My #2 son usually walks home after getting down at the bus-stop. Along the way, he crosses the flyover on Jalan Air Itam near the state mosque. So, there were lots of election posters earlier. He asked me if I want him to bring home one huge banner of the Penang CM’s face (when he was campaigning for the election, i.e. before he is a CM) and hang in my bedroom since I never stop writing about him.

BTW, my dear hubby actually took the trouble to remove the DAP election banners and posters from our taman because I think the contractor/workers from DAP party must have missed our taman. DAP came for a ceramah before the election so there are lots of them surrounding the basketball court. He brought home a DAP flag and now hangs it in our home. LOL, we are DAP cult followers.

Anyway, back to the story. This afternoon, the CM came to our church and this is the first time my #2 son sees him in person. On our way home, we had this conversation in the car.

#2 son : Eh, the CM looks so much older in real life compared to his photos.

Me : Sure lah, those election posters all don’t how much photoshop touch-ups already. Or maybe they use some photos taken years ago.

#2 son : No, I mean those photos you took recently. (yeah, I got close-up shots of the CM, die hard fan mah)

Me : You know hor, the CM is the same age as your father. But papa looks so much younger hor?

#2 son : How come hor?

Me : Chey…your papa lucky mah….His wife, The 5xmom, expert wan…..

#2 son : No lah, maybe all those fumes from our shits when we were babies. You know lah, he said he always wash our butts when we shit.

Me & him : LOL, yayayaya, secrets to looking young. Smell your baby’s shit fumes often.

Me : But wait, I read somewhere, the CM said he was a house husband after he came out of ISA and he also got jaga anak. So must be the politics.