Jeff Ooi the blogger, Jeff Ooi the MP

The above is a video of Jeff’s singing. I have another video of his speech but that is not uploaded to Youtube yet.

I went to the appreciation dinner given to the campaign workers who helped in the Jelutong DAP constituency earlier in the evening. Jeff Ooi is the Member of Parliament for Jelutong and Malaysia’s first blogger turned politician.

When I got there, I told Jeff, “Hey, the last time I took photo with you, it was a blogger with a blogger. Now, it is a blogger and a MP.” Of course, Jeff is very humble and said he is still the same Jeff Ooi the blogger.


The above photo is taken on 10th March 2007 in KL at the Together Gather Bloggers Party.

And here’s a collage of the photo taken today. I make it small-small so that I look slimmer. LOL.

Jeff Ooi DAP

And in case you wonder how come I seem to be gate-crashing every DAP’s thanksgiving or appreciation dinner in every constituency….. (the last one was with the CM/ADun for Air Puteh)

I femes lah, you don’t know meh? Hehehe, no lah, actually one of Jeff’s dedicated campaign worker invited me. Thanks F.F.!

I made a lot of observations on politics and the regular rakyats. Things are so much different now, especially in Penang. I have plenty to write on the good vibes I feel. But now, I must go to sleep because we have choir on Easter morning!

8 thoughts on “Jeff Ooi the blogger, Jeff Ooi the MP

  1. Happy Easter! And keep reporting to us what’s Penang up to after the elections. I do hope it will be a model state (including Selangor, Perak and Kedah) with good governance 😀

  2. Eh? You told me you like going to these dinners because there was free food???? Bwahahahaha!!!

  3. *throws hard boiled Easter eggs at Terence, one go right into his mouth. Terence cannot talk anymore*

    pablo – Ya, that’s what the politicians are telling us, “You Penangites will be the role model for all the other states.
    We have to show our unity and forge ahead with the new Government. Let’s show to the country Malaysia that we are first class citizens.” Ok, it is something like that lah…*claps please*

  4. … Penang Kias United … STOP THROWING RUBBISH everywhere and whenever you like … Bring back the shine to “PEARL OF THE ORIENT” … maybe we need another Mother of all Rallies at Han Chiang and asked Jeff to shout out aloud … That should be the first target …
    Without Rubbish … No clogging means no FLASH FLOOD la … Eaa Boe Penang LangS …

  5. Oooo Lilian, you really look pretty in that dress. Really a honour to be able to take photo with our taikor blogger. Tat will only increase my determination to blog even more and be as accomplished as you one day! Hehehe… you’re rite! you really femes la!

  6. Hi mom (5x), I think you are one great gal, down to earth two feet firmly on the ground too. Hang in there and one day you will see your Big Boss.

  7. u r welcome and many many thank you for your kind attendance. keep in touch , and i hv “inserted” your contact under the “volunteers” database this morning .. take care.

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