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Actually, I wrote this on my old blog but after reading through what I ranted, I actually like what I wrote. So, I am going to paste them here. If you think you know what I am talking about, don’t act pandai and make it so clear ok? But I have watched some videos and even more photos and my telinga dah berasap dah. If I don’t rant, it is like having an itch in your butt crack while you are talking with your boss or something so you can’t scratch. So frus, you know? So, I pun garu lah…. I hope I don’t offend any of my friends here.


There are things that I allow myself to express on my personal blog and there are things that I wanted so much to cuss but wisdom tells me to shut the fark up because I do not know what those goons are capable of doing when they mengamok. And they don’t need much reason to mengamok because they are such an insecure bunch of morons who have no backbones.

I don’t know why I am so drawn into this circus but I guess I can blame it on divine’s prompting because I have been shoved into all kind of situations even when I don’t bargain for it. Moreover, I am too much of a fighting cock to just walk away without forming my own opinions.

Personally, I think people who continue to shut up and not forming opinions are akin to people who sit with their mouth open wide and allow others to stuff shits into it.

I cannot stand those bunch of overnight millionaires and millionshairs who keep acting like we owe them a living. Their arrogance, their refusal to come down to earth and realise that regardless of our colours, the God we embrace and our country of origin, we are but just human. Humans who temporary tumpang on this place call earth and will someday return to our Maker.

Why can’t they just be less confrontational and stop acting like they are some warriors? If really they are such warriors, then, for fark’s sake go and work harder lah. Don’t just remain opis boi or 1-800-2525 all their lives.

We, don’t look down on anyone. Why do they act like they are slaves who need to fight for a place to stand? That’s why I say it is stupidity beyond my comprehension. If your taukeh make you angry, give him a punch or rape his chihuahua or something lah. Just don’t pull all of us along.


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