Should we do away with Yang Amat Berhormat, YB, Yang Bodek dll?

I was a secretary and getting the titles right is part of our job spec. We address the PM, CM, MB as Yang Amat Berhormat and the Ministers as Yang Berhormat. Yang Berbahgia for the regular Datuks and Yang Berbahgia is Yang Bhg and never YB.

Someone emailed to me :

CT Foo wrote:
I like the alternative you offered.
But why the “YAB”. Certainly this is for the old school of “puji-memuji” and
“bodeking”. In the egalitarian society that we hope to develop in our beloved
Malaysia, the more appropriate term would probably be the humble yet polite
“Saudara” or just plain “Encik/Cik/Tuan/Puan”

Well, CT, the post that you mentioned is a post that is going to be found by a lot of people. It is a post about the Chief Minister of Penang and it is politically correct and proper to use the title that our country has adopted. In other posts, I normally refer him as DAP Lim Guan Eng during the election campaign, and now, CM Lim Guan Eng or Sdr Liew Chin Tong for the MP in my area.

Frankly, I think it is appropriate to use the right title at the right time. We expect our children to call us mother and not by our name. These people are certainly not of the same level as us regular rakyats so a title like Encik is not appropriate. During official functions, one has to use the right ways to address the senior members of the function.

And in real life, it is not like I am going to talk to the CM. So seriously, I don’t need to actually say Yang Amat Berhormat at all. So, it is never an issue.

But what do my readers say? Do you think we can do away with all these bodek-ing titles like CT Foo suggest?

17 thoughts on “Should we do away with Yang Amat Berhormat, YB, Yang Bodek dll?

  1. Hi Lilian,

    How do I contact you directly? It is regards to an invitation. I hope you would give me a call .. TQ

  2. Do away with all of that. What’s wrong with Mr Prime Minister? Even the US President is referred to as Mr President. A bigger headache is the titles royalties have and all the palace/govt protocols.

  3. And Terence can be YB too…Yang Bogel! Wakakakakakaka!!! Sorry, sorry! Tak tahan! Couldn’t restrain myself from making the comment! Joke ya!

  4. Suituapui – Wei, I kena burn pulak. Sigh. Then it should be YKB for me. Yang Kena Bakar. Bwahahaha!!!!

  5. No, we shouldn’t give them those titles. Just the normal Mr, Mrs, Dr… maybe the PM can be addressed as PM so-and-so…
    Giving them those titles just give them too much air in their head…

  6. I dun know le. I have a Datin in my school and I heard most ppl address her by Datin but I prefer to call her Puan W***. But of course, I prefer my students to call me Puan L** instead of Choonie. To show me that they respect me. Oh yes.. I respect Puan W*** but I just don’t think it is a must to address her Datin W***.

  7. Let him be, choonie…if terence wants to be addressed as TUN, let him be!!! T.U.N. The Ugly Monkey! Wakakakakakaka!!!

  8. There is a limit to certain jokes. But its RUDE by calling me names.

    Let it make it clear to you all. I sound sarcastic and sometimes rude in my comments here but I DO NOT call ppl names. I am also given certain privileges on this site. My sarcastic comments are well received by the blog owner because we understand each other or the issue was conversed ‘off blog’ beforehand.

    There is no need for explanation or apologies. I know where you are coming from and I understand its only a joke.

  9. Shudder…! Takut! Sorry, terence…though u said no need! Promise!!! No more poking at u, ok? Peace!!!

    P.S.: Aiyor, Lilian! Don’t laugh lah! Say some nice words to terence so he not so marah stp lah!!! I be very good old man from now on!

  10. i agree with CT Foo…….all those titles seems to be self-gratifying….

    yeah…TUN is a nice title….its short for TUNggul

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