Wake up call – Maroon 5 (song I dedicate to those who are still sleeping)

I have put this video on my blog before but I cannot remember which blog. Anyway, I like the song so here it is again. Shall I dedicate this song to those who are sleeping? Wake up call. Time to do something.

Please note that this video has scenes involving some partial noodity, violence and is listed on Youtube as not suitable for those underage kids and immatured adults. LOL. It is rated NC-17. Whatever that is. By clicking play, you agree that you are 17 years and above and is a matured adult who won’t accuse me of causing you to sin.

On another note, I hope those who have been sending SMS, will refrain from passing around too many unreliable ones. I just got another one which said that Khairy is coming to Penang on 20/3 and the sms asked me to store foods and stay at home. Well, whoever did that, please know that you are spreading rumours. I don’t encourage anyone doing that. We have to have faith in our PM, CM and the police to handle all these. By forwarding more SMS-es, we are actually creating tensions and animosity towards our fellow Malaysians. Please stop spreading rumours. How about being more friendly to each other, and especially those of different races, to quell all these?

And parents, please talk to your children about this matter and be frank with them. Discussion with them about racial matters are best done at home. Tell them where to draw the line when they are outside. Teach them what to do if they face racial taunting. It happens, whether we like it or not. Usually, it is just juvenile pranks and using racial issues are very provocative so some of the teens and children do that sometimes. What matters is our children know how to deal with it. Walk away, don’t get involve.


11 thoughts on “Wake up call – Maroon 5 (song I dedicate to those who are still sleeping)

  1. lilian..i saw the video d.they posted it on nuffnang.hehe..i saw it on sat nite also..lol..i like maroon 5.hehe..me no underage.LOL..

  2. The police has warned people about this last week. Do not spread sms when you cannot verify the accuracy of it. Someone I knew got stopped by the police and his handphone was inspected – for sms.
    The Malaysian Life

  3. With those kind of smses flying about, I think we can be responsible citizens by replying to these people not to spread rumours and don’t be a panicky chicken. Education is vital.

  4. Yea, maybe at least verify the validity of the SMS before forwarding. Now all Telco are very happy earning the buta money.

  5. Apa itu anjing boleh buat lah if he goes to Penang??? Niamah!!!

    Even if the sms is true. Isn’t it a Holy day for them???

  6. terence – I only mention part of what I got. The rest I dare not repeat online ler. I about to buka puasa eating crabs, see ham, curry mee’s pig blood this Saturday so I don’t want to eat chicken with no meat ler.

    Bryan – Yalor, they damn rich with the forwarding messages.

    Des – The police will welcome them maybe? LOL. Keagungan etc etc etc…..

    pablo – But I dare not refute cos who knows the sms may be true. Its near my house so if really true, I will be the first to kepoh. Walking distance only.

    The Malaysian Life – Really the police will check ah? I deleted a batch the other night during the election results. *off to delete more sms*

    sue me – Tks for pointing out. I catch the video too.

  7. Applause! Applause! I agree with Lilian 100%! It’s all over…so let’s get on with our lives. Let the winners get on with what they’re supposed to do…and if they do not deliver what they promise, they’ll face the music in five years’ time!!! With all this nonsense, how can anybody get down to business? Stop behaving like spoilt-rotten kids, all those sore losers!!!

    BTW, Lilian, that song is SO violent!!! The guy caught his wife in bad with her lover…and he took out his gun and shot him dead!!! Eyew…!!!!

  8. Thanks for bringing this up on your blog. It’s clear that some disgrunted folks from the opposing side plans to show the majority that by voting for the opposition, we will not have not stability. Hence, I strongly believe such sms probably came from the blue party. Hence, as we believe in fairness, I suggest we stick our middle finger to the blue party and ask them to hide in the darkness and never to come out.

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