I notice an increase in new bloggers linking to my blog. There is an increase of new readers as well. So, this is to thank them for the links!

But the weirdest thing is, where have the regulars gone? There is this theory, if you write about your cats, foods you ate, colour of your shits, you will get more readers and people who comments. If you write about politics, people will shy away.

A friend asked me why do I swing away from writing regular stuffs, making money stuffs and etc. Well, I have ran out of things to write about my regular life. But if you are interested to read, go get April issue of Her World and see what I said about cheating husbands and forgiving wives. It is just a short quote from me but I hope it is enough to get many women to be totally tulan with me.

As for make money, I am lying low so how can I teach others how to make money blogging when I am hiding away from Googlegod?

So, this friend asked me if I am worried if I lose readers. Of course not, why do I care about readers? It is my blog and my shithole. If today, I feel like crapping about politics endlessly, I do so because it is my blog. If tomorrow I decide to switch to write about emo stuffs, then, I go all emo.

One of the thing bloggers must remember is to write for themselves and not let their readers dictate what they want to read. If my readers dare to leave comment and whine that I am not writing something they like to read, they sometimes get ripped apart. Or if I am feeling kind, I let my readers do the ripping. 😛 (read the comments of this post LOL) Blogging is a merciless world. It is like the wild African jungle. Either you bite back or you will get eaten.

Of late, I notice some bloggers who write about politics. I like those who write from the heart. There are those social-political bloggers or so-po and there are those who writes from the heart. For those so-po, I usually suspect they have a huge lobster behind that blog of theirs. So, I normally take their posts with some Tabasco sauce. But when everyday folks like these bloggers and I, it is interesting to read. TimTeoh and wizurye are such bloggers. We touched on issues that affects us.

Still, I thank you all new blog readers and those who link to my blog. And to the regulars who lurk and wait for me to post something they can relate to…..sorry lah. Try a dose of politics. It is damn interesting.