Thank you, all new readers and blog links

I notice an increase in new bloggers linking to my blog. There is an increase of new readers as well. So, this is to thank them for the links!

But the weirdest thing is, where have the regulars gone? There is this theory, if you write about your cats, foods you ate, colour of your shits, you will get more readers and people who comments. If you write about politics, people will shy away.

A friend asked me why do I swing away from writing regular stuffs, making money stuffs and etc. Well, I have ran out of things to write about my regular life. But if you are interested to read, go get April issue of Her World and see what I said about cheating husbands and forgiving wives. It is just a short quote from me but I hope it is enough to get many women to be totally tulan with me.

As for make money, I am lying low so how can I teach others how to make money blogging when I am hiding away from Googlegod?

So, this friend asked me if I am worried if I lose readers. Of course not, why do I care about readers? It is my blog and my shithole. If today, I feel like crapping about politics endlessly, I do so because it is my blog. If tomorrow I decide to switch to write about emo stuffs, then, I go all emo.

One of the thing bloggers must remember is to write for themselves and not let their readers dictate what they want to read. If my readers dare to leave comment and whine that I am not writing something they like to read, they sometimes get ripped apart. Or if I am feeling kind, I let my readers do the ripping. ๐Ÿ˜› (read the comments of this post LOL) Blogging is a merciless world. It is like the wild African jungle. Either you bite back or you will get eaten.

Of late, I notice some bloggers who write about politics. I like those who write from the heart. There are those social-political bloggers or so-po and there are those who writes from the heart. For those so-po, I usually suspect they have a huge lobster behind that blog of theirs. So, I normally take their posts with some Tabasco sauce. But when everyday folks like these bloggers and I, it is interesting to read. TimTeoh and wizurye are such bloggers. We touched on issues that affects us.

Still, I thank you all new blog readers and those who link to my blog. And to the regulars who lurk and wait for me to post something they can relate to…..sorry lah. Try a dose of politics. It is damn interesting.

26 thoughts on “Thank you, all new readers and blog links

  1. wei ah lian ah..your regular reader wuching is still here lah, prowling around in the background like a stalker. didn’t comment coz dunno what to say lor, dunno anything about malaysian current affairs, politikus or who’s sleeping with who over there mah..hehehehe

  2. I thought politic is an in-thing to write now with so many things going on. Our PM is now trying to switch our focus to the stock market. Jangan kena tipu. So please continue, I enjoy myself reading.

  3. I enjoy reading your rants on political issues.I am not as experienced blogger as those people out there so I am worried I’ll touch on isu-isu sensitif then kena makan nasi, kari dan pasir. =x But i enjoy reading yours. =P Not that I don’t like reading what color of your shit. (Er…sounds weird..but you get what I mean la.)

    Whenever my sis wanna snatch computer from me and she saw me reading your blog, she’ll say she hate me, cuz I am so into politics. Can’t help it. Though at times read already makes me geram, but enjoy reading how you bomb them. =P

  4. i read your 1st para only & have this conclusion to make. our ppl are mostly like tom & jerry lo….. & serious matter like politic talks make them takut. some people i know keep saying what is the necessity of voting? haiya… i just wanna shout in their ears, why live here in M’sia if you don’t wanna know what is going on!!! i hate this type/way of thinking. of course they are the uneducated ones lah…..

    go ahead with your ‘universal’ style. i certainly get a copy of the Her World April issue. hehehehe…… Lillian boleh!!!!

  5. wah, aunty lilian, don’t worry. You are always the first blog I read, everyday..haha, soon, you are going to be my homepage..haha..:)

  6. I’m not actually a new reader also la. I’m one of your stalkers…errr…lurkers…though my blog is a new one.Recent events makes me want to vent and I thought a blog is a great way to do so. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. i’m readin ur blogs for almost 3 years edi…it all started when i was searching about some food stuff.. den ended up visiting ur site almost everyday…ur like a newspaper 2 me and ma family…hehe..thx
    malaysiabest rox!!..

  8. Hi Mrs.Chan,

    Well, honestly, i start reading your blog since our DAP campaign. It was a sudden entry as i read along some ones blog that link to yours. I am now reading your blog everyday and i find it interesting. Politic is happening! Dun lose it! I would like to read more on penang! TC

  9. I second that! Bravo! Obnoxious 5xmom..

    p/s: I tried out your sweet & sour crab recipe from your other blog. My family loves it.

  10. Awww I kena pimp by the big C! I started really reading your blog when you started posting about GE12 I must admit. Love your posts about LGE especially.

    At first I felt a bit ticked that some people were “jumping on the bandwagon” by posting political posts – mostly cut and paste from newpapers – to get traffic. But I realize that it’s better to at least be aware. Politics affect us all, whether we like it or not. And we live in exciting times!

  11. Tim – Hahaha, what C stands for ah? I hope not the C that Terence and I always use. Bwahahaha.

    hermanc – Glad my recipe works. But really lah, my recipe is a lot nicer than those restaurants served wan, hor?

    Jarod – Call me Miss Chan please. No lah, Lilian better. I hope I continue to have things to write lah.

    sujend – More like a cheap and free magazine lah. Hahaha.

    foong & elfiejane – Thank you.

    khian – LOL double thank you.

    jenjen – Haiyor, no lah. I was never a political blogger but I do get pissed with some of those policies and stuffs that affect me as an individual so I rant whenever there is something.

  12. Jen – Her World April 08 is not available in Penang yet. I dunno what I said oso but it was something they asked after I expressed my views on Chua Soi Lek’s case.

    Ping Ping – You must tell your sis they have to be aware of political happenings lor. Did you read Tony Pua’s blog about the conspiracy theory? Apparently SPM Mandarin subject very difficult to get A1 and a lot of the students failed to get the JPA scholarship due to it.

    pablo – Yeah, even if we can bring awareness to one person, we have done our Christian part hor? Hehehe, it is our Christian duty wor.

    pei sze – Lucky I never play share anymore if not dunno where to stand lor.

    huei – Yeah, go kill ’em. LOL

    suanie – I ate my crabs liao so no need to crave anymore, so no pics.

  13. wizurye – I see your blog so new, so kasi a link so it gets better in indexing. I will explain rss when I find time. I no forget the question yet.

    larling wuching – Awww…I thot you deserted me already.

    terence – Cilaka.

    kadusmama – Tenkiu. I normally read blogs (including yours) when I am out and surfing from my handphone. So usually hard to comment cos the cilaka buttons all so tiny, very hard to type wan.

  14. Ah Lian > your site got magnet arrrrr why everyday got the pull wann …. Like the easy going casual but with fangs and blood sometimes you hantam here … so like you marketing Gian powder … must Cume wannn … cheers and keep DAP and yourself UP UP and UP more

  15. Geee Sis, Thanx so much for your link hor… Really works la! Yesterday hit the highest @ 100+++. You’re realli kind. Someday must ask u out for lunch treat!

  16. Go Lilian, you good thing. You deserve applause for blaring things off your chest. Have a look at my website and let me know of your comments –

    It has the following stuff that may raise your eyebrows.
    “Chivalry or what is left of our bits of good manners have gradually “disappear” from our modern society. If you go to the kampong, you can find good manners are aplenty from the makcik at the kedai runcit to the ah pak at the coconut drink stall. The problem with our so called โ€œurban livingโ€ is that..”
    Mercedez – a sit at home mother of 1

  17. Hey Lilian..I’m one of those new bloggers who linked your blog. Being away from home, your blog gives me a taste of home and your posts on politics are really interesting! Reading your blog indeed helped curb my homesickness!!

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