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YAB Lim Guan Eng’s thanksgiving speech video

DAP has a dinner to thank their election campaign workers tonight and a friend invited us. It is a very simple dinner for the campaign workers and helpers from the area of Tanjung Bungah, Kebun Bunga, Pulau Tikus, Bukit Bendera and Air Putih (my territory lah).

CM Lim Guan Eng mentioned some of the things that have taken place, those stories aired over the media and his reasons why certain decisions were made.

There are several DAP MPs and DUN members from Perak and Selangor who are here. Tony Pua was here.

DAP member

The MP for Bukit Bendera (picture above, 3rd from the left with his hand held up) Sdr Liew Chin Tong thanked all voters and the campaign workers for their support and gave credit to everyone.

Meanwhile, the DUN for Air Putih, CM Lim Guan Eng told us how emotional it was for the veteran members in DAP when the election results came in. We were told that DAP 42nd anniversary is on March 19. CM Lim Guan Eng mentioned that all of us who were part of this huge political tsunami in Penang and also Malaysia will long remember the history we made.

LOL, am I being too serious? Bwahahaha…that’s is just so not-me.

Ok, being a blogger, I went and ask Sdr Koay Teng Hai if he is a blogger too. Most of the DAP politicians are bloggers so I thought he is. But he said he has a blog but didn’t manage to blog. Our CM Lim Guan Eng also doesn’t blog. I wonder why? Must send proposal to them for 5xmom’s blogging tuition class.

CM Lim Guan Eng

I managed to grab a photo with the CM. Sure lah, must thick skin a bit and gong bin-gong bin shake hand mah….I told him I am a blogger and he said, “Wah…good good good, thank you.” LOL, what I didn’t tell him is I pwnd jor hampalang keywords related to him so he better be good to our island or else….Anyway, he is a very down to earth guy. Well at least for now.

He said the reason he asked the MPPP and MPSP council chiefs to cancel all the summonses is because of the many grouses from the ‘siu huan’ (those hawkers and hardworking folks who have to eke out a living). The summon each is RM250 to RM300 and it is very hard for these hawkers to make a living, needing to feed the wife, the children etc. Some of them get several summonses. As you know, in Penang, there are not many hawker centres and Penang people die-die like to eat by the longkang. So all these summonses were issued to the hawkers lor. Now, you understand buey? I tell you lah, eating char koay teow at a hawker centre is not as nice as eating it under a tree, by the drain.

So, gua caya sama lu lah, Mr. Chief Minister!

And no, this post is not sponsored by DAP or WordPress.

(pssst….ladies ah, I don’t know whether you all notice that the male DAP politicians hor seem much more hensem than MCA and Gerakan ones, you know? For example, a few of them got the square jaw, Sdr Liew Chin Tong got dimple thimmm and many of them tall-tall like Tony Pua.)

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  1. anthraxxx – Cepat-cepat jadi kroni. LOL. Remember to ask for a piece of land for me hor?

    Tim – No lah, I cannot make it because my son has a camp and I cannot leave Penang lor. Not because I wanna camwhore kat sini. BTW, is JeffOoi there? I was hoping to meet him here in Penang but I guess he different territory so didn’t come.

  2. I see! Oh no Jeff didn’t come – we actually thought we would be at the DAP thing.

    We’ll probably upload the Nuffnang bday video wishes soon enough

  3. LILIAN!!!!!!!!!!!
    I saw the video ur sons in the cute..gosh..too bad u didnt come to the party because it rocks..

  4. sue – Wahh….they edited out the part of me in bikini meh!!!???!!!?? I am not in there meh? Faster blog and show us. I kenot go cos many things here in Penang.

    Tim – Shh….don’t tell sue me. *points to above comment*

  5. eh the CM boleh cakap melayu tak untuk ambil hati those melayu who go demon-strasi?

    because in tv he speaks very well of english.

    [p/s:i’m not against him. and its a secret!]

  6. pablo – Who Azhar? Oh…that fler who lansi say wanna pull back our Penang major project wan….

    terence – HOI, dun perasan lah.

    suanie – I wanted to but Tony Pua sat down at the VIP table so I paiseh go and kacau him. But the CM went table to table so I baru dare to camwhore lor.

    azhan – He can speak and had spoken in BM at ceramahs. Wait I find my video clips time, I put up on Youtube.

    agnes – Yalor, Senior Lim very good blogger oso. Update more often than his kakis.

    anthraxxxx – Remember me when you become kroniK hor?

  7. saw your video in the pajama party…ur kids swimming one…lol damn cute

    in penang,i organised the one in starbucks then nuffnang organised the one in food loft…they should have a themed party in penang for north malaysias,then i will come back to penang…lol

  8. Aiyor…u washed the baju in washing machine kah? See…it shrank oredi! So ketat! Or is it because u took photo with skinny people u look so “fatt cai”??? Next time, take photo with stp, sure look slim and sexy one! Hahahahaha!!!!

    What? LGE doesn’t know 5xmom? How can anybody not know 5xmom?? If I were there, I baling batu!!! (Look at Lilian’s arm in pic…)Hey, Lilian, u challenge him to arm wrestling lah! Sure he kalah wan! ROTFLMAO!!!!

  9. stp – the foto so small you also observed so much, how many hours you sit there staring at me lah?

    logicyuan – Ya hor, Penang doesn’t have NN party liao. LOL, after the last one, I don’t want to go liao. I kena death threat you know…*roll eyes*

    Earl – Yayaya, Bukit Bintang. But I don’t know his name though I know he is quite the orang kuat?

    elegant coral – I diehard MU fan mah. LOL

  10. Lilian, that’s a nice pix. I too think that DAP guys do look much better, speak well and more down to earth.

  11. Tony Pua came to my school to give a talk last year…
    but I missed it, if not i’ll be able to see how entau he really is..
    his wife’s not bad too, very pretty…

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