Pek Chek – Make a sentence with pek chek

Pek Chek is the new age word. When I was growing up, I never heard of it. But during my sons’ generation, they will pek chek this, pek chek that. Seriously, I am not sure what it means except it is a new word.

So let me make some pek chek words and scenarios. You know, when you were a kid in school, teacher always ask us to make a sentence with a new word to see if we understand the word. So, after I have done mine, you do the same, ok?

  • Pak Lah’s administration memang pek chek.
  • My weekend is very pek chek because I spent the whole day napping, cooking and upgrading my WordPress 2.5.
  • Some bloggers memang pek chek, berani flame, tak berani face the bulls by the horns.
  • Malaysian Dreamgirls contestants are not so pek chek anymore because they learn to be bitchier.
  • KNNCCB Streamyx line today is so pek chek. *sees no more TM Net ads above?*
  • Now, you give me your pek chek comments.

    41 thoughts on “Pek Chek – Make a sentence with pek chek

    1. I pek chek-ing the weather these few days, cz migrain until can’t sleep well these few nights because of the hot weather…pek chek..pek chek…

    2. Some guys are pek chek they may not get to chiak some slut because someone called her bluff. Nyuk nyuk nyuk.

      But this could be a good thing, otherwise when you pull down her panties you might be surprised she has 3 legs… LAGI PEK CHEK!

    3. I find it pek chek to make a pek check sentence after reading your pek check post with some peck chek examples. You say pek check boh pek chek?

    4. aunty pek chek means stressed leh

      my sentence for the word pek chek:

      im so pek chek u dunno the real meaning of pek chek, lol

    5. pek chek is something like ‘throwing away the jinx’ is it not?

      If it is, its called “pek cher” in Cantonese.

      Huhu I feel so guilty for giving you the Streamyx ad wtf.

    6. Sometimes I browse through PPS looking for something good to read and comment but get none, so pek chek! More pek chek when got people try spam PPS, jewellery spams, 2 years old post, and repeated “what is your opinion about pre-marital sex” surveys….

    7. Lol, I always pek chek here and there.

      I pek chek because I’ve got no opps from PPP since like two weeks ago and I got no ads from nuffnang. No money damn pek chek.

      btw, pek chek and pek cher is different. =P

    8. BobbyT: I think the people who participated in the premarital sex survey also damn pek chek kena marah by the initiator.

      Want people to participate, then marah participants some more… If I am the poll taker, I sure damn pek chek also, trying to help also kena marah, and not my fault your poll sucks and confusing.

      How to not pek chek leh?

    9. swt….I pek chek because I even pronounced pek chek wrongly. It should sound in Hokkien, ‘peik chehk’ which my son said is stress lor. Like o.o said. And all the while I thought it is jialat.

    10. Oooo it’s Peik Chek! Hehehe…. Today I realli peik chek with football… Played indoor for 1 hr, still not enuff, proceed to Polo Ground to play another 1 hr outdoor! Peik Chek or not?? Really Peik Chek!!! Hehehe….

    11. I am really kaypoh wanna know who is the one of the premarital sex poll fame la…been looking around, very peik chek can’t find and still wondering who she is!

    12. The word ‘peik cheik’ originated from Singlish in the 90’s meaning ‘pressured’. It was used by the Ah Beng character in the Singapore movie called ‘Army Daze’.
      It’s one helluva good comedy and now you all peik cheik cannot buy to watch it anymore!

    13. eh and i tot pek chek is hokkien?? no ah?? my mandrin speaking friends even use chinese version of the word…..
      i tot it means something like “kek sim” ??

    14. Damm peik Cheik Cause no more political posting from all the banana party! I guess they learned the most peik check way! Internet rules!!!

    15. The chicken peck-checks for worms in my backyard.

      I haven’t received my pay check, so don’t disturb me in this pek chek time.

      Can you peck and check at the same time?

    16. If we pek chek too much we lose our bearings. Its better not to pek chek but take what the day brings. That’s the joy of life. Joy, my joy.

      Peace of mind,

      contentment of heart.

      That wonderful feeling,

      that brings the day,

      come what may.

      I grab it and live the moment,

      in God’s Blessing.

      Amen. GET on with it. FORGET the pek chek.

    17. After few attempts pronouncing the word ‘pek chek’to ask for the meaning..i become so pek chek because my husband cannot understand what i say, after i become sooo geram, then only he told me ‘pek chek = frustration’.

    18. I si beh pek chek because I read this pek chek post. Not only I read, I have to pek chek to think of a pek chek comment to pek chek about. Then after pek cheking with a pek chek comment, I get no prize for putting a pek chek comment. Si beh wah lau pek chek ah!!!!

    19. terence – 0 mark for you. Your sentence does not contain the word pek chek. Go back and do correction.

      joehancl – I think you just made all of us si beh pek chek with your comment.

      Everybody – Monday very pek chek hor?

    20. Celaka!!! I asked you the meaning of this word many many many moons ago. You forgot ar!? Tiu! (again)

    21. terence – You asked me a LOT of questions, wokay? Lampar, parlan. I remember lah. Pek chek, I don’t remember wor. See? Even I myself got the meaning wrong. It means pressure, frus…and not jialat as what I initially thought it is. 9pek9bo explained it best. It is like wanking, tak keluar like that and someone is knocking on the door. Now you get it liao?

    22. OIC. It would be more PEK CHEK if one is wanking then someone knocks on the door and premature ejaculation occurs. Correct???

      Bwahahaha!! *stomachache*

    23. terence – How I know how pek chek is that wor? Not like I got a dick to compare notes with you. *falls off chair*

    24. Yesterday’s 4D hiam hiam kena, buy for ages liao still cannot kena wan…pek chek lor…

    25. Spelled as peik cheik also. Damn peik cheik wei listening to the teachers rambling off on God knows what peik cheik issue…

    26. Lilian, just use Fantastico, one click of button, you can upgrade your WordPress. I have been using that …

    27. David – I read from several webmaster forums there are sometime bugs in those one-click method and it is hard to undo them. So I usually use ftp and it takes forever. 🙄

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