The other day, on Good Friday, Penang Chief Minister visited our church. I admit I was so thrilled to see him there. And I am not the only one. Back home, WMD and I kepoh and we wonder if he is a Christian. Of course, we do not know. But WMD said she saw him said the Lord’s Prayers. (there is no Powerpoint slide during the Lord’s Prayers because we are all expected to know it by heart)

Meanwhile, I was on duty taking care of the OHP which is 200+ pieces of Powerpoint and didn’t have time to peek. Damn peik cheik wei, cos the CM and the 500 + parishioners were relying on the words on the overhead projector and Good Friday’s service is a once a year affair so I have to give full concentration or else skali I messed up, mampus I pulak kena hang on the cross.

Anyway, here is the pdf file of The Herald’s on CM Lim Guan Eng’s visit to Cathedral of the Holy Spirit to join us in our Good Friday’s mass. It is in .pdf file and I think quite a big file ‘cos this is the first time I use the scanner at home.

(The Herald is the weekly newspapers for Catholics in Malaysia. Nay…that publication which Pak Lah said we cannot use the word Allah inside?)