Bloggers are full of shits

Some bloggers think they are some mighty hero. They start their post with….”Today, I want to feature a fellow blogger….” Ptui, they think their blog is some great, sought after blog meh? Feature your own butt or your own kach’ng maybe more interesting than to feature a noob that is just a few nothches of noobiness than the noob you.

Then, there are those who think their readers (as if they have a 100 like that) live and breath reading their blog. They will write something like, “Ok, ok, finally here are the photos of my trip to Timbuktu….I know you guys have been waiting for it.” Ptui, get real lah. People checking your comments already know that you are deluding yourself.

Of course, there are those who wanna fark but feel guilty and then, go do polls and ping it like three time a day for five days berturut-turut. Niamah, you think aunty-buy-your-dick (antibiotic) course meh? They make poll about pre-marital sex worrrr…..Eh, wanna fark, just take the cue from Naiki lah. If your mummy or your god tells you cannot, then, don’t torture us with your guilty conscience can ah?

Recently, with the erection, sardinely got so many political bloggers pulak. Eh, those of you who just start blogging, remember hor, political blogging is playing with fire sometimes. If you are just run of the mill kinda commenting, there are hundreds out there. If you want to be different, then, you have to go the extra mile and write something provocative. Before you do that, please look behind if you got big-big au suah, big hill I means. If not, kena sue time, your backside turned black.

Then, there is this bunch who never finished writing about the foods and places they go. Even when there is a major election, they still live in their little world, blinded by the same thing day in, day out. Niamah, over 21 years old liao, stop acting like a 12 years old kid. Even a 12 years old kid, sedikit sebanyak also know the change of political climate. But these bunch of spoilt rich kids, hari hari keep churning out things like they live in a TV commercial like that. Niamah.

And so, I think I have PMS. The End.

BTW, do you belong to any of the above pile of shit? Bwahahaha…

32 thoughts on “Bloggers are full of shits

  1. “And so, I think I have PMS. The End.”

    Ahahaha that was what was running through my mind as well.

    You blog for yourself, remember? šŸ™‚

  2. Hahahah! I know who that premarital sex poll spammer you’re talking about. Poor girl. I only found out recently she’s hated by other nuffnangers though she’s a very loyal nuffnanger herself. Too full of herself I guess.

    You’re right, wanna fark, then fark lor, why need to poll. Mebbe she needs to face the reality that no men are going to put up with her crappy behaviour if they’re not gonna get any nookies from her either. She’s destined to be single lah.. Confirmed spinster.

    Good attitude girl, let me fark, Chiak.
    Bad attitude girl, let me fark, Chiak.
    Bad attitude girl, no let me fark, Go To Hell Spinster. So pink some more the blog.. Yucks. Real Attention whore.

  3. oops. I still write about me going singapore and all the food I ate in another blog lor. But then hor, I dare not write too much politic, nanti I tak dapat celebrate birthday.

    but aiseh, other than they keep bising bising about they tak suka this and that, i really got nothing to rant about politics. I read also dare not write on my blog, these people siao siao one. Suka-suka throw people eat rice with curry and sand one. I scared.

  4. Ahh…… Thats why I seldom post lor. Bwahahaha!!!

    Yayaya. Thats probably what you, Bryan and Pablo would say. Tenkiu. Heh!

  5. lol. i think i wanna feature yr blog, because i hv started to like it since the the pre-election fever…especially when u write posts with political themes. lol. but too bad, i dont hv a “my fav blogs” label..or else. lol. nice read!

  6. Aiyoo…. u r rite! Political topics realli dangerous. Need to haf good back up. Tat’s why i’m thinking of joining DAP. At least they got good bunch of lawyers to help me out if i get into shit.
    But I think i’m gonna change some of the items inside my blog. Visitor getting lesser liao… I have to change or else, I’ll be changed! hehehehe…. But thanx for ur nice post here!

  7. My Muka tak cukup hensem. Kenot post camwhore pics.
    My Camera skill tak best. Kenot post nice food pics.
    MY Ilmu Politik very char. Kenot blog about erection.
    All the blogger I know all more popurer than me. So I cannot feature them

    So how? Become anonymous blogger lor. AHAHA!

  8. this sounds like the 5xmom of old, before the political rush came in…

    haha… i think i knew what the pre-marital saga is… wonder if this will turn into another blogosphere civil war.

    eh… you kenakan the sudden emergence of political blogger but also kenakan those who dont blog politics… so which is which la?

  9. Eh…I just came out of the toilet. Shit wiped off liao šŸ˜€ Pak Lah say we must all be clean and full of intehgriti…like policeman lidat.

  10. I just got someone saying tht he’s writing a review of my blog..swt..

    and those emo post…I break up with my bf la..he lidat lidat la..he do this he do tht la..I so good, he lidat treat me la..swt…swt..

