Another ‘beh tahan’ political rant

I am still following the political news because the plot is getting thicker. This morning, ie. Thursday morning, I woke up feeling kind of weird because I didn’t hear any azan from the Penang State Mosque. Later, I found out that the celebration of the Prophet’s birthday is on the mainland. This evening Chinese vernacular papers showed on the front page the photos of the procession. The Penang State Governor and his consort plus the Chief Minister of Penang were part the procession. If a photo says a thousand words, that photo says 1,001 words.

But I just read that Pemuda Umno is organising a bigger demonstration in Selangor. On Wednesday, 1,000 of them marched to the Selangor Sultan’s palace to demand for something that I think is rather weird. Now, the state of Selangor is under PKR and yet, our ‘hardworking’ Pemuda UMNO is trying to help to put things ‘right’. There are things that I won’t express here on my blog but this comment is rather funny to me :

‘Tak payah upah’

“Semangat orang Melayu untuk menyertai perhimpunan tersebut amat memberangsangkan, tidak payah upah, mereka datang sendiri,” tambah Abdul Syukur lagi.


They said that these prostestors do not need to be paid. Doh, when were prostestors need to be paid? Did the 30K to 50K people who turned up to listen to the DAP ceramah need to be paid? No, instead, they donated their money amounting to RM130K. Did those peaceful Hindraf and Bersih marches carried out by members which totalled tens of thousands need to be paid? These Pemuda UMNO are clueless. Bengang betul.


Ketuanya, Abdul Syukur Idrus yang juga Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (Adun) Kuang berkata, Pemuda Umno Selangor tidak akan membiarkan nasib orang Melayu menjadi lebih buruk di bawah kepimpinan kerajaan baru.

And I want to ask Abdul Syukur sikit. Eh, maksudnya, semasa 50 tahun ni, UMNO biarkan nasib orang Melayu buruk, betul tak? Sebab Abdul Syukur kata, “menjadi LEBIH buruk”. Kalau dulu tak buruk, tak mungkin boleh jadi ‘lebih buruk’.


What I know is the Wanita UMNO are not happy, some of the senior members in UMNO are not happy, those East Malaysians BN members are not happy, everyone is not happy. A few even dare to shove it back to Pak Lah and told him, “Nak ambik balik, aku tak rela.” This action, in my opinion, screams of total fed-up with the big boss. Otherwise, our Malaysians culture won’t ever allow things like these to happen – rejecting a position given by the PM. MIC said they should rightfully have two Indian ministers. Gerakan said, ‘chup, we got no voice anymore but release the Hindraf 5’.

Like watching a nice soap opera, I can see things falling apart. Just today, some SUPP which is a political party under Barisan Nasional in East Malaysia jumped ship. Do you know that if 30 of the members of Parliament jumped ship, Barisan Nasional will no longer have the simple majority?

Well, I cannot blame them for jumping ship because the recent cabinet line-up only passed some crumbs to these East Malaysians. So, they are pissed and they can just decide not to join BN anymore. Of course, their political parties are still intact. Just that they hate being together with UMNO.

And if that is not enough, MCA veteran member said :

DEB punca Melayu tolak BN
Ketua MCA PJ Utara, Dr Wong Sai Hou berkata, keputusan kali ini juga menunjukkan penyokong Barisan Nasional (BN) semakin kehilangan kepercayaan terhadap pemimpin parti masing-masing.


LOL, can you imagine this? Now, that must be one pissed MCA member to dare to say this. At other times, I think UMNO will ask Dr. Wong balik tiongsan and wave the keris at him. But now? If UMNO pissed MCA more, who knows, MCA may jump ship too.

That’s the reason why UMNO Youth dare not tell Mukhriz Mahathir to balik kampung, tanam jagung eventhough Mukhriz hinted to Pak Lah to quit.

If I am Pak Lah, I will tell all his minions, especially those UMNO Youth to shut up and stop the demonstration. The more they protest, the worst it becomes. Now, not only notty kids like me and you cannot wait to see them bitch fight, even the parties under BN cannot wait to see them cekik-mencekik each other to death.

What more, now Muhamadx2 dare to eksyen. Didn’t Pak Lah realised that Muhamadx2 is the most damaging person he selected to be a minister? Sometimes, I wonder….Doesn’t Pak Lah gauge the popularity of the candidates before he appoints them? Didn’t he talk to them first before he announced? Poor Kak Pidah kena bungkus balik jadi nenek. No matter how unpopular AP Queen is, she is still very senior and deserve a ladder to come down stage. Now, all the makciks in UMNO pun dah merajuk.

I hope Pak Lah heeds Raja Nazrin’s advice :

“Ada antaranya yang terleka, ada yang tersalah haluan, ada yang tersalah diberi nasihat, ada yang tersalah langkah dan ada yang tersalah perkiraan.

Menurut Bernama, Raja Dr Nazrin bertitah seorang pemimpin bertanggungjawab dalam menentukan arah haluan pengikutnya dan bertanggungjawab kepada mereka yang berada di bawah pimpinannya.

