Wait a minute, isn’t the Sultan of Terengganu also our DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong?

Something just occured to me. Isn’t the Sultan of Terengganu also our DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong? So, aren’t the King’s words and decisions to be taken as final? Someone enlighten me?

Therefore, if I am right, isn’t the whole of UMNO being considered defying the King’s command? I just heard that the MB which the Sultan of Terengganu appointed had been sacked from UMNO because he is not the candidate chosen by UMNO.

Kijal assemblyperson Ahmad Said receives his appointment letter from the palace but the appointment is put under quandary following his sacking from Umno.


And then, the 21 state assemblymen boycotted the swearing in ceremony which has now been postponed.

I see this as a grave show of disrespect to our King.

And what happened to those loud mouths from UMNO who threw their abuses when Lim Kit Siang said he planned (only plan) to get DAP to boycott the ceremony? Now, aren’t they doing something that is 10 times worse? They even proudly appeared on the front page of the media with their defiance.

Lim Kit Siang eventually withdrew the boycott plan and he apologised to the Regent of Perak. Lim Kit Siang explained the reasons why he did it. In my understanding, Lim Kit Siang was caught in a situation where he wanted to show loyalty to the Sultan and yet, he has the huge masses of Chinese voters who have a phobia of PAS ruling. You cannot blame these Chinese labourers, hawkers, laymen because all of us had been fed the wrong kind of news by the mainstream media for so long. The unknown fears have been embedded in our sub-conscious minds. So, the leader has to take the brave step of making his point heard at the expense of his own head. Good thing everything is solved now.

But this boycott and sacking of the MB appointed by the Sultan is 10 times worse. It is carried out intentionally by so many people. Even after the MB has been appointed, the UMNO leader, i.e. Pak Lah dare to sack the candidate. Didn’t Pak Lah already get the subliminal messages the ruler of each state, ie the Sultans are sending to him? This is what I failed to get it. The message is so clear.

Do all these make sense to you? It doesn’t make sense to me. I am confused. You can read what Aisehman said on this issue which explains what puzzled me, quote taken from Aisehman:

He’s (the Sultan) sick and tired that people like KJ and Patrick Lim (aka Patrick Badawi, who is now in deep shit as his Penang projects look like they will be shelved) are running riot all over the place while Idris Jusoh the running dog does and can do nothing much but merely rub himself against their ankles.

So, let me watch this Why MCA video from Comedy Court.

“Now we all bang balls! Opposition has won.” Damn, I love Comedy Court so much the next time I go to KL, someone better bring me watch their shows live, hor?

This is Patrick Lim photo because people wants gambar Patrick Lim.

gambar patrick lim aka patrick badawi photo

31 thoughts on “Wait a minute, isn’t the Sultan of Terengganu also our DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong?

  1. that time… utusan published big big…. dap biadap… what about now? this is the absolute lawlessness i am talking about. they think they are above the law. getting only 140 seats and yet to learn their lesson.

  2. The Agong is the Agong. The state is now being lead by his prince, a very young prince. The prince is being advised by several advisers. But I guess, the Agong also got say in some issues lah.

    If you had posted this earlier. I would have asked him personally if he had anything to do with this. He was also at the same place where I had my holidays. LOL.

  3. terence – I lagi confuse. Our Agong is already young. Young prince? You see hor, how screwed our mainstream media is? We know the faces of the BN running woof-woof but we do not know who are our rulers. Got people say, eh, the Agong not from Perlis meh? See how much our mainstream media has failed to inform us? Cilaka, stop boasting can ah? You think I believe you talked to the Agong ah? Tiu, got ask for a Datuk title for me or not ah?

    kew – They got no shame wan. Like the Penang protest and Selangor and Perak protest? Hishamuddin said it is not the works of the UMNO Youth. But it is those monkeys on the road who said they are defending as UMNO. Where is their integrity and leadership qualities?

  4. The current Sultan was elected as the 13th Yang di-Pertuan Agong or King of Malaysia. As per the Malaysian constitution and the State constitution, the King cannot reign both as the Head of State of the federation and as ruling monarch of his state. During his tenure as King of Malaysia the state ruler appoints a Regent to rule in his place. The Regent (Pemangku Raja) of Terengganu is now the King’s eldest son, Tengku (Prince) Muhammad Ismail. As he is not yet of age suitable for the post (being only eight years old), the Prince co-reigns with the three-member Regency Advisory Council (Majlis Penasihat Pemangku Raja) headed by Raja Tengku Baderulzaman (the King’s younger brother) as dictated by syarat (2) Fasal 16 AA Undang-Undang Bagi Diri Kerajaan Terengganu (Bab Yang Kedua) under the state constitution.

    Where got boast??? Really one. Datukship is over rated and bullshit lah.

  5. You need to fix your English language. Why don’t you just write in Bahasa Malaysia? Wouldn’t it be easier? What’s wrong with our national language? Don’t you like our national language?

    I worship Terence everyday. Terence is the most handsome. I am an asshole, my mother should have gave birth to a char siew.

  6. mamamia – Why don’t you fix your own kain? Bugger off.

    Terence – Mana lu kopi and paste from ah? Pls tiu the above. Get to work, will you?

  7. Lilian, I luv ur ‘boycott the local newspaper’ jpg. Can i save n put it on my blog as well??? Just a suggestion. You are free to say NO to me πŸ™‚ Thanks.

