Malaysian Dreamgirl winner

Updated : 29 April 2008

Cindy Tey is the winner of Malaysian Dreamgirls

Bwahahaha…..bitch fight online. But not enough chillies. Not like that what-what Malaysia Most Beautiful Bitches show on 8TV.

What’s wrong with Malaysian Dreamgirl? Too fake. Those old ladies ex-models are trying to be that America Next Top Model what’s-her-name with Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell rolled in together. FAKE FAKE FAKE.

And it is even FAKER (if there is ever such a word) with the contestants.

How did I hear about Malaysian Dreamgirl? Nay, from that Shadowfox lor. I think if Malaysian Dreamgirl wants to really make their reality tv show rocks, they must have real critics like Shadowfox. Not those bunch of judges who are always so fake with their comments. Listen oso sienz, wei.

But having said that, I do like a few girls and hope they made it through.

Fiqa, Adeline, Jay, Hanis and my most favourite – Valerie. I like her East Malaysian slang and she is natural. Eventhough Hanis cannot speak much English, at least she doesn’t try to be fake about it. I think if the Malay media got hold of her, she will get a lot of votes from the masses.

(vote Vale)

The rest of the girls? Blek. I watch Malaysian Dreamgirl because I have watched two hours of Tom and Jerry and I still have plenty of time. I cannot wait to see the likes of Nadia getting voted out. I am waiting for them to crank the bitch factor a few notches up. Eh, wanna bitch, tell us the names of the problematic girls lah. Show us some real bitch fights and not just hinting, hinting every episode.

I am wondering if they are going to throw a few dentists inside as sponsors and give the girls a smile makeover. Nay, give them some braces, teeth whitening and a total celebrity sexy smile.

I wonder if they are going to find some judges that are worth our time? Please lah, the current batch have no judging qualities. They are always, butter, butter, butter and then, apologetically reject. I want Simon Cowell or at least Paul Moss. This is a reality show, not some kindergarten concert.

Again, I hope Valerie become the Malaysian Dreamgirl winner. Too bad Jean left the show. If you have money to throw, vote for Valerie. She doesn’t have the pretty model face but the kind which can carry off many kind of roles. Still, I think dentists should be one of the sponsors for Malaysian Dreamgirl. They need some smile makeover. Serious.

Now, I shall leave my male readers to say what I dare not say. Muahahahar….

24 thoughts on “Malaysian Dreamgirl winner

  1. lol..i really think shadowfox should be one of the judges..i really love his comments..i guess there’ll be bitch fight soon..i heard that that girl,Nadia, is trying to poison everyone to hate this one contestant…let see how it goes..

  2. Usually I can watch fake shows also one. Such as WWE.
    But MDG ah… Horrible directing lah. Got echo here and there… Cut scenes are not clear enough to explain any situation, the host is also never seen, the girls always look either crying or happy only.

    The dream house almost never seen much of it also.


  3. Dream??? What dream??? Not even close to a wet dream. Ask all of them to dream on lah.

    You actually wasted your precious time watching that??!!! Watch wet concrete dry better. Ptui!!!

  4. n305er – Yalor the video all so charn wan. Dunno rush want to go where, never complete sentence also. Never let the girls personality shine through, so end up dunno who da fark they are referring to.

    bryan – This one work in progress jek. Timing it early so that last last can direct sai all trapik masuk sini.

    Auddra – Yalor, they should hire Shadowfox hor?

    kew – Hahaha, very apt.

  5. Byran – Page two liao. Wuah, soon will be #1. They better pay me kamsen or else I kasi direct to elsewhere like Pak Lah’s site.

  6. terence – HOI! You don’t be so cruel lah. Kesian those sweet girls there. Hehehe, I write not because I like to watch lah. I write because nay….see what I told Bryan?

  7. owhmegawd! disguise to the female society! making themselves cheap!

    tak cun la they all. i rather watch channel 703!

  8. I like Fiqa too! This whole Malaysian Dreamgirl thing is just so bland. Not much shown to us at all, every time it’s just talking, talking, talking without any action. I’ll watch re-runs of America’s Next Top Model any day!

  9. suanie – LOL. But really lah, since they call it Malaysian, then must have more Malaysian flavour inside hor? Like eating a whole spoon of sambal belacan ala Fear Factor. Hahaha.

    Ren Nee – Yalor, if they show for free, then ok lah. But they want the voters’ sms-es money so must give more ‘meat’ mah, right?

    azhan – Hanis is sweet lah, you tak minat kah?

  10. hey… NICE BLOG!!! you’re real!! you and vale can go along!! Go go go!!! KEEP VOTING FOR VALE!!! why? Because she’s original!!! yeah!

  11. I donno why these girls bother dreaming about being the Dreamgirl. What’s the fuss about being a Dreamgirl anyway? Perhaps gua sudah lao liao and married with 2 kids. So, I don’t really get all that excited about Dreamgirls šŸ˜‰

  12. Hm… There’s something about Valerie I must say. To be honest, she got my attention throughout the show, besides Ringo who in my opinion is cute, but I got the wind that she’s pretentious, being a man myself I’m very lousy to detect fake smiles. Anyway, benefit of the doubt.

    Valerie, what can I say, her accent turn me on! Exotic and so cool! I would still vote for her if she still has her fuzzy hair!

  13. do not judge a book by its cover, valerie likable? natural?..hmmm…if only you know her….
    anyway,i don’t think she could make it..the next 1 to be out,just my bold guess.btw,i always enjoy reading your posts ..cheers!

  14. hye..! thank u so much for everything. šŸ™‚ to ling and krazl or anyone else… it’s forgivable to judge as you do not know me and you are entitled to your own opinion. it’s a lingerie shoot. everyone had fillets on. don’t have to mock. we are on volatile ground. don’t end up eating your own words.

    šŸ™‚ thank you again for the nice cover and the good comments.

  15. šŸ˜† Adealine is great even though she only won the 1st runner up. i really want to be her fan…..adealine…gv all yo best in everything u do ya…..gambateh kudasai….

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