So, the relative I mentioned has been diagnosed with liver cancer.

He has insurance coverage but the amount is limited. Currently, he consults Island Hospital but from what we know, Island is usually very expensive. He requires chemotherapy as there are a few spots noted. Actually, he prefers Chinese herbs treatment. 🙄

Anyone has experience in the Big C? Which hospital in Penang provides affordable care? Does Mount Miriam accepts patients? Any input is most appreciated so that hubby can relay to them instead of seeking all kinds of mediums, Chinese sinseh and etc etc. I suppose the treatment will be a long and nasty one, any particular support group/association/churchie thingie/buddist thingie/whatever thingie that they can seek help from?

He is in his early 50s, the wife is taking care of her grandson with special needs and grand-daughter cos his daughter has gone overseas to work and their other son too is in UK to work. 😡 Now, the poor lady has to bear the burden of caring for the husband and grandkids.

(to regular readers, you may remember the jump aeroplane post and the lamp berger story, these are all related)


And blardy mahai, the ass that I mentioned still got the nerve to try borrow money from the said poor woman I mentioned above. KNN, the world is not fair. Asses go lucky, hard working people suffer. If I don’t have a blog to rant, I will call up everyone and fark the daylight out of them. CCB.