National Union of the Teaching Profession (NUTP) – I say you are screwed

Below is the news from The Star. As a mother with school going children, I want to tell them that they are sending the wrong messages to our children. I am ashamed that teachers, a profession that I highly regard because my father was teacher, have these sort of mentality.

Teachers are teachers. They are the special group of people who are entrusted to teach our children. They teach without regard who is our State Government. It is a profession, not a political party. Do you get that in your head, Lim Ming Tzong @ Adam Alim Abdullah?

Our State Government, regardless of their political parties is to be respected because the citizens of Penang (or any other states) have unanimously voted them in. They are the one in power in the State of Penang. They make the decisions. They allocated the budgets for the schools. They take care of the wellbeing of ALL citizens in Penang. They don’t sideline those voters who voted for Barisan Nasional or not. So, how can you tell your teachers to boycott the State Government?

By giving out such orders, it shows what kind of morons are running the Ministry of Education, NUTP and other Barisan Nasional related organisation. You cannot send out these sort of messages to our children because they may think that it is fine to pick and choose whom they want to respect. They are free to diss and piss people as they wish. Do you get it, Lim Ming Tzong @ Adam Alim Abdullah?

Wednesday March 26, 2008
MYT 3:27:55 PM

Not compulsory for teachers to attend state functions


PENANG: No action will be taken against teachers who do not attend official functions organised by the new state government.

National Union of the Teaching Profession (NUTP) Penang branch Lim Ming Tzong @ Adam Alim Abdullah said teachers in Penang no longer needed to give explanation letters for failing to attend such functions.

He said the teachers were granted the “flexibility” since the state was no longer under the Barisan Nasional rule.

“A senior state Education Department official recently told school heads at a briefing that attendance was immaterial.

“But, those who plan to attend such functions are required to first inform their school heads about it,” he said Wednesday.

Previously, he said, disciplinary action would be taken against teachers who failed to provide reasonable excuses for not attending state-organised functions.

Lim advised teachers to use their discretion on whether to attend such functions, adding that those who did not would not be penalised.

By the way, I bet the Barisan Nasional parties are mighty sore that inspite of their fierce campaigning and even go as far as going to schools to woo the votes from the teachers, (well, that’s what my son told me, political parties in blue went to his classroom), they are still loser. It means – even the teachers are pissed with Barisan Nasional. Eat that, BN. You lose. And you are a sore loser.

And I am pissed because sore losers are now taking it out on our children. They are using our children as pwns. How am I going to explain to my kids about authority and power? That is is fine to diss and piss anyone they like? That their teachers now do not have to follow authority? That they can rot for the next four years? That it is alright to show insubordination? Argggh….I am so terribly pissed, my Hokkien cuss words are going to spew. I better stop here and send my views to Jeff Ooi. LOL.

Guess what a 15 year old student said about this? He said, “In other words, all the while the teachers were forced to attend whatever function like kids lah, right? Don’t go kena disciplinary action. So, now the teachers can suka-suka ponteng already. What a joke. Siao!”

Stupid or what?

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RUMUSAN CERITA from my son. He simplified the whole story because he said my post is too long :

NUTP controled by BN, BN dislike DAP winning penang, BN instruct NUTP to isolate penang school from penang government, school cannot request for fund raisers, renovation, events, donations. STUDENT/children suffer the side effect of BN being a sore loser. They take everyone down with them. Even the innocent

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  1. What a cheap below the belt shot! One of the virtues that distinguishes an honorable person from a low down thug is that no matter our differences WE NEVER involve the young and innocent in our battles. Shame on you!

  2. Err.. Shame the NUT Profession (NUTP) not Lilian.. just to clarify. Btw Ayam Back! I miss this site and couldn’t help but click on the link.

  3. hermanc – Exactly. I am really pissed they start to show their sore loser toothless-fangs with our schools. My son is now 15/16 years old and he can make that conclusion (without my input/influence). Just wait another five years when he is eligible to vote lah. I bet the whole generation will know who NOT to vote. It is their (BN) own losses.

    bryan – LOL, I asked them three times, “eh, you sindiri type or you copy from where ah?” He said, “You think only my mader only know to write meh?” Hahaha.

  4. Err, Mr.Lim Ming Tzong @ Adam Alim Abdullah, do you want a happy pill? You shouldn’t head a Union, you should be in an institution.

