How much do you know about cancer treatment in Penang? Input please!

So, the relative I mentioned has been diagnosed with liver cancer.

He has insurance coverage but the amount is limited. Currently, he consults Island Hospital but from what we know, Island is usually very expensive. He requires chemotherapy as there are a few spots noted. Actually, he prefers Chinese herbs treatment. šŸ™„

Anyone has experience in the Big C? Which hospital in Penang provides affordable care? Does Mount Miriam accepts patients? Any input is most appreciated so that hubby can relay to them instead of seeking all kinds of mediums, Chinese sinseh and etc etc. I suppose the treatment will be a long and nasty one, any particular support group/association/churchie thingie/buddist thingie/whatever thingie that they can seek help from?

He is in his early 50s, the wife is taking care of her grandson with special needs and grand-daughter cos his daughter has gone overseas to work and their other son too is in UK to work. šŸ˜” Now, the poor lady has to bear the burden of caring for the husband and grandkids.

(to regular readers, you may remember the jump aeroplane post and the lamp berger story, these are all related)


And blardy mahai, the ass that I mentioned still got the nerve to try borrow money from the said poor woman I mentioned above. KNN, the world is not fair. Asses go lucky, hard working people suffer. If I don’t have a blog to rant, I will call up everyone and fark the daylight out of them. CCB.

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  1. Hi Lilian,

    The Metta For Life at Sariputta run by the Mahindarama Buddhist Temple is a good place to refer to. They have doctors and volunteers who would be able to provide the right info and help in regards to the big ‘C’. The centre is located near the Lye Lye Food Court in Jalan Trengganu. Or just ask anyone at the Mahindarama Temple, Jalan Kampar where the centre is located.

  2. Mount Mirriam should be affordable, otherwise, try Adventist. Island and GMC is famous of ‘expensive’ hospital. Hope this helps.

  3. so sorry to hear about your relative’s illness.
    he can try Mt Miriam Hospital. I have a relative who went there for some treatments a few years back. As I know, they accept patients and they have some of the best equipments and staff for cancer treatment. you can contact them at 04-8907044,

  4. Life still needs to go on…Just sharing bit of info, my dad had been diagnosed a a cancer recurrence few years back. It re-occur after 20 years.

    Anyhow, he is all well now, after spending RM50k on radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment. Treatment was done in Tong Shin and Nilai Cancer Institute.

    I am skeptical on Chinese Medicine as we all know cancerous cell grow faster than what chinese med can do.

  5. Island hospital has been taken over by Singapore’s Raffles medical group, so it may be a bit more expensive. Mt Miriam should be more affordable. An alternative is Penang General Hospital but the queue is longer and doctors may not be up to par, with many malays working there with a handful of chinese.

  6. So sorry to hear of your relative’s ailment. I know of a very good hospice in Penang that will assist in all areas of needs for your relative…. ie. consultation for the best advise toward treatment, etc…., visitation, a ‘helping hand’, a ‘listening ear’, etc… please contact ‘Charis Hospice’ tel: 04-8267717; Ask for Dr. Loo Chan. God Bless!

  7. Lilian,
    my godma works in Mt Miriam, although aprt time la…she’s in the choir too…Aunty Hyacinth…u can ask her opinion…

    had a family fren who was called to the Lord, he was previously seeking treatment in Lam Wah Ee, but in the end went to Mr Miriam too…duno y though….

  8. Hi Lilian,

    I don’t have any information regarding cancer treatment in penang. I just want to share with you about treating cancer with Chinese herbs.

    My mum was diagnosed with cancer and been on chemotherapy and surgery for few years. At the end when the doctors told her that there’s no more modern medicine can do to treat her, only then she took Chinese herbs. Even though it didn’t do much to improve her situation but it does lessen her pains until she died.

    I do believe going for modern treatment is the best choice for the time being because it’s still treatable. Go for traditional way ONLY when there’s no other choice.

  9. y not go to KL for better hospitals?

