Who reads my blog?

OMG, my two brothers! And my sisters and nephews and nieces and in-laws…..

OK, I give you a little background info. I am that ‘accident’ last kid in the family. My four siblings, comprising two brothers and two sisters were between 14 years to 10 years older than me. So, growing up was pretty much on my own because by then, they were either working or married.

That’s why I am such an independent, fiery, rebellious, ‘die-oso-die as long as I get to say and do what I want’ kinda person because I have never been curbed with strict family rules. But of course lah, I turned out ok because somehow or other my father’s strict principles as a respected teacher had rubbed off my brothers and sisters who in turned rub off on me. My father died when I was seven years old, you see.

And my second bro who works in the civil service left this comment :

Little sis, you now terror. You reasoned like Bertrand Russel. Atta girl !

Doh, I have never heard of Bertrand Russel until now. Ok, ok, now I know ‘cos there is Wikepedia.

Meanwhile, my eldest bro had warned me, “Eh, when you blog, you be careful hor?” And I told him, “Never mind wannn….whatever I quoted, I grab from the media, I don’t create my own story. (only my own opinions)”

Last night, I stumbled on this piece written by Lim Kit Siang in December 1998. It was a father’s lament for his missing son who had to spend three birthdays and three Christmases in jail. Actually someone was looking for Lim Guan Eng’s birthday (it is 8th December 1960 for the kepochees out there) and I back-tracked the searches and found this old-old piece which is 10 years old. I think even Lim Kit Siang must have forgotten about that piece he wrote and I wonder if Lim Guan Eng even knows about it. But do read it, everyone.

There is a beautiful poem written by someone. Although it was dedicated to Lim Guan Eng, I think today, it serves to remind us that there are still so many of these prisoners in ISA who needs our prayers and our action. We must demand that the Government release the Hindraf 5 because of the inhumane treatment in ISA and also the injustice. This whole Terengganu MB fiasco revealed to us how ugly injustice is in our country. There is no law, only BN final say.

Also do read this piece found on the Malaysian Bar where some lawyers visited the ISA detainees.

11 thoughts on “Who reads my blog?

  1. Ah….you finally found the Bar website link. Yes, ISA is not used to deter people who are a threat to the nation. It is used as a political tool by whoever that is in power i.e. the PM. Did he use them against any of those who demonstrated on the streets (the leaders who led the demonstration) demanding Malay rights not unlike Hindraf’s demands? Talk about double-standards and hypocrisy!

    Many a times I shake my head in disbelief when people still think that this piece of law called ISA actually serves its purposes and is being used judiciously. But then again, many people are brain-washed in this country.

  2. I almost shed a tear reading Kit Siang’s article. But the poem’s prediction was true:

    A day of hope, justice
    will reign
    The prisoner will sing
    and the persecutor will
    be put to shame

    God bless you, Guan Eng.

  3. Wah, so ngam! My cousin emailed and asked me some tech questions and told me he is a reader of my blog but when I asked him does he know who really am I he said dunno.

    Now I’m still thinking whether wanna tell him I’m actually his cousin. Haha…

  4. Bryan, no need to tell him, it’s more fun that way šŸ˜‰

    I used to freak out when ppl told me they read my blog, now I don’t care. (Cis, wanted to type ‘farking care’… 5xmom’s bad influence :P)

  5. Lilian, I am new to blogs though I love to write. Got lots to learn for you somemore! Can you explain to me what is RSS feed? Why should you subscribe to it? Any benefit to our blogs? Thanks for your enlightenment! šŸ™‚

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