  8. wizurye – I didn’t do that. It is from liyindesign, check my Boycott page or click on the pic for her URL. Please give credit to Liyin. And feel free to take it.

    terence – Terima kasut, Tuan. BWAHAHAHA…mamamia, you got pwnd.

  9. Terence is correct, correct, correct..tho initially I thought the Regent was only 11 years old. Anyway, this is not surprising from the overly confident and gangster-like UMNO members. Of course, the spin which will come from them this time is that Idris is the people’s / popular choice amongst all / majority of the Assemblyman and therefore, the Palace has no business interfering (which in a way, is not wrong). But they fail to realise that the Constitution gives the final say to the Palace.

    This boycott and stripping of the new MB’s membership is sheer defiance to the Palace. It speaks VOLUMES of how united UMNO is right now.

  10. BN in power ma … so what they do is Korek Korek Korek wan … DAP does wan semua BIadap wan , aiyah you ppl not Msians meh this wan simple simple also dunno … thats why GE ~ WE Msians give them kick but alas like we kick not hard enough la … Come on my Sabah & Swak broS and sisS > Time to think hard …WE NEED YOUR KICK TOO !!!

  11. I was thinking about this as well. Weren’t UMNO holding protests against the opposition because they “disrespected” the Sultan of Perak and insisted that only a public apology by Uncle Kit would suffice?

  12. I believe everything is working very well. All we need is for the Sultan to appoint another individual other than Idris as MB and he will again be sacked from UMNO. Do that another 5 times and we have another BR state joining the ranks of Penang, Kedah, Selangor, Perak and Kelantan!

  13. Lilian, everything you said here all sooo true. dunno whats going on here lor… kan kan kan… grr…

  14. Jen – The owner of the blog has taken off the post and I cannot find it in Google cache either. But am I right that he was said to have committed rape and there was a police report made against him 11 years ago? Aiyerr….tak mau tau lah…LOL

    kuE – Yalor, menyampah betul with the UMNO cos terang-terang they staged protests in Penang, Perak and Selangor and yet, Hishamuddin said it wasn’t UMNO Youth. Then who lah? Pak Lah’s directive?

    Laugoo – Then we all sit back and watch sandiwara, free of charge.

    Tim Teoh – Exactly….they are damn obstinate. Like snake with fork tongue. That’s why I am so pissed with them. When LKS merely mention on his blog, they acted like it is the end of the world. Yet, they do exactly the same thing.

    BEH – How nice if Sabah and Sarawak all jump ship. Then, really fun lor.

    whispering9 – Tks. πŸ™‚

    pablo – Correct correct correct. The top leader is still not saying or doing anything to stop this protest sana, protest sini. And the UMNO members even protested in front of the istana and yet, nothing is done to them. Yet, do you remember they whack PAS members and then, put up a bounty for each heads just because some Malaysian flag was purportedly burnt. Where is the justice?

  15. I have a friend in perlis who said shahidan’s supporters rammed their car into the raja perlis palace gate, and how biadap is that ha? but yet u won’t get to read this kind of things in the paper. pak lah pulak buat dungu tak tau apa apa…protest ka, burn flag ka, semua he buat dungu. but LGE make 1 statement abt NEP he lompat like damn monyet kena api. menyampah!

  16. Hmmm… yah hor… so, how ah??

    Actually I think hor, the King cannot get involved in politics right.. so, technically, he cannot campur adok la.. but if that Idris fella offended him, err, of course, he can do something la… Maybe this Idris fella eksyen with the Sultan dulu? Hmmm…. the plot maciam Dynasty! Hehehehehe…. Yippeee… got saga to watch!

    Sigh… this whole election drama is getting out of hand already…. In my opinion, I should think Badawi should just step down gracefully la. Make problem!

  17. Lilian, thanks a million for your blog πŸ™‚ You vellly farnee lah…

    I’ve learnt so much from your blog hoh in the last month than I have from the last 10yrs reading the stoopid mainstream newspapers!

    Kanesai,niamah (thank u for teaching me these colourful words.. hehehe) that Wong ‘Kiss-ass’ Cun Wai! Stop writing those ass-kissing, serong commentaries and stop telling ppl you’re Christian! Liar-liar pants on fire ;P

    TERENCE says: You can call Wong anything you want but DO NOT drag religion in. Thank you.

  18. abdullah even kick the kijal assemblyman out of the meeting eh…

    hey lilian since u are the big fan of Lim Guan Eng, can u ask him what he is going to do with the Rumah Tetamu since he’s not going to stay there? hehe…;-P

  19. What we need now is for all the assemblymen to resign as sign of protest and then have a by-election and then let PAS takeover the state! HAH! No need to tussle over the MB post. Just hand it over to PAS.

    Ceh. Umno-idiots and their double standards and power craze.

  20. Oh, by the way, in response to yo’s question about the Rumah Tetamu in Penang, I heard it was so rundown and in such poor conditions, LGE didn’t want to waste government money sprucing it up. He is probably still trying to figure out what to do with it.

  21. Rumah Tetamu in Penang can be converted to be a high class hotel? Something like that Carcosa thing la.. serve all the ang moh makan… scones with clotted cream and jam… Sure make money for the state!

  22. Sorry Terence πŸ™ Din mean to buat pasal..

    Just frustrated being a Christian and seeing ppl carry a big huge umbrella announcing their allegiance my faith but don’t live up to the talk. Talk the talk only when you can walk the walk…

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