I wasn’t able to attend the Nuffnang Pajama Party but words got to me that my kids were in a video they featured that night. Thanks to Sue Me and Robb for telling me about it.

True enough, my kids were in there! *acts surprise* 😛

(foto from KidChan)

Here are two of Singapore’s hottest female bloggers – Xiaxue and Dawn Yang. Guys…those of you who didn’t go, wasted lah. All the girls there wear sexy lingeries, wei! It is like you have died and ended up in heaven with 72 and more virgins….

Anyway, Happy Birthday Nuffnang. Thanks for all the moolah. Bring ’em on and let’s make more money with Nuffnang – Malaysia and some say Asia’s best blog advertising network.

You know what? After our 12th Malaysia General Election, bloggers have been elevated to a higher level. Gone were the gobloks, liar, monkeys and etc image painted by the previous Barisan Nasional politicians. Now, bloggers mean politicians who are Members of Parliament. As I see it, we have a bright future in blogging and making money from blogging. Nuffnang is one or shall I say the only one local advertising network that is worth joining.