Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin – bloggers censoring feedback

I think our Ministers and Malaysia Government needs some serious education on blogging, internet and the sinister cyberworld. It is time they open their eyes and confront the fact that they do not have control over the internet.

Mohamed Khaled said the Government had in the past ignored such articles.

“We made a mistake. The blogs play an important role. The people read and believe what’s said in the blogs.

“Now, we are looking at the blogs to respond to them but are prevented from doing so,” he said.

After this Malaysia 12th General Election, the Barisan Nasional Members of Parliament, Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri and sore losers like our tempe rejuvenation ex-MB all want to get on the blogging bandwagon.

But first, let me point out to them a few things:

1) Raja Petra Kamaruddin is not exactly a blogger. He is a webmaster of a news portal. So, don’t confuse that. Jeff Ooi and Lim Kit Siang and all their comrades from PKR, PAS, DAP are bloggers but they blog with a mission.

2) Bloggers can be anyone. That angsty teen hating his mom. That horny spinster looking for a man. That loser pretending to have balls through his blog. That bored housewife. Or swindlers out to con people’s money by writing about making millions through blogging. No. I don’t belong to any of that group. Thank you.

3) So, stop thinking of people who have access to a small piece of space on the internet as bloggers. Stop thinking that those ex-journalists, ex-editors who blog are bloggers. When you refer to bloggers, it is like referring to a particular group of people as human.

And yes, Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin, you are one very misinformed dude. I am even fearful that our higher education students are managed by someone like you. *yelps like Chicken Little – The world is ending*

For 50 years, our Government has silent us and feed us only news that favour the Government. And now, you want to claim bloggers are not being fair? Get real. Why don’t you take a look at the media before the General Election when the opposition parties were not given a voice? Don’t you all learn any lesson?

And parents, do you all remember the loud announcement that political parties are not allowed to meddle in school matters? So how da fark did this Minister get to participate in the PTA meeting and dangle a carrot there?

Mohamed Khaled said he would bring up the issue in the next Cabinet meeting. He was at the SM Taman Johor Jaya 1 Parent-Teacher Association meeting yesterday. He announced an allocation of RM20,000 for the school’s building fund.


First, he is a Minister of HIGHER EDUCATION. Next, isn’t school building fund NOT in his portfolio?

Now back to bloggers and blogs. Get these into all the morons’ skulls. Bloggers is a very general term for animals, humans and objects who write. (yes, there are blogs by dogs/cats (owners) and blogs about things). In Malaysia, there is no one who can claim they represent the bloggers. So, stop farking think that just because you dislike a selective group of bloggers, you can direct all your disdains to all bloggers.

And yes, we censor our comments all the time. At least I do. Because I farking pay for my own space so I get to shit all I want but others shit at my mercy.

P/S : Please tell Khir Toyo he got punked. By the 5xmom. Look for khir toyo blogspot and you find a recipe for tempe. I’m lovin’ it! That is the quirkiness of the internet.

13 thoughts on “Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin – bloggers censoring feedback

  1. khaled nordin is a super duper moron.

    “We are aware of the influence of blogs in the last election compared to newspapers. The government has tried to answer to their views in the blogs but they then erase the response. (ROTFLMAO!!!)

    To him all that have internet access = bloggers. Ha ha ha!

  2. Censored comments? Prove it! Another clueless BN leader making a cluelessly stupid statement. He does not realise what a fool he is to be making such a statement.

  3. shadowfox – Maybe he doesn’t know the total sum of 3+6 or something like that hor? ROTFLMAO

    pablo – You notice he is trying to act celik IT (IT smart) and fighting to show off with that A.S Cheek? ‘Cos this one is A.S. Cheek area mah, not Higher Education?

    bongkersz – Yalor, that AUKU issue his area mah, right? Why he go to primary school give money pulak? I really am puzzled.

    terence – Yayaya, Samy Vellu and that Zam still fighting for a place in the media. Don’t they get it?

  4. Looks like Khir Toyo malas in updating his blog. LOL. Just like many government websites which are not updated.

  5. OMG! What a moron! And he is our “Higher” Education Minister? I bet he couldn’t get his dick to do it “higher”. Teruklah ini macam!

  6. wah lilian, u hit the nail right on the spot! what u said is SOOOOO right!!!! why is it that they never learnt their lessons thru the ‘mother of all lessons’; which was carried out on the 08 march. that the current m’sians are much much more well informed (for a better word, more information savvy!!) n educated lot. we are not taking everything that are spewed out. we read, we disgest and we evaluate!
    so, they should stick to what they say! lest, what is spewed out is thrown back at them!

  7. Garbage in Higher Ed = Garbage out from Higher Ed.
    Alamak this means our future Generation of Malaysians gonna be garbage . Sii leow like this … time to called in Justice Pau !!!

  8. It’s sad to see Pak Lah keeps on choosing morons to head his ministry, especially those involved education. We got kerismudin waving his ‘enchanted’ keris around, then we got this Super Moron Khalid attending a PTA meeting, when he doesn’t even has any business there and giving comments which is irrelevant to him. Sighhhh….. Where will our country be heading to??

  9. I really can’t wait to see this feller face-off with Tony Pua in Parliament. If I’m him I would be losing sleep just for assuming the role of the Minister of Higher Education..As a Sarawakian I would like to thank the voters of PJ Utara for sending Tony into Parliament. I’ve always believe that by by improving the education level of a generation one can uplift the whole nation.

  10. Ministers are getting dumber everyday.The higher education they have,the lower their standards get.haha.

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