Is it me or has my island gone even dirtier?

I worked in Weld Quay when I was about 21 years old. I was a legal clerk then and when I got my job as the Confidential Secretary to the Executive Director, it was like my dream come true. I was selected out of 70+ applicants during the recession in (44-21 = 23, 2008-23 = 1987 1985?) Yeah, we had a bad recession in the late eighties and jobs were hard to come by.


That office was like the most glamorous one on earth. Later on, we shifted to a bigger office in Jalan Larut. When I was working in Weld Quay, I dealt with the gangster’s head from the Chew jetty area. Tai kor normally appears like some timid old man while his kakis are rusty face. Don’t know why. Calling prostitutes for some Gov. department officers before they award tenders to us was part of my job spec too. I have the mummy Helen phone number at the back of my mind. “harlow…mummy Helen ah….wa si Ah Lian, wa ai kiu kay.”

Anyway, back then, I remember my office to be one of the nicest because my ex-company was once the biggest cable manufacturer in Asia. I supplied prostitutes to Papua New Guineans (they normally want two at the same time), Chinese, Indian, SESCO (are they still around) and TNB staffs.

(the nail is ours, the screw is not. Bryan ah…you sabo my car, issit?)

Sadly, today, the place has turned into a major Ah Beng’s den. Dear hubby’s car hit a nail today. He didn’t notice it earlier and said, “ come the car seems like got ABS wan? This lower category Persona got no ABS mah….” Then, he discovered tayar pamcit when we were at the bank area.

We fast fast drive to the nearest car tyre repair shop we can find and stopped there. I came down and saw the address as 60, Weld Quay and suddenly, it seems so familiar to me.

And OMG, that’s where I used to work. What the hell have they done to the place lah? The surrounding area did not change a single bit and in fact, turned into a dump since my office moved. When my company was there, my ex-boss has a Jaguar, the other bosses have BMWs and Merc. Now, they have only kapcais motorbikes.


Do you see the little red building there? That’s the latuk kong that I used to pray every morning and especially mornings when we expect our bonuses and salary increases. I even made deal with latuk kong. “Lu kasi gua manyak-manyak bulan mia bonus, gua beli kemayan asap lu.” That building stays clean and nice. My poor office has turned into a total dump.


See? The opposite area where people built houses on stilt remained dirty and unkept. So, UMNO Penang, siapa kata kaum Cina kaya-kaya belaka? Ramai orang Cina pun hidup susah juga. Kita semua pun sama susah jugak. Yang kaya cuma kroni saja.

Tapi sekarang Weld Quay sudah masuk tangan DAP, harap-harap dapat pembangunan baru. Kalau tidak, at least clear those rubbish from there, yo. It is really an eye-sore and a sad sight to see that Weld Quay did not improve in 20 years but turned into such a slump. “Lee Hack Teik (MCA) ah, lu cho ha mik si kooi?”

Sigh….who would have thought that a single nail will bring back such a huge flood of memories for me?

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14 thoughts on “Is it me or has my island gone even dirtier?

  1. My family is from Chew Jetty (maybe the gangster you spoke about was related to me heh). My father and grandfather grew up there and I have many happy memories of the village. I cannot agree with you more regarding the general deteriotion of Weld Quay that is so obvious everytime I manage to balik kampung.

    What pissed me off the most is Koh Tsu Koon having his mini-ceramah on 9th day of CNY at Chew Jetty announcing that the government wanted to pull down the whole community and he and he alone managed to convince them otherwise..therefore we should support him. He also claimed to have developed Chew Jetty to what it is today. A dump.

    Ah, good riddiance to Koh Tsu Koon.

  2. this rustic look has it’s own charm… as I remember Ong has a documentary about the jetties… in my openion, they should be kept, but I do agree… a litle clean up would be nice..

  3. This summer I go back will go Penang again. Want to see the DAP penang. See how much they have change Penang to a better city. I heard from a blogger that DAP 1st thing goin to do is to robohkan the tol for Penang bridge wor. Is this true?

  4. “Tai kor normally appears like some timid old man while his kakis are rusty face. Don’t know why. Calling prostitutes for some Gov. department officers before they award tenders to us was part of my job spec too.”

