If cholesterol doesn’t kill me, envy will

char koay teow

Char koay teow with duck’s egg and extra prawns.

char koay teow

See hums still raw and bloody.

(terence – you can click on the photo and go to Flickr and get the 1600×1200 pixel photo and lick your monitor, please. I figure the prawn is the size of a lobster on your 24″ monitor hor?)


The real durians from Penang haven’t drop yet. Maybe in another month’s time. Meantime, we make do with clone ahkua durians from Perak. Satu kilo RM5. Perak is a DAP/PAS/PKR state so must support their industries. Bwahahaha…opposition rule states, let’s boycott Barisan Nasional run states. We go cuti-cuti, makan-makan, jalan-jalan, beli-belah only in the same five states.

Haih…Khir Toyo blog also worrrrr….

27 thoughts on “If cholesterol doesn’t kill me, envy will

  1. Cibai!!! cholesterol level went up just by looking at it. You still owe me 100 plates hor?

  2. terence – I hope you whole night drool and dream about it. I going to sleep liao, must wake up at 6 am wei. I hope tomorrow still got voice. Got duty, mati lah.

  3. i <3 char kuey teow! besides kari, its no 1 penang thing that i love!

    to your previous post, i say; LAWAK.


  4. Seeing that plate of duck’s egg CKT, now only I know you’re a Penangite. Pardon my ignorance. šŸ˜›

  5. “We go cuti-cuti, makan-makan, jalan-jalan, beli-belah only in the same five states.”

    We pretty much already do that :P.

  6. Wah lau ehhhhh! Are those really from the hawker stores or from home cook? Bloodly syoik just looking at it.

    I heard in Penang, there is this road/lane that has the best Char Kway Teow, any Penangites know where it is?

    Somemore using duck egg…..how to diet like that?
    (I can hear my wife nagging away already….)

    Since we are makan issue, where to find good :
    1) Assam laksa
    2) Oor Chen(Fried oysters with eggs)
    3) Curry Laksa

    Is “End of the world” still around??

    Hope you don’t mind all the questions…..he,he,he….out of town people is like that one loh….

  7. gosh i miss home! 6 weeks to pg + hokkien mee + char koay teow + or kuah moi + gandum + fried oysters + swatow lane mee sultan !

  8. Holy Moly…. fark my dietician and her charts… lemme have that plate of char koay teow…..

  9. Hey Sis, I know u wanna help out Perak. But how can you buy durians there? I tot onli Penang durians is the most delicious and yet you settled for 2nd best? Jatuh stenderd abit leh…. Hehehehe!
    Patience… I urged Patience from u! Just another 3 months onli for Penang durians to come tumbling down…

  10. lilian,u just make m hungry.i had dimsum in starhill which tasted worse than ipoh’s foh san dim sum but cost 5 times the price.starhill daylight robbery me ler though not i pay.my amg moh friend kena tipu ler..LOL..
    i wana eat pulau tikus char kuey teow..

  11. wahhhhh, 5xmom, i long time no eat duck egg CKT liao, only had them in penang everytime i go there….you make me reminescance *sry dono how to spell* bwahahha YUM

  12. Yeah support all BR states only . we cuti2 makan2 all the 5 states only. Makkal Sakthi … hmmm one way to help the economy of the BR states … Ah Lian the CKT > from Lorong Selamat wann or McAlister sis wannn ??? Lrg Selamat i dont go la becos must Q and wait wannn > No restaurant stylo servis wann …

  13. ok still got time, i’ll be around may-aug! lol.

    lilian, wanna go eat too? xD
    i had loklok once in padang, diarrhea the next day šŸ™

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