    Maybe Mr.Lim should ask all the teachers to boycott school as well. Woo Hoo!!!

  5. It’s not only happened at the schools. It also happened to universities in that 5 states (if any). Most of the universities are now clueless on what to do. Before this the relation between states and universities are quite good especially at Kedah and Penang where states CM and officials attending function held at the universities.. Now I’m not sure anymore. Everyone clueless now.

  6. I mau pinjam sikit notes d..
    I beh tong liao, sudah tahan for long long time,now it’s turn that I start blog poxxxxx..

    ish ish ish…sudah beh tong their beh kam uan acts..

  7. SACK Lim Ming Tzong @ Adam Alim Abdullah!!!
    CHAU YAU YU Lim Ming Tzong @ Adam Alim Abdullah!!!
    PO DA Lim Ming Tzong @ Adam Alim Abdullah!!!

  8. Personally I don’t think NUTP are influenced by BN. In fact there are many times where NUTP voiced out their dissatisfaction on certain actions or implementation by the Ministry of Education, but only fell on deaf ears. Try ask Loke Yim Yeng, the Secretary-General of NUTP herself.

    In this case, I believe it’s only a personal view by LMT himself. Perhaps he has some personal gain from Penang BN.

    Blog owner reply : HC Foo, if previously the NUTP has grouses it is because all the while our Government treated teachers like they are at the bottom of the pile. You should know that teachers are underpaid and overworked and all their demands were hardly given attention. It is not a matter of BN support or not. Don’t make conclusion that easily. The issue is now. Read Anil Netto’s first hand info.

  9. Hmmm….my reading of this article is a bit different wor! In the first place, nothing is mentioned on what kind of official function he is referring to. I can only guess that it must be those related to the teaching profession since he is speaking as a spokesman. If that is so, then:-

    1) he is sending the wrong message that such functions are no more compulsory for attendance by the teachers – which then makes a mockery of the “officialness” of such a function; or

    2) he is taking a dig at the old BN government for ruling over teachers by making them attend state-organised functions (and possibly forcing them to vote BN as well) but now, they are free.

    Either way, I am still unsure exactly what the article is trying to say as it is neither here nor there.

    5xmom says : Pablo, this news article probably had been downplayed again by the mainstream media by a clever play of words so that ass can wriggle out in case there is a big uproar. Usual lah, then, they say misquoted. Anil Netto’s blog explains it much clearer cos he heard it from the person who attended the briefing.

  10. Adam, being the 1st human on earth, is a very intelligent man as he’s the one gave all the names to the animals of the world.
    But after so so so many years down the line, it seems that this ‘adam’ differs so much from his ancestor. Perhaps we can take another look at the the theory of evolution. This ‘adam’ looks exactly like his source of evolution which is the chimpanzee! LOL

  11. Why worry Lilian, I hope the BN will instill more paranoid moves that will alienate them from the mainstream. They can be more inwardlooking for all I care.

    To me, they are already a sinking ship. Instead of trying to navigate themselves out of the storm, there is mutiny brewing and the ship is sailing aimlessly into the eye of the storm.

  12. From the looks of it, it is not only Penang schools. Seems like the education ministry have issued a directive to all education departments of all five states (guess, which ones!) to take a …get this..’neutral’ stand.
    As in, they shouldn’t invite ‘any’ political leaders to officiate functions in schools. Hmm..I wonder why is it that now they have to be ‘neutral’ when previously it is alright to have the men/women in blue with the dacing logo visiting the schools to hand out schools bags / officiate flag days/ launch prize giving ceremonies and now out of the blue (pun intended) the schools must be ‘neutral’ and shouldn’t invite political leaders?
    Does anyone see the big ‘DOUBLE STANDARDS’ word in place of the ‘neutral’ word?

  13. Foong, we must not be upset. The true colors are coming out fast and furious. Still pretty consistent of what the previous govt is. PM will say he is a PM for all Malaysians yet his generals are saying otherwise. Let it be… let it be… we have to be patient to see good things happening to our country.

  14. RPK wrote something like this: “Small things please small minds”… We are witnessing it again by our so-called leaders in education. Shame shame…

  15. Psssst…. sis… I think we got the wrong guy liao la… Lim was just telling the Star about this issue when a MORON from the State Education Dept told the school heads not to attend state formal functions. We bash the wrong guy la it seems…. Should we make a formal apology ah?