“Memimpin adalah satu tanggungjawab yang perlu disempurnakan secara amanah,” titahnya

Words are on the blogosphere that DSAI aka Anwar has found the people who will leave BN. JeffOoi said something big is happening on April 15. I say…let it be an April Fool’s joke turned real. Let’s see BN totally koyak and replaced by Barisan Rakyat or whatever. I am sick of these bunch who keep harping on DEB, ketuanan Melayu, refusal for a Chinese deputy Menteri Besar and their demostrasi culture.

I am so thankful to see the sombre figure of Perak MB from PAS hugging a Chinese little girl whose father died in an explosion. I am so inspired to see our Chinese CM mingling with the Muslims on their Holy Day. This is the kind of Government that I hope to wake up to every morning. The kind which will motivate me to do my part as the rakyat to make the state and country a better place.

26 thoughts on “Another ‘beh tahan’ political rant

  1. hi,
    a very nice article. i am having the same thought. umno has to change its mindset. lets see what is going to happen.

  2. Hohoho…. I love the way u wrote ur blog! How true… If those UMNOputras pissed MCA more, MCA might jumped ship! Pity to Gerakan. Want to jump also cannot jump. Coz they only have 1 or 2 Parliament seats onli… Jump also nobody wants! LOL!!!

  3. I hope to see more exciting political episodes in Sarawak. Never expect Richard to jump boat. Should show the ‘Pek Mo’ who is more powerful now. Sarawakians must united to let the white buaya step down as the long service CM ever.

  4. yeah, never in my wildest dream that malaysian politik gonna be this exciting! everyday i read harakahdaily! i read jeff ooi’s april 15 too…titanic the historical vessel sank on april 15 years ago…let’s see if pak lah’s “titanic” will sink in 3 weeks time.

    they said each letter in RAHMAN signifies the PM names. but is the “N” gonna be Najib Razak? by the look of things, Nwar Ibrahim is a better bet. LOL

  5. He’s still at it, he just cant stop playing pranks on the people of Malaysia by lining up a bunch of jokers for the cabinet. He never learned and he’s still keeping quiet over all these cock-fights. His days are definitely numbered.

  6. The Penang people did the right thing in voting for DAP and ousting Gerakan in an astonishing election windfall. There is much work to do for Penang and I believe the Penang people will be behind every step of the Penang government. I urge you all, when the opportunity arises, also help to quash the press-blown-up stories about Penang’s political ‘instability’. Lastly, give a pat on your backs for doing a good job in taking the first step in voting for democratic reforms. Thanks all.

  7. When world leaders want to learn from history
    The best source to do so will be from His Story
    How death on the cross can turn into final victory
    And lives can be lived fully now outside any political factory

  8. Hi 5Xmon > got diverted from JeffOoi to here so this my 1st time ever here > HMMmmmm wowwww mommomomommamamia never knew you write so full of Cili PadiS wann la and fun too > Any hint of Apr 15th … hmmm maybe we should gather at Sungai Besi TUDM pagar and wave bye bye … good riddance to the AAB plane and we dont mind paying for the petrol to send AAB and his plane load of shits to Perth > Just make sure to return the Airbus bcos its OURS punya , MALAYSIANS PUNYA !!

  9. Race base parties
    Wake up change policies
    It can’t work this way any more
    The trade has turned global

    The product needs new packaging
    A new marketing tool needs to reach
    The market segmentation has changed
    The people taste has evolved

    No more handouts
    They want concrete products
    With good warranty period
    On services and managing affairs of state

    Do you listen to the people?
    The survey of last election makes you worry
    It is now opening to all markets
    Nobody can have a monopoly on it

    Gerkan, PPP, small parties
    The truth is painful on the wall
    No more singing the same old tune
    If you want to survive
    Merge all together into a single party
    And sell the new product to the people

    Maybe you can still see profits coming in
    Engaging in the business of winning elections
    Otherwise I am afraid you all will disappear
    When GE 13 rolling in………………

  10. “I am so thankful to see the sombre figure of Perak MB from PAS hugging a Chinese little girl whose father died in an explosion. I am so inspired to see our Chinese CM mingling with the Muslims on their Holy Day. This is the kind of Government that I hope to wake up to every morning. The kind which will motivate me to do my part as the rakyat to make the state and country a better place.”

    Me too.

  11. UNCIVILIZED! now they’re just showing to the public that they did the right move by voting for the opposition. they’re so kiasu, kiasi, sore loosers who only think of themselves! next erection, lets “hit them baby one more time” wuahahahhahha

  12. Very well said, Lilian! I wonder why it has to wait till 15 April, is almost a month from now. Really eagle to see anything happening soon. And I like you wish for 1 April. Hahaha! 🙂
    Good post.

  13. i am so proud to be a malaysian now..finally we have spoken up for ourself and the future generations, parents may be immigrant but after fifty years of beiin malaysian umno still call them pendatang and second class citizen…but now the childrens and grandchildrens are asking for equality cause we are more than willing to fight and die for a united Malaysia.

  14. Good article Lilian…

    I went to the Malaysia Kini website and laughed my head off when I read this:

    “Semasa Umno menjadi kerajaan negeri dahulu, mereka kena upah baru datang,” katanya ketika dihubungi hari ini.”

    Now we have evidence.. if a group of people from Umno have a demo and got problem come up.. you can catch the those leaders for hiring people to buat kacau.

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