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What I am going to eat

Saturday. This Saturday will be the day when I go back to my life-shortening diet.

Just five more days….

First, I am going to eat lok-lok:


I don’t care if my hubby hates lok-lok and steamboat. Even if I have to stand or sit alone, I am going to devour all the cockles, sotong, mantis prawns and pig’s liver and kidney.



Baked crab with roe. Chillies crabs. Steam crab.


Prawns…I am going to eat 1 kati of prawns, all by myself.

curry mee

Curry mee with real cockles, coagulated pig’s blood and PRAWNS. Must remember to order extra prawns.

roasted pork

Siew bak! Not fake ah kua siu bak made from soy and konyakku. Real woman eats real pig roasted till crispy.

And I must have dim sum, nasi kandar with telor sotong, daging, telor ikan, Malay nasi padang with fried catfish, Indian capati with curry mutton…..Arrgg…five more days. Five more days to red juicy medium rare steak, five more days to lamb shanks…..Five more days to Easter. Hallelujah! I made it through 40 days of no-animals diet.

(to those who do not know what I am mumbling – I have gone on a self-imposed 40 days of no meat, no seafoods diet for the season of Lent)

17 Responses to “What I am going to eat”

  1. Cibai!!! Make me hungry at this hour. Niamah lu!!

    I eat in the morning. Too bad you have to wait another 5 days. Blek!!!

  2. dont forget char koay teow… its a must have….

  3. kew – Ah Leng char koay teow!

    terence – HOI! Obat sudah habis kah? Apasal still awake at 2 am, tiu!

  4. wahlao wei..i also wana eat..hungry
    happy easter in easter for me this year..more assignments and homework for

  5. Lok Lok!!! I love it!!! Next time I go Penang, must bring me, ya? So far I haven’t had the chance…cos my anak doesn;t like anything steamed or boiled!!! Fried and grilled only!!! Kesian this father, can’t even eat what he wants!!! OK, Lilian???

    P.S.: Is it your blog? Once I logged on, I’ve caught 2 or 3 viruses already! Trojan! Too bad not Helen of Troy!

  6. makes me wanna join you also!

  7. umm, that lok lok at Pulau Tikus market?? omg,..all the food look so so yummy ^.^

  8. You make my saliva dripping nia. Sienz… make me hunger of penang food.

  9. Penangites watch out!
    Meatarian unleashed!!!


  10. the siu yuk so lean wan … 50% 50% ma …

    and yeah i like cockles very much … bloddy …

  11. Hello, frankly speaking, i have not read your politic talk posts. not interested. but this time, when you talk about food, immediately i leave a my comments.

    haiya… the food pics make me feel hungry only but no way i can eat all those due to my dental problems. i’ve been on some sort of liquid diet for 2 wks now. i find it helped to make me feel lighter now, i mean my weight. How about your fortydaysnomeatdiet?? did in help to reduce some weight (sorry, whatever your scale reading la). Kalau ya, saya pun mau cuba ma…..

  12. aiyo..u made me hungry again! hehehh

    i wan crabsssssss!!!!!!!!!!

  13. My mouth was watering now….

  14. a new fan of yours
    recently my daughter had a craving for portuguese egg tarts.if i remember a bakery in pulau tikus sold very nice ones but has since closed.pray tell where else i can find them..?

  15. Lilian, must walk the talklah. Boycott those mamak nasi kandar, remember?

  16. oh dear those food pictures…u are making this preggy lady going bonkers now!!

  17. Lilian, you really make me laughed. You sounds so “eao loh” like us who lives outside M’sia.