Pak Lah resigns, not

We know Pak Lah well.

One day say no, next day says yes.

No election and the next day, he says yes.

There are so many other instances as well.

So, Pak Lah says he no resign. Will it be a reality tomorrow? Will Pak Lah resigns, if we follow his style?

(source : MalaysiaKini BM version)

Check out this priceless quote from Muhamadx2 :

“Kita kalah kerana terdapat banyak faktor penyumbang lain seperti penggunaan blog dan laman web untuk menghentam BN,” katanya.

Aiyor Latuk….gua manyak empowered. Gua pun blogger jugak. Gua pun ada hentam BN. Jadi jasa gua manyak besar orh. Kamsiah, kamsiah.

8 thoughts on “Pak Lah resigns, not

  1. anthraxxxx – OI, faster sapot lah. Then, he make it mandatory for all men to have several ‘personal friends’. Shiok wor.

  2. Aiyah, Pak Lah nyanyuk tua already ma, can’t remember wat he said most of the time. Summo sleepin on d job. Wat mo can u expect from a kampung pakcik ❓

    Wah…lillian, now only I know bloggers are SO powerful! MUAHAHAHHAH 😈 So, all of us can plot to take over Malaysia now and later, the whole world! ***rub hands in glee*** 😈

  3. no wonder i heard about desas desus pak lah resigning :mrgreen: will e country go haywire if he ciao? hmmm… a bit scary to think about wat will happen 🙁

  4. Actually I am hoping that he will NOT resign, because if he stays until the next election, there will be a 200% guarantee that BeeAnn will be kicked out of office at Federal level :mrgreen:

    – MENJ

  5. When he said he will not kahwin that soon after the wife passed away, he kahwin also shortly!

    When he said that the parliament will not be dissolved, few hours later, it did!

    When he said that guy will not become the Menteri Besar from Terengganu, the guy got the post!

    A few days ago, he said the price of oil will not be increased. Now, we can start worrying already…

    When I came here and got to know that he will resign, NOT (I read and believe in this blog more than the MSM 😀 ) we shall rejoice, or maybe not. We’ll sit back and… *pass me the popcorn please, thank you*

  6. I also hantam over blogs and also smsES, so i also feel good after GE! The celcom bill came and wahh lau 1000+ smsEs! And i overshot limit and got barred for 2 hours but still I FEEL GOOD …. 😛

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