Terengganu MCA Youth – Lu manyak por lam pah

Let me refresh some memories. Terengganu MCA Youth is part of Barisan Nasional. BN aka UMNO is in some dire straits because of the challenge from the Palace. I read from Malim Imtiaz blog that one of the problem that the Sultan of Terengganu take into consideration is Idris Jusoh’s previous management of the Batu Burok flag burning incident. So, the Sultan picked another candidate Ahmad Said to be the MB. (malik imtiaz old blogpost on the flag burning
and also his latest post on the Terengganu MB issue.)

What about the Batu Burok flag burning? Police brutality. A group of youth, out of defiance, is purportedly claimed to burn the Malaysia flags. Police whacked them and they were shown on the media. Some of them escaped. I hope bloggers still remember the sandiwara from our Government regarding the flag burning issue. They acted like a woman being molested and scream rape over the media. You and I know that they were merely trying to stuff shits to PAS, which they put the blame on.

So, MCA Youth of Terengganu along with UMNO Youth paid a bounty for these guys. I have an old post on my thoughts here.

RM8,000 reward for info on flag-burner

KUALA TERENGGANU: The Terengganu MCA Youth wing is offering RM3,000, on top of the RM5,000 put up by the state Umno Youth, as reward for information leading to the arrest of the person who burned the national flag during Saturday’s riot at Batu Burok.

State MCA Youth secretary Toh Seng Cheng said the wing was perturbed by the act of torching the Jalur Gemilang and was eager to see the culprit brought to book.

The state Gerakan and MIC have also pledged contributions to the reward money.

(The Star 15th September 2007)

So, you see, it was a very clear indication that MCA Youth was supportive of the stupid act of ‘Chinese paying money to catch Malays’ (as I see it) to show their support for Barisan Nasional and Idris Jusoh.

Yet, yesterday over TV3 this same group of Terengganu MCA Youth has shifted their winds. They were standing at Ahmad Said’s press conference, waving proudly, a huge banner that said they support Ahmad Said. Everytime the TV camera focused on them, all will lift up the banner and wave their hands.

To them, I say ptui! Chinese hor, even if very poor or half dead, must have principles. Where is your party principle? If you are a real tai nam yan (jantan/male), you have to support your Barisan Nasional leader, Pak Lah. That’s where you belong. You are MCA, part of the Barisan Nasional umbrella, go stand in Pak Lah’s shade if you are really a man. Not be spineless, lame-dog who carry the balls of the one that matters most, i.e. this case, the candidate chosen by the Sultan. We talk principle here, you all no principle. Geddit it?

And that, my dear readers show what a crappy coalition Barisan Nasional is nowadays.

BTW, In case you do not know, our dear and beloved Prime Minister’s website for the rakyat sudah bungkus. Warkah Untuk PM sudah hilang. After they spent dunno how much on advertisements and setting up the site…..

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  1. Yakah? I thought I read in the papers yesterday that MCA Terengganu fully sapot Pak Lah and Idris. Either my memory failed me or these fellas change sapot as quickly as the monsoon winds blow.

  2. pablo – The MCA Youth division maybe got different views leh? And you seen the issues on ‘natang’? How true it is natang means binatang?

    klaw – LOL, ya, no lampar, so go carry others.

  3. While the oriental dragon has always be depicted to be chasing after a luminous glowing pearl, this particular group of M’sian ‘descendants of the dragon’ prefers to chase after balls

  4. These ppl all dont any title like Latuk or Tan Sili yet ma Ah Lian so TST la why this ppl in MCA.This ppl own Lam Par also nearly no more so must get and carry someone Lam Par lorr … PHTUUUUUI useless idiots all

  5. not whack with baton only….live bullets also fired and injured 2 or 3 person…how to tolerate?

  6. 8 Comments »
    Ven. Phra Piya Thammo,
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    Dear Devotees,
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    Then, I told to the lawyer (YIP KUM FOOK) that the chief monk came to Penang and fetch me and invited me to accompany him to go to his temple in K.L. I am not aware that YIP KUM FOOK is not in a good terms with the chief monk, chief monk already in this way, YIP KUM FOOK try to create trouble with me unnecessary. That is why, the lawyer want to chase me out of the Temple. Then I asked the lawyer, why you want to chase me out of the temple? Moreover, the Temple is not belonging to you, UNDERSATAND? Then, I asked him, who are you? I don’t know you at all, you have no right to chase me or control me at all, UNDERSTAND? You are just like a layman only. Do you know the regulations that any the chairman or committee cannot control the monks and the Nuns at all, also UNDERSTAND?
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  7. liew said:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    May be he(Yip) don’t know what the Buddha, if he know may be he is do like that, the Buddhist monks are students from Buddha times until today but students of Buddha have done well and done bad and but when they created good or bad they will response

    But not only this Datuk Yip come to advise them, all the monks have their teachers(Masters) and their monastry to resident, this Datuk Yip kum Fook unmindfulness or may be he proud in himself because he thought(think) he is Datuk

    Many people are very angry when go to read this article by Myanmar people and some said if my country(Myanmar) this Datuk Yip will people put fire on his house because so very dirty human
    .-March 20th, 2010 at 9:24 am

  8. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Hey!, I am staying at Kepong, Kuala Lumpur and I read some of news about Buddhist monks from Myanmar who resident of Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur. That when I go to that news my mind is very sad or less of energy because why (MCA Chairman Gombak)Datuk Yip kum Fook President of Buddhist Temple so mind very low and dirty.

    Sanghas(Buddhist monks) are behalf of Buddha and Sanghas do as Buddha work because passed way to attained highest Nirvana(Nibbana) about 2500 years ago in India. Today we can see only Sanghas here and there or do their duty for continue of Buddhist teaching, also all the Sanghas, they have their society or group, if any monks mistake, all of us available to complaint to their head leaders

    Malaysia is more the other religions, when we are Buddhist to do anythings must very careful, this is very important, this Datuk Yip Kum Fook want to make Buddhist short age because he and his teams came temple to removed some monks out from Temple, I heard some monks needed to go out immediately because his teams and police are very strong.

    Why Datuk Yip Kum Fook not think to correctly before done somethings, may be he unmindfulness or loose memory, I heard the Datuk Yip is Senator, Lawyer, chairman of MCA but his mind is very normal, also may be somethings inside there.

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