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Signal so strong in Penang Hill

Celcom unlimited wifi from Penang Hill and my sony ericsson P1i means blogging from anywhere.


Here i am sipping lime juice, eating samosa and sitting under some jade vine with snake above my head.


Nice cold breeze at the top of bukit bendera.


Hotel Bellevue is the perfect place for rendevous with some old flame you know because no one around.


Kesian you people have to work. Bwahahaha.

16 Responses to “Signal so strong in Penang Hill”

  1. Yalor…and with u holding on to ur laptop, like giant satellite dish…of course, the signal extra strong!!! Wakakakakakaka!!!!

    PS: Psssttt!!!! (Whispering…)Envy u lah! Next time I go Penang, u bring me or not!!!

  2. Oops…u use hp like me kah??? Of course, mine not so canggih…so lots of limitations!!! And owes LOADING…PROCESSING DATA….geram!!! Gets on my nerves! So impatient!!!

  3. damnit. i hate work. tgtih.

  4. aiseh the need to work and enjoying your day kah?? I’m working now but still have time to check on ur blog..muahahaa!!

  5. Suituapui- Don’t play with fire! After kena Hainanese typhoon. Worse than tsuniamah. Take my advice.

    Work??? What is work??? I read blogs for a living lah.

  6. wah haven’t been to penang in a long time… last time i was there handphones were still measured by the kg and not grammes.

  7. LOL at terence’s comments.

  8. STP – You talk too much liao lar. What satellite dish? My phone is like Terence’s one. Sony Ericsson P1 smartphone. Your’s leh?

  9. No need to go uphill to eat. Now, Nasi Kandar shops in Penang probably giving big discounts as they are hit by “boycott”.

  10. Now Penang Hill still got cold breeze meh? Global warming liao loh. :p

  11. My hp? I shy to say lah…old pensioner. Oh, Lilian Hailam nang, ke? I tot u Cantonese. I love the chicken rice! Ooo…jangan marah lah, sis!!! Lent not over yet!!! (Eee…better go and hide when Easter comes! Otherwise, suituapui will become suituasan! LOL!!!)

  12. Is it cool there in the day time?
    I am coming to Penang with my 2 kids on next Sunday.

  13. Chiop* chiop*
    I found this job for blogger(s)

  14. Wahlaueh.. Lilian & Terence both carry Sony Ericsson P1 smartphone. So canggih the 3.2 megap camera has auto focus. Btw Lilian, where’s Terence pic?

  15. Elegant Coral – My pic??? It was posted once in this blog. Search for it lah. Start reading from the 1st post. Bwahaha!!!

  16. Droll droll…i wonder for the secret rendezvous place or the makan?