char koay teow

Char koay teow with duck’s egg and extra prawns.

char koay teow

See hums still raw and bloody.

(terence – you can click on the photo and go to Flickr and get the 1600×1200 pixel photo and lick your monitor, please. I figure the prawn is the size of a lobster on your 24″ monitor hor?)


The real durians from Penang haven’t drop yet. Maybe in another month’s time. Meantime, we make do with clone ahkua durians from Perak. Satu kilo RM5. Perak is a DAP/PAS/PKR state so must support their industries. Bwahahaha…opposition rule states, let’s boycott Barisan Nasional run states. We go cuti-cuti, makan-makan, jalan-jalan, beli-belah only in the same five states.

Haih…Khir Toyo blog also worrrrr….