Saturday. This Saturday will be the day when I go back to my life-shortening diet.

Just five more days….

First, I am going to eat lok-lok:


I don’t care if my hubby hates lok-lok and steamboat. Even if I have to stand or sit alone, I am going to devour all the cockles, sotong, mantis prawns and pig’s liver and kidney.



Baked crab with roe. Chillies crabs. Steam crab.


Prawns…I am going to eat 1 kati of prawns, all by myself.

curry mee

Curry mee with real cockles, coagulated pig’s blood and PRAWNS. Must remember to order extra prawns.

roasted pork

Siew bak! Not fake ah kua siu bak made from soy and konyakku. Real woman eats real pig roasted till crispy.

And I must have dim sum, nasi kandar with telor sotong, daging, telor ikan, Malay nasi padang with fried catfish, Indian capati with curry mutton…..Arrgg…five more days. Five more days to red juicy medium rare steak, five more days to lamb shanks…..Five more days to Easter. Hallelujah! I made it through 40 days of no-animals diet.

(to those who do not know what I am mumbling – I have gone on a self-imposed 40 days of no meat, no seafoods diet for the season of Lent)