Different day, same shit

Yesterday evening, as I was going out, I witnessed this most beautiful, marvellous, breathtaking, divine creation of a sunset. Orange, pink, golden yellow, bluish, reddish and purplish tone sky. Just starring at the sky is enough to make me feel so happy.

And it hit me. Every day is a beautiful day. But it may be beautiful for me but not others. You see, I was going to the hospital to visit a relative who is suspected to have liver cancer. And you know what the big C means.

shit happens

So, same day, different shit.

Different day, same shit.

Different day, different shit.

Same day, same shit.

Take your pick. Life is like that.

Most important is to have the one and only anchor in life that will make sure that whether it is shit a, b,c or e that hit you, you got a guide that makes you stay sane. That anchorman is of course my Yehsou. Jesus Christ.

And we went there twice to see the relative. Before our dinner, and after our dinner. Both times, he was sleeping. Then, what do we do there? His spouse has gone home so he was there alone. Still quite young lah, about early 50ish. I say a little, secret, silent prayer lor. “Lord, whatever shit hits, please provide them the comfort and let them have the courage, strength and wisdom to deal with it. They may not be fans of You, but cincai lah, Lord, You are the Almighty God and I know You can do that. Just don’t let them run around all the various conmen mediums for the fake answers like how they usually do whenever shit hits the fan. I know ‘cos they have this habit of seeking mediums and changing fengshui before consulting doctors.” Of course, I didn’t say the exact same sentences in my prayer. Siao meh?

Anyway, I hope the big C is not that nasty because he has a mechanic shop to take care and he has yet to enjoy life after toiling for so many years. Life sucks huh?

Don’t drink too much and smoke too much. The shit will hit you faster this way.

16 thoughts on “Different day, same shit

  1. heyyy i saw the sky yesterday too..so glad i left office during sunset

    big big bright orange in the sky..when i reach home..i finally found the purple i wana paint my wall with!! ^^

  2. Me…I am always thankful for shitless days (not literally though). Having someone close or love ones terminally sick is one big shit…other shits than that, I can survive. PTL.
    Nietzsche once said, “Was mich nicht umbringt, macht mich stärker” (What does not kill me, makes me stronger), was the rule I live by in those days…from roxuncut.

  3. sorry bout my hasty comment earlier today..didn’t read the post properly

    I’ll help pray that your relative will be safe and sound. Be strong

  4. Lilian, i had 3 friends who left this world bcoz of cancer in their teens and early 20’s. Saying a prayer for them makes us feel better but to tell them about Christ that they’ll accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour will save their lives (life everlasting here).

  5. elegant coral – Bwahahaha, you do not live my life and do not know the in-laws I am dealing with so please spare me the idea of talking about Jesus at a time when people are at their worst. I am very against people bringing in religion to anyone when they are in the midst of suffering or worrying. I trust God will do what needs to be done. Thank you but no, thanks.

  6. Lilian, you may be surprised to know there are many people who will accept Jesus at their worst as there is nothing they won’t do to have a little hope. Haha.. anyway, God does things His own way. My prayers are with you and your relatives.

  7. elegant coral – I think I have made it clear. Christians like those are like vultures hovering over a dying roadkill. Don’t shove stuffs to me when I clearly hinted to you to keep it to yourself.

  8. Bwahahaha!!! See??? Told you READERS/VISITORS/MORONS


    to comment/preach on religion related stuffs. Now kena farked.

    Blog owner and admin/peace keeper (ME), know where we are coming from. Never comment or make statements as though you represent a religion OR you are well versed OR you are a messenger. Do not condemn any religion here, compare or compete.

    As long as you have your GREAT DIVINE close to your heart, thats the best you can do. Bless you all!!!

    Niamah!!! I sound like ……. Tiu!!!

  9. my grandma’s best friend passed away and my close friend’s grandma passed away both within days of each other.
    my grandmother is devastated and i wish i could be home with her at this time but i can’t.

    my prayers be with your relatives. God speed.

  10. Wherever I read about the big C, I remember a sermon given by a father in my church. He ask us to share our pain with Jesus, not giving it to Him. We can never truly give Him our pain. Sharing with Him, then we feel His pain on the cross. And in doing so we are one with Him. To be one with God IS the ultimate experience. We comfort Him in our pain. He comforts us in His. As injured soldiers in war we overcome death.

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