Which is dirtier – lending or borrowing money?

If there is a shortcut to cut off ties with friends and relatives, it is lending or borrowing money. I must thank God that in all my life, no matter hard and tough it was, I have never had the need to borrow. There was this one time when my boyfriend (now husband lah) and I stayed together, as in live in, and we survived only on my salary because his company’s shut down during the recession in 1986 I think. When my father died when all my siblings were not even working yet, my mom too find ways to survive without borrowing money. My parents-in-laws too had worked to their bones and never need to borrow.

Now, at our age, we are pretty well provided for as we don’t splurge on Baby Guess and don’t send our kids to private school when we were younger. We don’t shop at Cold Storage or stay in condo which we cannot afford to pay the monthly housing loan. By now, we have no car loan, housing loan or any credit card debts to pay.

You would think that everyone has the same discipline and decency to do the same. But no….there are people who live the lifestyle of ‘poket kosong tak apa, gaya mesti ada’. All looking good outside and full of debts inside.

Well, that’s none of our business of course. But it is our business when they cannot make ends meet and need to borrow from us. Not just small amount but five digit figures. Not only once but repeatedly. Not just from us who are doing well, but from others whom had worked a hard labour all their lives. Niamah. Those people worked and saved, and scrimp and practically every sen is their blood, sweat and tears.

It pissed me off at first. But then, I think five digit figure is a small sum for us but to the person lending, it is like selling their own face-water (as in respect others have for them).

I am glad we have the kids’ future provided for. In case, both of us KKK (khong kah khiau) now, they have enough to live till they make a living themselves. I am glad there isn’t any fear that in case we KKK, they will have to carry our debts. Unlike ‘some people’. Niamah. I si peh peik cheik and tulan at first but I think some people are chronic borrower.

If I am not a Christian, I would have cut off ties. Cilaka. But I have to force myself to think and focus. God will provide. God says we have to love (ptui, more like tahan) our own brethens (in-laws). God says if we forgive……Blek. *keep chanting*

Really, young people. Whatever you do, remember never to come to a part when you need to borrow money from people whom are actually poorer than you. I am not so pissed if they borrow from someone richer. But when you need to ask money from several people whom you know have lived a much frugal lifestyle than you, then, you are worth shits.

Don’t ever look good outside but si peh pariah inside. Because ultimately, you have to face your own conscience. Ultimately, one day when you KKK, your kids have to bear your burdens.

Niamah. Got cars bigger than ours, house twice our size, kid one quarter of ours and yet need to borrow from everyone. Grow up, will you?

Aahh….si fook sai. Now, what shall I do with April’s Fool?

9 thoughts on “Which is dirtier – lending or borrowing money?

  1. What to do on April Fool Day? Send a prank cheque to the person borrowing money from you lah, write there big big RM500,000! Haha…

  2. my father hutang besaq. due to that i cannot get financial help from him for studies. so i cari suit sendiri korek lubang cacing sendiri lorr…

  3. My policy is Never to lend, neither to borrow. If someone close is really genuinely in need and deserving of financial help and if we are in a comfortable position to assist, it’s best that we consider it as given rather than borrowed less we get disappointed when not returned.

  4. you have to draw the line somewhere or else they think they can always rely on you for money & will never change their ways.

  5. You need debt collector or not????? I give free service.

    Aiyo. I still owe you money hor? Paiseh. Paiseh.

  6. aiyoo…banyak marah haa??…. i borrow from the bank only, and and, my dad’s earning is more than mine, so, i borrow from him lo…..but never pay back. i never used the money for lavish purchase la…

  7. “God says we have to love (ptui, more like tahan) our own brethens (in-laws).”.I like this quote.In law can be such a pain in the *tut*.

  8. Lorraine – *taking deep breaths* You are so right.

    Jen – Borrow from your daddy never mind wannnn…This one, belagak kaya and borrow from his folks who live in low cost flats while he lives in condo wei. You say peik cheik or not?

    terence – I kasi you nama you check pigi mana liao? Tiu.

    wuching – This is the last line and anymore I am going to show my fangs already.

    9pek9bo – Talk only I want to vomit blood. Not that I like to reveal but si peh tulan wei. Never got free time to even Ching Ming as a family. Never even pay a cent to all these family events. But mau pinjam time, muka baru tunjuk.

    azhan – Yalor, as parents, tanggungjawab besaq. Sometimes, it cannot be help but when the case is a terang-terang mau belagak, minum kat Starbucks and then pinjam from those who kerja buruh kasar (cos they saved money), then, my thermometer mau letup already.

    Bryan – I go buy hell money baru kambuan. 😈

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