    LOL…something never change, even now. Perhaps, the only relevant things in the present irrelevant bickerings amongst politicians and a few bloggers.

  5. “Calling prostitutes for some Gov. department officers before they award tenders to us was part of my job spec too.” Wah! Now the truth is out!!! Lilian’s sideline – Mummy Lilian hor!!! LOL!!!

    I must say that the Penang city centre is an eyesore!!! Most of the old shophouses need some renovation/restoration and repainting!!!

    And btw, word is going round that the new state government is going to do away with the toll on the Penang Bridge! True or not? Hell no!! The jam is bad enough as it is! They should do something like Singapore for cars going into the city centre!!! Increase the toll during peak hours so that people will space out their working hours to avoid the jams. Or cars with four passengers will be exempted from the toll hike! This will encourage car pools and reduce the number of cars!

    Everytime I have to send my daughter to SP, I’ve to worry about the jam at the bridge!

  6. yes, SESCO masih ada, and very active somemore.

    In the few couple of years, they’ll be providing electricity to that huge aluminum smelter plant in Similajau, Bintulu. Neh, the one Badawi came personally to officiate the Sarawak Corridor that one la, it’s part of the “mega” project. Somemore 70% of the electricity generated by the nearby Bakun dam will be transfered via seabed cables to be used in West Malaysia.

  7. The bridge is under the fed gomen so I don’t think they can do anything about the toll.

    As I said earlier in another comment, its going to take some time for the new state government to change things around as the people are so used to the lack of enforcement courtesy of Dr Koh and gang.

    In order to clean up Penang, the people of Penang must also do their part. Cannot have the Malaysia Boleh (buat apa kita suka – boleh buang sini, boleh buang sana – semua boleh) attitude anymore. If we want change then we must also be prepared to change.

  8. Des – Ya, I have a feeling the new state Gov. is going to be stricter than the previous. Now, they kasi potong saman but later on, no more play-play.

    alexallied – Wei, friend phoned that KJ and gang are protesting here at KOMTAR (where the CM’s opis is) and FRU is all over town. Heh, off topic sikit.

    STP – They want to but they know they cannot. When rakyat not happy, point fingers and blame Fed Gov lor…..Nice strategy mah hor?

    whispering – I saw a few blogs with posters of people asking Pak Lah to resign. Again, off topic.

    jlshyang – Ya, lucky we voted these arrogant ppl out. Who da hell is he is lah to talk like that. Not like he got any power or authority anymore. Boleh balik kampung lah.

    littlepolaris – No lah, kenot cos itu bridge is samy vellu mia area and now, don’t know who jaga. Maybe they even increase the toll. LOL.

    wuching – eh, you want say you want lah. Ok lah, I mail you her number now lah. She operates in Melbourne too. LOL. Don’t let Terese read this hor?

    kew – Yeah, the Chew jetty is ok. Lower down, the Lee, Tan and other jetties are much neglected. The pic I took is Lee jetty.

    sourrain – Oh wow, you from here? Chew Jetty is now a tourist spot but further down the whole place is a big slump with absolutely no changes, including the low cost flats there. Now the coastal road leads there and it is an eyesore.

  9. Now, Pak Lah getting more chia lat problem to face 😛 Vote of no confidence. I wonder whether OKT and Sam will be getting that – no wait, they oredi got and still thick skin. Now we see how thick skin Pak Lah is. Off topic.

    During my one and only 24 hour trip in Penang, I noticed that the quay side (cannot remember which part liao) is kinda neglected. Old buildings yes, but neglected. Give time to the new state govt to do something about it. In my opinion, 5 years not enuff. At least 10 years. These guys are inheriting the island with recession looming. Not an easy task…

  10. Ask the CM to pee from the 28th floor and spray KJ. Bwahahaha!!! Also off topic. Bwahahaha!!!

  11. Yes, I’m one of the very few malaysian that can claim to be part of the traditional clans :). I guess in a way Chew jetty is one of the ‘luckier’ ones.

    IMHO the ‘support’ that Gerakan has on the clan jetties can be so obviously seen by the fact that KTK’s speech during CNY was cut short by an ‘accidental’ lighting of fireworks. Threats to demolish the gangster village in order to garner votes obviously did not work.

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