    I’m a Chinese, but for cancer, I don’t think Chinese herbs do really work, stick to Western medicines is the best bet…

  10. I’d suggest Mt Miriam Hospital or Lam Wah Ee. Friend’s mom went to Lam Wah Ee, they were quite good at handling her case then, so it’s worth a shot. Then again Mt Miriam Hospital is better known for their work with the big C. Hope it helps your relative.

  11. Mt. Miriam is specialized in cancer treatment and more affordable. Besides Penang Hospital C patients, even some private hospital’s C patients are referred to Mt. Miriam.

    According to a oncologist in Penang, Chinese herbs are used only after chemo or radiotherapy, not before or during the conventional cancer therapy to avoid any conflict. God bless.

  12. Mount Miriam is your best bet as they also have a needy patient fund to help those who could not afford treatment. Their number is 8907044.
    For support, they can try calling Datuk Dr T.Devaraj 012-5549785 from the Penang branch of national cancer society.
    Hope this helps. I will help to pray for your relative.

  13. Thanks for all the inputs. I will compile all the numbers and give it to them.

    As for Chinese herbs…..haih…I had conveyed to them the danger the delay in seeking treatment but let’s see how it goes.

    Thanks again!

  14. Father of my junior was diagnosed with 3rd stage liver cancer few years ago. The family was told that he might only live for a few months. But he is still ok till today. Heard that he spent around RM100k for treatment oversea (I think in Denmark). It is not the chemo type of treatment. More to the organic one. My friend gave me the website long time ago. I thought of giving this add to one of my friend with breast cancer. I didn’t read much about it but may be you might be interested to read further. I hope it helps.

  15. I’m not sure Cancerlink Penang provide this kind of service or not but there are volunteers and cancer survivals that can give advice on what are the right thing to do.
    Cancerlink Tel no: 604-6593692 (ask for Ruth)

  16. Sad to hear your relative has cancer.
    Please do not resort to Chinese medicine as it doesn’t really cure but suppress the pain temporarily.
    My grandmother died of cancer a year ago. Chemo was a little late for her as she doesn’t want her kids to spend money (and rather break our hearts)
    Get cancer patients to spend time with their beloved, this will ease their pain too.

  17. agnes – Yalor, I am totally against any other treatment except doctor only. But hopefully they listen lah.

    Curz – Tks for the link. I have noted down and will print it out.

    choonie – Tks for the info. I have been reading and now, expert liao. LOL. I like to know what is to be expected rather than being ignorant.

  18. My dad died of nose cancer when I was 7 years old. In 2004, my aunt was again dignosed with 3rd stage nose cancer.

    According to our experience, Chinese medcine alone wont help despite there are certain success cases. Chemo & Radioterapy are necessary, but they will make one very weak.

    You may want to recommend E.Excel supplements to your relative. This particular Cactus Drink call Millenium is very good for Cancer patients. For my aunt, at one point of her treatment, she is so weak yet unable to eat or drink, not even plain water. Chemo made her vomit whatever she takes in and Radioterapy burnt her throat, hence no saliva. She rely on Millenium heavily at that point and did feel better.

    She survived the treatment and is doing well now.

  19. Hi,

    As in Penang, the Mt mariam is most famoust for that. apart from the cut throat hotel hospital, most people didn’t realise the Penang General Hospital do provide good care and treatment for the Big C. yes, the waiting time will be longer there la…anyway, you can try to check it out.

    As for out of penang hospital, the Pantai Hospital over in Melaka is a famous hospital for Cancer treatment. they have good equiptment which can perform chemo and a very specific point which not many hospital has that facilities

  20. Hi, u can try Hopice at Home Programme. Its a program by the National Cancer Society in Penang, its in 250A, Jalan Air Itam, 10460 Penang. There the service are free , dr and nurses will go and visit patients in the patients house.

  21. Good day,
    I’m a German, 60 years young and was having cancer.
    Sorry, I don’t know where to go… but I know what can be done…
    go to my website and maybe you see a chance for you or your family member…
    People with family history in any type of cancer have a good chance to protect too..
    You can contact me any time.

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