Pek Chek is the new age word. When I was growing up, I never heard of it. But during my sons’ generation, they will pek chek this, pek chek that. Seriously, I am not sure what it means except it is a new word.

So let me make some pek chek words and scenarios. You know, when you were a kid in school, teacher always ask us to make a sentence with a new word to see if we understand the word. So, after I have done mine, you do the same, ok?

  • Pak Lah’s administration memang pek chek.
  • My weekend is very pek chek because I spent the whole day napping, cooking and upgrading my WordPress 2.5.
  • Some bloggers memang pek chek, berani flame, tak berani face the bulls by the horns.
  • Malaysian Dreamgirls contestants are not so pek chek anymore because they learn to be bitchier.
  • KNNCCB Streamyx line today is so pek chek. *sees no more TM Net ads above?*
  • Now, you give me your pek chek comments.