fragile things, neil gaiman

I went to the beach today and found this fragile leave. It has been buried in the sands, exposed to the sun and at the mercy of the salt water for a long time and has become just a skeleton of a leave. It so happens that I have this book Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman in my bag and look, it is the same type of leave! So, I kept that piece of leave and use it as a bookmark.


Living in Penang is really a gem. We can go ‘holiday’ anytime, anywhere. Free one, somemore.

golden sandal on beach

But I actually want to go to Medan and visit this Catholic church call Mary Annai Velankanni Church> ( situated in Tanjung Selamat, Medan, Indonesia approximately half an hour’s drive from Bandar Polonia. The Graha Maria Annai Velangkanni (or Our Lady of Good Health) is a symbolically beautiful church, with statues and ceiling paintings that depicts a somewhat unusual look for a typical church). Since I heard from Father Henry (my church priest), I had been wanting to go. I found the mention of the church from Myriad Tot. It is like a Hindu temple kind of structure but is a Catholic church.


Hubby and I went to Medan like 22 years ago when we were boyfriend/girlfriend (and doing what that poll asked hahaha). So, I ajak my kids, “Let’s fly to Medan on AirAsial! It is only RM1,000+ which is inclusive of flights and two nights hotel.” But no one is interested.


They grilled me, “What do they have in Medan?” I told them, “Got volcano, giant volcano crater that has turned into a lake and they even have an island in it. And maybe if we are lucky enough, they also have huge earthquake and we will experience a big tsunami as well.” But no one is impressed. All three of them said, “Chey…so boring one….you go alone lah!” So, I don’t get to re-visit Medan. 22 years and five kids later.

Therefore, I have to make do with holidaying in Penang. All photos taken with rusty, cheap point and shoot camera Nikon P4. If the photos are nice, it is because I am darn good with the knobs. And the sunset is nothing special but I am good in tweaking the right scene knob.

I still want to go to Medan. I wonder what it is like now, after 22 years?