SMS on another Penang protest is a hoax. Stop spreading rumours

This is for those Penangites who received SMS that Khairy Jamaluddin is coming to Penang for another UMNO protest and rally on 20th March, 2008. In the same sms, it claims that Khairy has a permit and will meet all Muslims at the State Mosque. Please note that is a fake SMS and you are not supposed to forward it to your friends. Delete it and get on with your life. Go shopping or see a movie lah!

20th March, 2008 is a public holiday because it is the Nabi Muhammed SAW birthday. Below is the news in Bahasa Malaysia I copied from Malaysiakini :

Amaran polis: Jangan keruhkan keadaan
Mar 17, 08 5:26pm
Polis Pulau Pinang menjelaskan bahawa permit yang dikeluarkan Khamis ini adalah untuk perhimpunan sambutan Maulidur Rasul dan bukannya untuk perhimpunan politik.

Sehubungan itu, Ketua Polis Daerah Timur Laut, ACP Azam Abdul Hamid menasihatkan orang ramai supaya tidak terpengaruh dengan khabar angin terutama menerusi SMS atau panggilan telefon yang mendakwa negeri itu sedang dilanda kekecauan.

Jumaat lalu, satu perhimpunan diadakan di hadapan pintu masuk utama Komtar sebagai membantah tindakan kerajan negeri yang baru yang tidak mahu meneruskan pelaksanaan Dasar Ekonomi Baru (DEB).

It is normal for our Muslims friends to have a procession on this Holy Day and they have been doing it every year. The police permit is for a religious gathering and not a political gathering.

“Polis percaya khabar angin ini sengaja disebarkan pihak tertentu dengan tujuan untuk mengeruhkan keadaan yang aman tenteram,” katanya kepada pemberita di sini hari ini.

Beliau turut memberi amaran agar pihak tertentu tidak menyebarkan SMS mengenai perhimpunan besar-besaran yang didakwa akan didakan Khamis ini, sempena sambutan Maulidur Rasul.

“Permit hanya dikeluarkan untuk tujuan sambutan tersebut dan bukan untuk perhimpunan politik,” katanya.

Remember that you can get into trouble for spreading sms without basis.

Ish, tak habis-habis pasal Khairy. Mana pegi itu KJ ah? I think I haven’t seen or heard him on TV or the paper since election day.

13 thoughts on “SMS on another Penang protest is a hoax. Stop spreading rumours

  1. here in Selangor also manyak itu fake sms..Yesterday my MIL told us to stay home and stock-up our food because itu sms say ada demonstration..suma orang sked already..

  2. wah… one name enough to sked everyone hor? haiya.. my place here oso la… everybody dun wan him to come here… like that ah better kasi buang negara la that siao lang… nobody welcome him anywhere…

  3. KJ = KoJol liao. Bwahahaha!!! Maybe FIL told him to shut the fark up. Or maybe FIL told him to eat from the mouth and not the asshole AND shit from the asshole and not the mouth. Bwahahaha!!! *stomachache liao*

    No need to fear one. If got demonstration, got POLIS and FRU mah. FRU also got tear gas and chemical laced water cannon. POLIS and FRU won’t be biased, WOULD they????? The world is watching. Want to demonstrate so easily meh???

  4. When BN was the gov, the opposition also din do all these nonsense, now BN becomes opposition nia everyday come out demonstration. Not to mention most of the important papers from their MB’s office are missing. I wonder what on earth is BN doing all these while? Maybe there wasn’t any ‘papers’ to start with. Everyday goyang kaki~ Now no more place to goyang, go out demo….

  5. pablo – The sad thing is people believe and the more they talk, the more hostility appears. It is a fact and those of us who are more aware should educate those who rely on hoaxes and skewed reports in the mainstream media. Ultimately, it is the leaders who are at fault for not controlling their kakis. Just today, I had a chat with someone and she is really living in fear because she said the Malays she talked with told her that all the Malay rights, education, business opportunites have been ‘grab’ by the new State Government. See? Not that I want to blog about this like this but when I have real people telling me real things they face, I guess I shouldn’t just ignore. Hor?

    Jeremy – Exactly…..the previous opposition oppose but they do it like gentlemen and not hooligans.

    terence – I cannot wait to see if he get a ministerial or deputy ministerial post. Minister of Internal Security? terence will be the first to kena. LOL. *jeng jeng jeng…*

    kopi – Never mind, we help our current State Government to remember the protests and these photos and videos will be very useful in the 13th General Election. LOL. Good campaign materials.

    bryan – Funny hor, never see a single news of him.

    kadusmama – The supermarket shelves are mostly empty. It is really sad lah. We should be more trusting of our neighbours of other races and have more faith that only peace prevail. In times like these, that’s the only way to tackle things. But those hooligans really suey lah. Like the one in Perak. Laughing stock lah, 200 people gather and call themselves representatives of the Perak rakyat and demand LKS to apologize. Like they represent the Royal Family of Perak.

  6. We have all seen the persuasive power of the internet pre-elections to help swing some votes over to the opposition parties by revealing the ugly truth in most matters. Now, the next mission for bloggers should be to uncover these sinister plots by BN component parties to create strife amongst the peace loving people. Amacam?

  7. I live in Subang. So far, things are normal. The hypermarket shelves are not empty, people of all races are still shopping as usual. We need to get rid of all these negative thoughts. Ya, don’t listen to rumours… stay away from trouble, watch AF šŸ™‚

  8. sigh..i wish ppl wun be so naive to believe these SMSes.

    loose edi means loose edi la..dun so childish!! let the mobile operators earn money onli! =P

  9. those ppl creating the fake sms really got nothing better to do liao meh? can’t see ppl live in peace? haha…
    those ultras protestors are kiasu; when Opp won the election, they tak puas hati, want to create havoc; cannot abolish NEP… nonsense. give our new CM a chance la, probaby he will come up with some policies that benefit everyone regardless of races, and might even better than NEP itself.. who know? hehe

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