Shanghai Bund (Hokkien song from DAP ceramah)

I know the election is yesterday news but I only managed to upload this video I took from one of the ceramah by DAP veteran member. He sang in Hokkien and was joking about the inefficiencies of the Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai under the Barisan Nasional previous ruling. I have typed out the Hokkien words and also the translation. Let’s forget about whatever UMNO protests and have a good laugh at this DAP veteran member singing. Again, I don’t know how to rotate my video clockwise.

Longkau…. beh lau (drain block)

Longkau tiuk thart, chui beh lau (a block drain, water cannot flow)

Seh tok bang, kar tiuk lang (breed aedes mosquitoes, bite people)

Loh kun choo, bey tiuk jip lau (hospital has to be admitted)

Sampah…ah boh sau (rubbish not swept/cleared)

Sampah boh sau ah..chin chnyea chau (rubbish not swept, really smelly)

Seh hor sin, puey lai puey khi (breeds flies, flying around)

Boh siew sim…lu eh tiuk au lau (not careful, you will get vomit and diarrhoea)

MPSP, MPSP (majlis perbandaran seberang perai or the city council of Butterworth)

Lu lang kau teh cho hamik (what are you guys really doing?)

Longkau beh lau

Sampah boh sau

Ta ta lang eh kong tiuk pun eau thau (mention only, everyone also shake their heads)

Jin see, ah chin kek khi (ape tu jin see? the people? are very frustrated)

Min kia seh gin ah tiam-tiam khi (everthing, even taxes keep increasing)

Si jit kai, teh tua chuan (this is the only way to change)

Chnea lu lang, chuan hor DAP (please everyone, change it to DAP)

13 thoughts on “Shanghai Bund (Hokkien song from DAP ceramah)

  1. CLF – My cilaka Vista corrupt already, I cannot even view video on it. I don’t know how to use iMovie. 🙁

    ks – You can sing k.o.k. liao hor?

    bengbeng – Glad you like it.

  2. i put this up on my blog for my readers to see. hope you don’t mind. my son and i had a great time singing it together. he is conversant in foochow but i speak hockien. thanks for the quality time we both had.

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