Arrgh….I lost my blog direction

Since the day they have an election, I have targetted my blog topics to politics. I did it because it is fun.

I get to diss politicians and there are actually people cheering me on.

I put politicians I like on the pedestal and no one dares to disagree.

I get shit loads of traffic.

I get new readers and subscribers.

But now, I suddenly realised that I have lost my blog direction.

I wonder what I used to blog before election? I wonder where I got my blog topic from?

I just lepak on the floor in front of Astro. I surfed from Channel 101 to channel 800+. I was hoping I can find something to talk about. But there is nothing good on Astro.

Channel 100+ are local channels. That stupid Akademi Fantasia is still going on? OMG, kill me already. BTW, where the hell have Mawi gone? Last I blogged about him was a video of him looking stoned and shouting Allahhu Akhbar.

Channel 200+ are Tamil and Bollywood channels. They are still showing the same kind of Bollywood movies but nowadays, they show more butts. Indian women seem to have smaller butts nowadays? But their boobs are still as lucious.

Channel 300+ are Chinese channels but I don’t subscribe to Wah Lai Toi. They show some boring Korean series. I wonder who can stand Korean and Japanese series? So boring can die. So lame too.

I have forgotten what is channel 400+. But I know 500+ is Discovery and news. I watched a bit and get confused if I am watching a documentary about Islam or Christianity. They have this mosque with Jesus’s murals on the ceiling. Arrggh…I shouldn’t watch documentary because my mind tends to drift off and I forget the storyline.

600+ is the cartoon channel which we just subscribe and my boy who is five years old just learn the existence of Tom and Jerry, Ben10, Courage the Cowardly dog….Poor kid, we have almost denied him of a normal childhood.

703 is the only show worth watching. Asian Food Channel. Droolsss….

800+ is sports.

Do they have channel 900?

Sigh…life is so boring

18 thoughts on “Arrgh….I lost my blog direction

  1. yes life is so boring i can scream!!!!!!! (apologies, letting out a rant there)
    and yes i love AFC!!! i get so inspired to cook up a storm whenever i watch AFC…then..i look at my kitchen..and all mood pun tarak dee.

  2. life is not that interesting if i don’t get to blog and read yours..ha..ha..

    channel 703 is my favourite too….my son gets his inspiration from Gordon Ramsay’s Hell Kitchen and his strings of chefs…

  3. I don’t compel myself to blog, I got so many things I could blog about, just needed the motivation to pen them down. My next topic, kekekeke… would be a very interesting writeup on a japanese musician chick I managed to get a good video shot thanks to the organizer.

  4. Wah, hmmmmmmm….ahhhhhhhhh……”scratch head”

    703…yes, yes,yes…ahaaaaaaa

    Looks like the only guy that likes 703 here…and the recipes from some of the shows there really syok one!! Tried it and proven it……

    Now I am hungry…….

  5. 900 is astro on demand rite?

    aiyo..i cant tahan these korean/jap shows! but it’s always good if u have insomnia! ;P

    i watch 600!!!!!’s nice to feel like a kid n stay away from reality!! okok..i’m indenail! =P hehehe

  6. tell me about it..mine is like so routine ler.go college, classes and go home. no meaning at meaningless..nothing happening or coo seem to happen to me.funny ler..btw i got no astro here.sad..

  7. Yalor, Lilian…once the erection is gone, nothing more to get excited about or to look forward to!!! Oops…excuse the typo error!! Wakakakakakaka!!!!

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