Whee! I am 10 years younger already!


LOL, I suddenly lost 10 years. The above is just an excerpt of my opinions about cheating husband. It is in Her World April 2008 issue. The 5xmom dissed Hillary Clinton. Bwahahaha…how cool! Next month, I hope to see an article I wrote in there.


I just got back from dinner with the inlaws. And I survived to write this post. LOL. Only my eldest BIL and eldest SIL are able to join us. That’s why lor. My atm got 7 siblings, so if all come, can cekik darah wei.

steamed seafoods

If you go to RedBali in Farlim, do try these two dishes. One is the ‘four season’ RM60 with scallops, prawns and fish. The other is the above steamed assorted seafoods. The plate of sweet and sourish steam seafoods has lala, prawns, crabs, fish and squids. RM90 and damn tasty with rice.


The #5 son of the 30s something Lilian Chan. LOL. Damn, I’m lovin it! Abuden, I seriously am not as old as some 38-39 years old self-righteous auntie down south lah. Hor??? You know ‘who’ I am talking about hor?

anklet and earrings

I am on a mission to buy 100 pairs of earrings. Right now, I have 64 pairs only. Who wants to donate the rest of the 36 pairs for me? Recently, I discovered anklets. Anklets are fun to wear wei. Hanging on the ankle is this little green beads. Try before ah? Line tangachee like that. Sammy Vellu see liao, sure fall in love with me.

22 thoughts on “Whee! I am 10 years younger already!

  1. Let’s see. 30s, married for 20 years, eldest is 18. *press press kukulator*

    Wuah!!! Kanasai you got married at…….. šŸ˜‰

  2. That steamed seafood platter any good ar? How the texture??? Consistent ar??? Steam at one go?? You know what I mean ar?

  3. Lilian says (10:25 PM):
    , consistent means waht?
    Terence says (10:25 PM):
    for the crab to cook, the calamari become chewing gum
    Lilian says (10:25 PM):
    hari hari taste the smae?
    no, the sotong very nice, crunchy
    Lilian says (10:26 PM):
    the fish white pomfret oso just nice
    i think they did it separately
    in batches, i mean
    T e r e n c e sent 1/4/2008 10:27 PM:

  4. tangachees like gold one… no gold they don’t like… come india n c… all gals sure got some gold…

  5. guardog – Also must have those little bells. Eh, you from doc’s forum ah? How come your name sounds so familiar wan?

  6. sooi2 – My blog getting bigger and bigger and it is very taxing on the server. Cos each time someone opens a page, it is like rummaging through a giant wardrobe to find the related clothes(post). So, I decided to hack them into smaller blogs. Even this blog also I slowly moving out liao.

    Foong – Dunwan…I want RM10 for 4 pairs only. Wear not not, boh sim thnia

  7. wa boh liao wan but can buy earing for you. lai one day we go lepak in gurney or queensbay i go buy and give present.

  8. can one…can be happening young mother one!! my mom is 46 married for 30 years exactly and i’m the eldest. PLUS she is also the grandmother of 2 (wif another 2 on its way very soon. Lilian, you have to catch up ar!!!

    so did Her World understated ur age cos they intend to pay u lesser for writing / contributing to its magazine? šŸ˜›

  9. wah!! I have about 30 pairs of earing also hubby bising2 already..You want some kah? I also bought the RM10 for 4..nice to keep but only wear 2-3 only..

  10. kadusmama – I simpan nicely in little zipper bag. So, it is more like a fetish than fashion. Hahaha.

    TBG – Aiyor, don’t sked me lah. I 44 years old liao, mau grandkids, within 2 years? *swt* They quoted my age wrongly only, not the price, I hope. šŸ˜›

    wuching – In this case, SYT stands for what ah?

    Big Boys Oven – Eh, actually if I marry at 16 yrs old, my son 18 years old, now I baru 34 years old lor. šŸ˜›

    azhan – Ya lah, we must organise one gathering lah.

  11. ya i from doc’s blog, not forum.

    but still a regular reader of your blog, n rojaks too. Your blog’s PAHWER leh!!!

  12. Hmmm, I think Indians don’t wear gold on their feet. Its a sacred metal, so its usually worn on the hands, neck, ears etc. The material most used in the legs and feet region is silver. At least thats whats followed in my family.


  13. If SV fall for you Ah Lian you better asked him to get V supplies from CSL first lorrr …. LOL

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