Some bloggers think they are some mighty hero. They start their post with….”Today, I want to feature a fellow blogger….” Ptui, they think their blog is some great, sought after blog meh? Feature your own butt or your own kach’ng maybe more interesting than to feature a noob that is just a few nothches of noobiness than the noob you.

Then, there are those who think their readers (as if they have a 100 like that) live and breath reading their blog. They will write something like, “Ok, ok, finally here are the photos of my trip to Timbuktu….I know you guys have been waiting for it.” Ptui, get real lah. People checking your comments already know that you are deluding yourself.

Of course, there are those who wanna fark but feel guilty and then, go do polls and ping it like three time a day for five days berturut-turut. Niamah, you think aunty-buy-your-dick (antibiotic) course meh? They make poll about pre-marital sex worrrr…..Eh, wanna fark, just take the cue from Naiki lah. If your mummy or your god tells you cannot, then, don’t torture us with your guilty conscience can ah?

Recently, with the erection, sardinely got so many political bloggers pulak. Eh, those of you who just start blogging, remember hor, political blogging is playing with fire sometimes. If you are just run of the mill kinda commenting, there are hundreds out there. If you want to be different, then, you have to go the extra mile and write something provocative. Before you do that, please look behind if you got big-big au suah, big hill I means. If not, kena sue time, your backside turned black.

Then, there is this bunch who never finished writing about the foods and places they go. Even when there is a major election, they still live in their little world, blinded by the same thing day in, day out. Niamah, over 21 years old liao, stop acting like a 12 years old kid. Even a 12 years old kid, sedikit sebanyak also know the change of political climate. But these bunch of spoilt rich kids, hari hari keep churning out things like they live in a TV commercial like that. Niamah.

And so, I think I have PMS. The End.

BTW, do you belong to any of the above pile of shit? Bwahahaha…