Our Government love for bloggers

Within a day, bloggers get two limelights….

First, the Youth and Sports Ministry said :

Ministry To Set Up Blog To Be Close To Youths
BERA, March 23 (Bernama) — The Youth and Sports Ministry will have its own blogsite soon in an effort to be close to and interact with the nation’s youths. Its minister, Datuk Ismail Sabri Yaacob said the move was made in view of the popularity of blogs among youths as a channel of information.

He said the existence of blogs should not be taken lightly as they had been effective in influencing voters to vote for the opposition in the recent general election.

“If we continue to rubbish the blogs, I am worried that it will one day take over the role of the mainstream newspapers,” he told reporters after a function to celebrate his appointment as Youth and Sports Minister at the Rakan Muda Complex, near here, Saturday night.


And the Information Ministry had gone ahead and had ‘dialogue’ with bloggers.

Shabery Prepared To Recognise Bloggers’ Role

KUALA LUMPUR, March 22 (Bernama) — Bloggers in Malaysia describe the willingness of Information Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek to meet with them as a recognition of the role played by the cyber community in the country. (Bernama)

Statistics from the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) showed that 13.5 million people or 47.8 per cent of the Malaysian population of 28.29 million used the internet last year which proved that the cyber space had a high audience coverage.

And I have to say….

Awww….we bloggers feel so loved. Let’s have a look at Alexa stats (not totally accurate but for comparison only).


The red line is my blog. The greenish one is JeffOoi. And the errm….that blue one is the ‘bloggers in Malaysia’ mentioned above. (the blue line is barely noticeable cos it is at the bottom of the line) Need I say more?


12 thoughts on “Our Government love for bloggers

  1. Ministers like to eat their own/colleagues words. What crap!!! First they condemn they now they follow the bandwagon.

    Woi! Pak Lah, you sure you don’t wanna hire political ANALyst ar? Email me lah.

  2. No. 1 – A blog is written by individuals, not a Ministry. I wonder whether he meant Website – more of an official information portal.

    No. 2 – Yeah, the other one also never heard before and both are not socio-political bloggers per se. Quite obvious he dare not invite prominent socio-political bloggers for a dialogue or he will learn the “hard truths” about what kind of tsunami his colleagues kena. As mentioned earlier, you don’t meet with bloggers. You engage them on the net – through comments and blogs. You win over them through your views and opinions. Kanasai! Not through some dodgy sounding forum or dialogue.

  3. Official website also ‘kau erm tim’ some more wana blog…

    Website update every Quarter. Blog leh? Update every 6months?

  4. No la we only BUY cheap Air Tickets je … Wah lau when i heard that joker lost horrr … I so APPI bcos he was thinking eSPi he sure menang wannn … haha my 2 votes i make very very sure on keADILan … still shiok when i think of it …
    P/S I nearly wann to draw 2 tickets on the ZAM ala Kazam face of my vote for MP eSPi …

  5. Lilian… quick quick… go offer your training services… got chance now… hehe…

    Now the Mat Rempits will start to blog…

    “Err… hari ini, gua rempit dari Jalan Perak ke Jalan Tun Sambathan, elak polis 5 kali.. cetak rekod… sempoi…. “

  6. kew – LOL, they offer me money I oso won’t do. I’d prefer go give free coaching for all the aunties and uncles if ruling parties in Penang wants to hold community classes. Those Mat Rempits only interested in gambar seks. Hehehe.

    Agnes – Yeah, hire a consultative panel to plan, hire some expensive company to set up and hire more people to maintain. 6 months later, sudah neglected.

    BEH – So you keat tah gu lah? Wuah, same constituency as Zam ah?

    dory – They all hangat-hangat tahi ayam only, tok kok pandai.

    pablo – Yalor, this morning when I see the blog mentioned, I fast fast go Google and spy. WTF, they label that as bloggers in Malaysia. Like that, I become what ah? Blogger goddess liao lor.

    terence – Niamah betul, right? And it is our money they are using. Nay….like that Warkah Untuk PM? Still ended up in Warkah untuk 5xmom site. Nay…that Khairy Jamaluddin website? Still end up 5xmom blogs. And talking about that Curry, you go see his site lah. Damn egoistic lah. Got video about him winning the election worrrrrrr….

  7. like that also can? they finally know the impact of bloggers leh??to think that we bloggers blog about rubbish actually have a great influence towards our country’s election..
    funny govt we have i shall say..hmm.

  8. lol… Now the BN gov wanna play nice with bloggers after condemning bloggers as a nuisance… Like how they try to win over the mat rempits by portraying them as mat cemerlangs? Dream on I say… Blogs are one place where Freedom Of Speech is guaranteed… which Malaysia will never be as long as BN is the government!

  9. It’s time to give appreciation and overdue recognition to the bloggers… n i’m happy that i haf jus joined the group to promote FREE speech in the country. Wahseh… a sudden sense of patriotism felt in my heart… Hehehe

  10. Ah Lian ,,, he run away from Merbok to come and get my precious vote la … But i love the fair Blue Eye la not the Tak Imbang Chienn piow … Still feeling shiok la when i think of Zam … LOL

  11. They have problems to maintain their own websites.. talking about blog ? huh` I doubt … do they really understand the spirit of blogging? Auntie Lilian , they are s-tiu-pig farnie hio?

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