I took a lot of photos yesterday. I brought along two cameras. I also brought the zoom lens and micro lens for my DSLR. So, I get to snap things from far and things close-up.


Bird on a tree branch far, far away.


Wild berries (inedible) in some bushes.


Some father and son moment. We went to the canopy walk in Penang Hill. It is a 2KM walk from the cable car station. A nice walk really.


Nice views of pine trees, cool breeze and fresh air. Penang Hill is no longer cold but it is quite ok with temperature around 24 degree celcius. But that’s because yesterday was a cloudy day and there was a brief spell of drizzle.

canopy walk, penang hill

The canopy walk in Penang is very nice. You should try it. It is not as stable as the one in Sungai Sedim. The Penang Hill canopy walk is a little bit like the one I tried in Taman Negara many years ago. It is basically made of plank and net so it gives you that Indiana Jones feelings because you can feel the walkway swaying on top of the trees. You feel like it is going to snap and give way any minute. That’s why it is so fun. At some parts, you can hear it creaking as well. But compared to the one in Langkawi, it is not as scary. Probably, Langkawi canopy walk is much higher and colder so it feels much more spooky.


Another father and son moment.

(photos taken with Nikon D40 and Nikon P4)

11 thoughts on “Journey

  1. Categorized as FUZZY????? WTF??!!??

    Anyway nice pics. Go give Raymond some pointers. I think he lost his confidence liao.

  2. I miss Penang Hill. The last time I was in Penang, I didn’t get to visit this place. The cable car’s tickets were sold out. I had to wait till late evening. Hubby spent RM3 parking ticket and just parked for less than 5 minutes. We decided to visit the temples in Pulau Tikus instead.

  3. I missed the canopy walk the last time I was up there because it was under repair due to a termite problem.

    You should take a trip to Pantai Kerachut. I saw a woodpecker on the way there on my last trip. The eagles/osprey at the other end are huge. Please don’t bring any small dogs there as a friend of mine lost his tiny dog to an eagle there. It was just running on the beach when this huge bird swooped in and flew off with it.

  4. i like the father and son pic.its so sweet. i dont remember having anything like that with my dad.sigh..i have something like that with my grandpa though..

  5. I went up half way to Penang Hill yesterday (#84), it was misty and it feels as if you are hiking up to ‘heaven’, if that is how ‘heaven’ looks like … emmm. I thought it might rain but it turns out to be a pleasant hike ~ similarly to Cameron (if you go early enough that is)

  6. The canopy walk is like the one in FRIM here. I brought Ian once, and it was really scary. My legs were shaking and his face was white, but he insisted to walk till finish. A great experience.

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