Yesterday evening, as I was going out, I witnessed this most beautiful, marvellous, breathtaking, divine creation of a sunset. Orange, pink, golden yellow, bluish, reddish and purplish tone sky. Just starring at the sky is enough to make me feel so happy.

And it hit me. Every day is a beautiful day. But it may be beautiful for me but not others. You see, I was going to the hospital to visit a relative who is suspected to have liver cancer. And you know what the big C means.

shit happens

So, same day, different shit.

Different day, same shit.

Different day, different shit.

Same day, same shit.

Take your pick. Life is like that.

Most important is to have the one and only anchor in life that will make sure that whether it is shit a, b,c or e that hit you, you got a guide that makes you stay sane. That anchorman is of course my Yehsou. Jesus Christ.

And we went there twice to see the relative. Before our dinner, and after our dinner. Both times, he was sleeping. Then, what do we do there? His spouse has gone home so he was there alone. Still quite young lah, about early 50ish. I say a little, secret, silent prayer lor. “Lord, whatever shit hits, please provide them the comfort and let them have the courage, strength and wisdom to deal with it. They may not be fans of You, but cincai lah, Lord, You are the Almighty God and I know You can do that. Just don’t let them run around all the various conmen mediums for the fake answers like how they usually do whenever shit hits the fan. I know ‘cos they have this habit of seeking mediums and changing fengshui before consulting doctors.” Of course, I didn’t say the exact same sentences in my prayer. Siao meh?

Anyway, I hope the big C is not that nasty because he has a mechanic shop to take care and he has yet to enjoy life after toiling for so many years. Life sucks huh?

Don’t drink too much and smoke too much. The shit will hit you faster this way.