I notice that The Star is downplaying this statement made by Pak Lah that the cyberworld has won. The mainstream media has lost. Just look at the below statement and tell me if you don’t get the message loud and clear that Pak Lah said mainstream media tak relevan?

“I thank the Malaysian people for this message. Point well made and point taken,” he said Tuesday in his keynote address at the Invest Malaysia 2008 conference here.

During the last elections, we lost the cyberwar. The young people were looking at SMSes, Internet and other tools to get information. We did not think that it was important to respond to them. It was a serious misjudgment. It was a very serious mistake on our part.”

(quote taken from this sneaky post where the real message is cover-up by the mainstream media because they are afraid of losing advertising dollar)

Meanwhile, Malaysiakini said it louder :

Abdullah: Big mistake to ignore cyber-campaign
Mar 25, 08 2:45pm
Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today said his “biggest mistake” in disastrous elections was to ignore cyber-campaigning on the Internet which was seized by the opposition.


Tell these newspapers, we the consumers are the bosses. Boycott all newspapers this week and in particular, on April 1st.

As for the claim that the election was won by the opposition due to cyberwar, I must tell Pak Lah, “No, it is not the only reason. The Barisan Nasional lost the election because :

1) The increased numbers of poll observers (who are volunteers helping PKR, PAS, DAP) who made sure that there were no hanky-panky in the voting and counting;
2) We are super pissed with some of your people, namely Curry and gang;
3) We just want a change;
4) We enjoy retaliating because you stuffed too much shits to us using the mainstream media, which btw was paid with our money.

And Pak Lah, please sack your webmaster who manage your website warkah untuk PM. They are morons who cannot even get their links to direct properly. Sack them, hire me. Haven’t your webmaster heard of htaccess? *slaps forehead* (read the comments) I am very mad that the Government wasted so much money on advertising the warkah untuk PM in NST, The Star and other mainstream media. Those were full page, colour advertisements and I cannot imagine how much have been flushed down the toilet because the site is screwed. If you attended the mammoth ceramah in Han Chiang, Lim Kit Siang did bring out the full page advertisement of warkah untuk PM on NST and Lim Kit Siang said, “I wonder if Pak Lah even know how to surf the internet. Otherwise, how can he reply all those emails or warkah untuk PM?”

Again, mainstream media tak relevan lagi, Pak Lah hinted. Time for advertisers to head to blog and online advertising. Jeng, jeng, jeng……bright future ahead for bloggers. This week alone, I have five Nuffnang ads. *counting money liao*