    Not to mention those blog full of tags memes…OMG…You think people wan come your blog, read 10-20 memes ke?

    anf those who start their blog by saying”today is another day of teacher call me do this do that, then I have alot homework..bla..bla…bla..”

    And those compraining abt my parents no good la, I not rich enuf la, I envy him la, I envy her la…she got this I dun have la..swt…swt…

    And those who thinks that people are waiting to see their blog one..those noob…lagi teruk…they think they’re some sort of celebrity…

    Bloggers these days are been too perasan..always become noob..swt…swt..

  11. For Immediate Release

    Celebrity blogger 5xMom started gushing over fellow bloggers in an uncharacteristic bout of falling over her keyboard trying to get the compliments out fast.

    “Their blog is some great, sought after blog…” she muttered in the midst of her hyper positivity.

    Still gushing over the ingenuity of those bloggers, she added: “Their readers (as if they have a 100 like that) live and breath reading their blog…”

    Her eyes glinted almost zealously as she commented on the very interesting and frequent polls being held in blogs.

    “They make poll about pre-marital sex..” she said almost breathlessly.

    Then she moved on to new political bloggers and couldn’t held stating that they “go the extra mile and write something provocative”.

    Finally, she wrapped up her bout of compliments by pointing that nothing could stop the food bloggers.

    “Hari hari keep churning out things..” she said before retiring back to her rooms to recuperate from this sudden out of character outburst, blaming it on hormones.

    The end of the blog release.

    See, there’s always a bright side to things…. šŸ˜‰

  12. Foong – Wuah, must have taken a long time to write that.

    charles – Sedikit-sebanyak you also know who I am talking hor? Eh, btw, your school so cute lah. That sign that says ‘Congratulations, you have attended another day of school’ at the school gate. LOL, why not put, congratulations, you live another day in your life and your bulu just grown another 0.1mm long.

    pablo – Actually, there is still a lot to write like those photos of Patrick Badawi and Jean Todt aka Mr. Michelle Yeoh. You got see ah? In Kickdella blog. Fuyoh, dem sensational.

    zewt – You don’t know who we talking about lah.

    eyeris – Nothing to blog also must blog ‘cos now Khir Toyo oso blog. Glamour wei. I hope he shares some tempe recipe. *slaps self*

    bryan – Ya, the tarik harga blogger.

    wizuyre – Our cheng hoo siao-siao wan, they suddenly want to find someone jadi kambing korban, they will. So, I stick to issues that affects me only. What they do in PWTC tarak bisnes of mine.

  13. chit – Hahaha, no lah, the featured blogger we are talking about only eyesore on certain bloggers’ blog. Private joke lah.

    terence – Your shit different. Those other shits different lah.

    ping ping – Actually hor, only referring to certain bloggers. That’s why shadowfox and few others know what I am talking about.

    elfiejane – Good. šŸ˜›

    Dr. Tan – Give me more Nuffnang ads lor, hor?

    shadowfox – Hahaha, you post almost kill me. But too much mah, ping for three farking days already wor. She think she is a nun meh?

    tim – We female bloggers got excuses to diss and then, blame on PMS and menopause. Hahaha.

    mrcoolku – Many bloggers but all almost same substance. Boring hor?

  14. i think i came across one or two total exact similar identical blog which you might be refering to. šŸ˜›


  15. I may agree on the influx of new political blogs.

    However, for the poll issue, it’s purely for academic purposes. I think certain things are taken a lil out of context.

  16. freethinker – It wasn’t mentioned in the poll post that it is for academic purposes wor. And hor, none of us said who we are referring to leh. You physic eh?

  17. Uh huh, assuming we ARE referring to the same ‘premarital sex polls’ blogger, she did state that it was for an assignment.


    p.s. And then there are bloggers who fit all 5 descriptions. Me!

  18. usws – Like who fark care what the purpose is for. The fact is the blogger pinged the same post over and over for three days. Very big deal meh? Like this everyone got academic assignment also can ping PPS again and again?

  19. how come i tak tau bout the pre marital sex thing?? i wana knoww!!! mana ha? any hint ka? ^^

    at first hor..i expect more fire in here..sure kena lotsa bloggers wan! i oso ada write about political stuffs..damn fun nia! wahahhhaha

    very interesting post! =D

  20. How true. Its so annoying to see the same post for a few consecutive days about the same thing. Just do it already lah! Even if it is for academic purpose her she is so subjective that it is downright bitchy. Tsk.

  21. Huei – Want URL you go shadowfox’s post and cari the name lah. In the comment box got the name. Hahaha, I dunwan to kasi link. I kedekut.

  22. I think I’m belong to one of the category…eventho not sure which one since I blog almost anything that interest me.

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