Information on the Information Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek

Latest : Debat minyak Anwar vs Shabery Cheek click here for the debate.

Updated : Bwahahahaha…Zam said PM made the right choice in picking Ahmad Shabery Cheek because :

“I know Shabery well. He is an avid reader, has a high intellect and is also rational. During debates in parliament, he is able to offer convincing answers,” said Zainuddin.

“I believe Shabery will not only continue from where I left off (at the ministry) but will also have the capacity to perform much better,” he said.

Zainuddin said he was convinced that Ahmad Shabery would be able to make a huge and impactful contribution to the party, people and country.


There seems to be an interest on the new Information Minister and I get more queries on my stats than usual on him than other ministers. Being the informed blogger, here are information that people may want to find out about the Malaysia Information Minister.

Do you all remember the nude squadgate where police made a Malay woman to strip and then, do squats in nude? Well, some of the policemen/women there took videos and eventually the clip was spread to the public.

This new Information Minister apparently blamed Teresa Kok and said she encourages voyeurism.

Umno Kemaman MP Ahmad Shabery Cheek ticked off Seputeh MP Teresa Kok for revealing in Parliament the controversial video clip of a naked women forced to perform squats in the nude by the police.

Shabery, who is also Umno Terengganu information chief, called for Kok to pay damages to the woman for bringing shame to her and her family.

And to which, Lim Kit Siang replied (because Teresa Kok was in oversea at that time):

Contacted yesterday, Lim retorted that Shabery was being “inconsistent” and showed no real concern for the plight of the woman in the video.

“He had said nothing regarding the person who took the video (the voyeur) and he did not show outrage over the treatment of the woman by the police (when the video was first exposed),” added Lim.

“If he was really concerned about shame brought upon the woman, he should be asking for compensation from various media organisations (for publicising the incident),” said Lim.

Kok was not available for comments as she is presently overseas.

Quotes taken from Teresa Kok blog post dated Wednesday, 28-12-2005.

Wuah….looks like our Information Minister very interesting guy hor?

Somemore got, LKS debate with Ahmad Shabery Cheek

In brief, he compared Malaysian Indians are better off than Indians in India. Damn funny, I tell you.

20 thoughts on “Information on the Information Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek

  1. At 5.10, Shabery said that the opposition parties have brought up the plight of the “marginalised” Indians to win the coming elections because they (the opp parties) were going to lose. He did not realise that it is BN which was going to lose badly in the elections because nobody in BN (save for Devamany) who spoke out for the marginalised Indians.

  2. eh the old man say all ministers and deputy ministers must declare assets… haha… got good joke coming our way la…

  3. Sien…. deviate the points from the original question.
    This is an open agenda, everyone knows it, yet BN kakis still wanna cover it up, lame.
    Just like use paper to warp the flame.

  4. Umno Terengganu Information chief???!!!???

    The fact that BN nearly lost the Terengganu state during the recent election. Meaning he got all his information wrong lah. Now he is the federal minister???!!! Boy, the PM is farked!!!

    WTF!!!! Bwahahaha!!!!

  5. why do they always put such people as information chief?

    anyway, nothing beats the appointment of muhd muhd taib…

  6. Ass Cheek… hee hee hee… that’s a good one, gangeticus! 🙂

    Let’s be frank about it, folks. Umno-BN is obsolete, expired,
    kaput. The head has been cut off, body still jerking around as though alive. Give it another few months at most. These goondus don’t seem to get it – they have only one idea in their heads – CARI MAKAN! The whole Ketuanan Melayu bullshit is pure bunkum – ketuanan kochek sendiri is all they really care about. I realize it’s very very hard to look in the mirror and admit to ourselves that we’re already last week’s newspaper. So Umno-BN will probably go through the motions of being alive until the last muscle spasm… then it will collapse and be blown away like the empty husk it has been since 1981.

  7. As usual, those ‘ppl’ like to play blame game and point fingers when things happen (the woman made to squat in nude). it’s a good thing Kok exposed these, if not, we Malaysians are still in dark over issues that bring shame to our country. Really unethical!

  8. Yoz, u guys shud be berterima kasih Pat Lah for putting clueless ppl in the kitchen cabinet. He’s just making sure BN will completely koyak come next GE, har har har

  9. He’s sharper than ZAM, that you would have to credit to. However he lies about the KEMAS tadikas. PAS never closed them down during their rule.

  10. Let’s vote Lilian to be the next Info Minister! She definitely can do a better job than this bunch of

  11. he was a political science lecturer in UM once and gave us a 101 on gerrymandering and all. always looked forward to his lectures actually cos he can be funny in his sarcastic and cynical view abt the then govt

  12. Ahmad Shabery, doesnt look as intelected as being said, dont like him at all … crap ..cant malaysia start elected more useful and intellect people. He just dont understand “economics” at all .. stupid man.
    BTW… he looks crap/uncovincing.. he has white slimly saliva built up at the side/hinges of his mouth while debating !! how disgusting !

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