Malaysia Information Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek to dialogue with bloggers

I just heard on RTM 1 berita perdana the Malaysia Information Minister, Dato’ Ahmad Shabery Cheek intention of engaging political bloggers in dialogues.

And I want to ask, “Betul kah ni?”

‘Cos political bloggers are all either :

1) From DAP, PAS and PKR

2) pro-DAP, PAS and PKR

Jadi, Menteri Penerangan Dato’ Ahmad Shabery Cheek, macam ni lah. Hire me to write paid post or advertorial with pro-Barisan Nasional sentiments. I gerenti you 5,000 page impressions daily, #1 page on Google, Yahoo and Live MSN.

I also propose – Hire me to give blogging lessons on RTM 1 and RTM 2. I can speak BM. Terror punya BM. Kesemua makciks, pakciks, neneks, datuks semua pun boleh blog.

Janji bayaran lumayan. Satu bungalow sebesar Dato’ Zakaria, lesen untuk buka sekolah blog di seluruh Malaysia dan sekeping tanah.

Saya boleh ajar mat rempits blog. Saya boleh ajar minah ‘We love Pak Lah’ blog. Saya boleh ajar Kak Pidah blog. Cam na? On?

And just to flashback…..we deeply miss our previous Mis-Information Minister, Datuk Zainuddin Maidin aka Zam and hence, I wish to put the video of the previous Information Minister youtube video :

18 thoughts on “Malaysia Information Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek to dialogue with bloggers

  1. pablo – Dis wan call tandas baru. San see hang in Cantonese, hor? Still wet behind the ears, so full of hot air and ideals. Like they don’t know who make up this world call ‘bloggers’. Mimpi lah wei! Hahaha.

    kew – iNoted.

  2. I saw the news too and immediately, I was wondering 5xmom will definitely write something about it. Memang blogger no. 1. You sure in the list of names that AS Cheek wanna jumpa.

  3. What came of Khairy’s “blog” and the site that Pak Lah set up the week before the elections btw? I can’t even remeember the addresses 😛

  4. So he wants us all to gather gather with him? Reminds me of something:

    “Where am I?”
    “In the Village.”
    “What do you want?”
    “Whose side are you on?”
    “That would be telling…. We want information. Information! INFORMATION!”
    “You won’t get it.”
    “By hook or by crook, we will.”
    “Who are you?”
    “The new Number Two.”
    “Who is Number One?”
    “You are Number Six.”
    “I am not a number — I am a free man!”

  5. I think.. I think… I think…. It’s a victory to all bloggers!!!!
    Our Pak Lah has ‘accidentally’ recognise the importance of blogs but unfortunately it’s true, most bloggers are pro-DAP, PKR & PAS. So what’s there to chat about?

  6. the problem wit u bloggers is that u tend to act to be smart on everything. sometimes bloggers can just be so sickening.

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