  16. Dear Lillian,
    I was at my school PTA meeting when we wanted a change for the Chairman’s post. But this BN guy(he’s also holding a post in his BN’s division) would not step down saying he’s done a good job the past year. The principal & treasurer said he’s done nothing to help in the welfare of the sch, thus he should make way for others to helm it. But he won’t have it any other way & his BN GOONs stood up to say there’s no re-election for his post. Many disappointed parents stood up to leave since they couldn’t stand to see the ugly BN scenario anymore. BN ppl think they’re MORE equal than others when it comes to holding posts just like in ANIMAL FARM where the pigs think THEY’RE

  17. Foong, there are many ways to get even. The teachers would also not be so stupid to follow the directives so seriously for they know the repercussion in 5 years time should another small tsunami change the Federal Govt.

    On the other hand these people also need to cari makan, we cannot blame them for toe-ing the line too. But my idea is this, we can continue to force/let Keris-tok-Mudin to keep showing his true colors, that will make decision making easier for those who cast suspicious eye at the use to be opposition. I use to think Malaysians are blind but 2008 proved to me they are NOT. I think more eyes will be opened in 5 years. But, the new govt must not take things for granted. Show the people what they can do over the next 5 years.

    Chic See, the problem you are facing is endemic in almost every school. PIBG funds are considered lucrative. And why should it not be? My time it was RM2/student, today I am paying RM30/- per family. I also see them buldozing some deals through in cahorts with the HM. To me these are small napoleons… you nip the top off, these flers will troop away with tail between their legs.

  18. Okay…I go run over to Anil’s blog. 😀

    Aside, my wife’s colleague told her (pre-election) that her husband has “no choice” but to vote BN because he is a teacher and given that “understanding” that that should be the way he votes. So, scared of being victimised (no or slow promotion?), they felt that they had to vote BN. But we don’t know whether they did vote BN in the end. The fear last time was because the ballots were marked. This time tak da. Perhaps, the two of them were KL urban voters who went back and voted PAS for the heck of it 😉

  19. Okay…I read Anil’s scoop but now lagi confused. This time it talks about “school heads in Penang having been instructed or “advised” not to invite State Government leaders and other elected representatives in Penang as VIPs and guests-of-honour”. On the other hand, the Star reports about the teachers being invited / directed to attend (and now it is non-compulsory).

    Anyway, my take is this :-

    Politicians should stay out of these school functions lah. Why invite VIP or VVIP? Waste of time and resources really. Firstly, to invite VIP or VVIP, have to go through protocol lah, rehearsal lah and then finally, all got to wait long hours for VIP and VVIP to make their grand entrance. After that, VIP or VVIP gives bland opening / closing address to a largely disinterested crowd.

    And then, for teachers, if it is some state organised education seminar or training, then rightfully they should attend lah. If it is some function unrelated to the teaching profession, then don’t make it compulsory lor.


    *takes a piece of cake whilst waiting for response*

  20. I don’t really think teachers are underpaid in these few years. They have lotsa perks and earning more than RM2k now. This is from what I’ve learned from those KPLI teachers. I should say teachers are living a better life compare to many graduates who are not only underpaid but working long hours barely even get to see daylight and not to mention the stress.

    Well, we have to remember that government schools are controlled by the Federal Government. Unless there’s changes in the constitution.

  21. They just make us, the RAKYAT hate them more. Stupid, that is what I can call them. Is that a good example they are showing to our kids. Still the same thing I want to say, ‘su liau boh kum muan’

  22. I called it the Childish Act!

    Those stupid Education Department staff are the one that going to make this country falls.

    Their childish act going to make us hate them more as what Erina said. Booo…boo…them

  23. Firstly, teachers should not even be “required” to attend. Hey, they are hired to teach. As it is, they lament they don’t have time to cover the entire syllabus. If BN was handcount for events, please find some other people. And I hope DAP to not mandate that teachers must leave the post and their student for frivilous functions.

    If BN has been forcing teachers to attend such functions in the past, then “padan muka” that they lost. No we know our education system is so trashy – kononnya semua sibuk makan jamuan kat BN function.

  24. Besides that… and much much more… read my take on a fake earthquake at PWTC… hehehe… we suffer while they sulk childishly…

    Blog owner reminds : Kevin, my blog is not for you to keep promoting your own blog everyday. Stop doing this or please don’t comment at all. TQ

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