyone are so filled with angst since they can blame no one.


    the news give headache only.

  4. azhan – LOL, so jump right in and throw mud around and enjoy the mudslinging fest. *nah, one mud ball for you*

    terence – Eh, the way our CM slams PM, one day we all whole island oso masuk. To make it easier, just put iron bars on the island and blow up the Penang bridge. Correct or not?

    terence #3 comment – These people hor, like the Ong Ka Chuak, he doesn’t realise he is spitting on his ownself meh? CM LGE baru three days, OKC and MCA there for how many decades. MCA got do many things meh? Kena farked by the millions of citizens until no place stand liao, somemore wanna tokok.

    suanie – Now, Msiakini’s news headline lagi dasyat. CM slams PM. Damn, I feel wanna clap hands.

    pablo – We appoint terence jadi Member of Parliament for cyberworld lah. You become DUN. I promise to throw the siew bak for you guys. An chuah, eh boh?

  5. Tim – Ya, that’s what the news said. But do you think Pak Lah will smite his own state? Well…maybe yes, cos the state and us poor rakyat doesn’t concerned him but the coffer that had been chopped off by the state government may, hahaha. Just show how relevant cronyism is, isn’t it?

  6. did NST really publish that? the paper is always twisting words and statements coming fom non-BN politicians. this one actually gives YB Lim a fair hearing.

  7. ann – I got the news from my feeds and Malaysiakini has almost similar thing. I guess NST may see it as a double edge sword? Those pro the Federal Gov will see LGE as one very biadap person and they will use it to stoke more fire, batu api. You know how clever they are in twisting it. NST say one thing, Utusuan and Berita Harian use it and re-quote in a different tone and soon, they will get what they want. Chaos. Do watch the above Youtube clip. It was on prime time news, and how does the UMNO of Penang Azahari has the rights to say the Federal Government will pull back the projects? Who is he to make a statement like that, right?

  8. Terence, don’t worry I go throw for you all! Want special order also can, like char siew, lap cheong, lunch meat… Haha…

  9. Bryan – You are the web host lah. You will be in the cell next to Pablo lah. Bwahahaha!!!

  10. zewt – I hope the salvo remains for a long-long time and don’t get silence.

    terence – HOI! Tiduk lah.

    bryan – You sure kena solitary confinement cos they sked you teach us how to be hackers. Hahaha.

    pablo – Wah, where you learn to be so demanding ah?

  11. While some BN members are able to accept defeat with newfound wisdom, the mindless ones are so farked till dunno what to do …except throwing tantrum like babies deprived of their teats to suck!
    These ‘bo tak chek’ BN politicians whose mouths write cheques faster than their brains can cash are the very reason why Penangites rejected BN this round!They never learn…haizzz!!!

  12. i’m so so very proud to have LGE as our CM.the more he whack back the more jatuh cinta i pada dia. he got both balls and brains! iLikey too!

  13. Yes! Yes!! Scrap all projects in Penang! Divert the money to Sarawak! Improve our roads, our drainage! Upgrade the two-lane trans-Borneo (so-called)highway to something of a similar standard as all those highways in West Malaysia!!! Upgrade Sibu airport – presently so environment-friendly, not air-conditioned!!! And triple suituapui’s pension!!! Wakakakakakakaka!!! (Runs and hides before Lilian uses huge chunk of sio too-bak to tampar my face!!!)

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