Escape and fragile things

fragile things, neil gaiman

I went to the beach today and found this fragile leave. It has been buried in the sands, exposed to the sun and at the mercy of the salt water for a long time and has become just a skeleton of a leave. It so happens that I have this book Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman in my bag and look, it is the same type of leave! So, I kept that piece of leave and use it as a bookmark.


Living in Penang is really a gem. We can go ‘holiday’ anytime, anywhere. Free one, somemore.

golden sandal on beach

But I actually want to go to Medan and visit this Catholic church call Mary Annai Velankanni Church> ( situated in Tanjung Selamat, Medan, Indonesia approximately half an hour’s drive from Bandar Polonia. The Graha Maria Annai Velangkanni (or Our Lady of Good Health) is a symbolically beautiful church, with statues and ceiling paintings that depicts a somewhat unusual look for a typical church). Since I heard from Father Henry (my church priest), I had been wanting to go. I found the mention of the church from Myriad Tot. It is like a Hindu temple kind of structure but is a Catholic church.


Hubby and I went to Medan like 22 years ago when we were boyfriend/girlfriend (and doing what that poll asked hahaha). So, I ajak my kids, “Let’s fly to Medan on AirAsial! It is only RM1,000+ which is inclusive of flights and two nights hotel.” But no one is interested.


They grilled me, “What do they have in Medan?” I told them, “Got volcano, giant volcano crater that has turned into a lake and they even have an island in it. And maybe if we are lucky enough, they also have huge earthquake and we will experience a big tsunami as well.” But no one is impressed. All three of them said, “Chey…so boring one….you go alone lah!” So, I don’t get to re-visit Medan. 22 years and five kids later.

Therefore, I have to make do with holidaying in Penang. All photos taken with rusty, cheap point and shoot camera Nikon P4. If the photos are nice, it is because I am darn good with the knobs. And the sunset is nothing special but I am good in tweaking the right scene knob.

I still want to go to Medan. I wonder what it is like now, after 22 years?

14 thoughts on “Escape and fragile things

  1. Was there last month, saw one church in Medan but don’t think it’s the same as the one you mentioned. Saw very interesting Christian graveyards in the Batak village, still got no time to blog about it.
    Anyway was there the first time so cannot compare, but according to some Medan and Danau Toba are always like that.
    Go la, very cheap if take Airasia can do daytrip summore, 50 min flight only, I mean from KL lah. And please tolong kirim alpokat dua kilo, boleh?

  2. mama22beas – From Penang lagi dekat, I think less than 30 mins. We went to Brastagi also and it was quite nice and cold. That time boleh lah, berdua-duan, naik kuda, naik sampan. Lah ni…haih…the kids will sure complain of boredom cos not much to do there, kan?

    Alpokat tu ape benda? I cuma tau they got lots of bird’s nest which we cannot afford and that cake.

  3. Oh got flight direct from Penang ka? So you never saw alpokat? It is their local avocado, can get 2 kilo for the price of one piece here (the one from NZ or Oz). I’d say they are better as they got more flesh. Served with choc syrup, very nice. I will dedicate one entry only for that soon as I made my own at home.
    If you stay near the shore of the lake, think ok la can mandi manda. We brought all kids, but they are small not much complains yet.

  4. oh such a beautiful leaf! and what a coincidence that the front cover of your book had a leaf imprint.

  5. I’ve been to Medan and Lake Toba when i was 12. The scenery is just as pretty as what we see in pictures. Yeah, you should go – with all your kids too. Samo now you have DSLR, lagi syiok!

  6. 😳 I’ve not been to the beaches here for a looongggg time…thanks for reminding me that we have our own tourism destinations here free! I will think of that before trying to scrimp and save for an overseas vacation… :mrgreen:

  7. Penang, it’s a nice place, Nice Photo’s of tanjung bungah beach near Crown Prince Hotel i believe,

    I will have to vist there on my trip back to my parents house. I only when there twice even having stay in the area for 20 years.

    We always think of some other place but not what is infront of us.

  8. I was born in Medan n living there for the past 22 years. 🙂
    The city is growing now, with apartments and marriott hotel in progress, despite the traffic jam and the almost-daily-black-out.
    Brastagi is still as cold as before with new mini theme park (don’t compare it with Genting :P) coming soon.

    Tell your kids, Medan got lots of ‘ho ciak’ foods, especially spicy one 😛

  9. Ah Lian > If I am korek PEN/MES flight will take you sekejap only just enough time for you to pinish your Refreshing Oren Jus cap Juicy la.But if you take sampan over maybe a little longer!
    P/S I am still planning a trip there after 20 years so in a way you more Hock Ki la

  10. eh lilian, tell ya son… indonasian buka durian by securing fruit between the chest/breast and one arm with the other arm hacking away at the fruit with a parang ❗ ❗ ❗

    i saw it with my own eyes.. *kila jari* 12 years ago…

    and if ya do head over, their honeycomb cake.. it looks bit like our pink ‘huat kuih’ but in a cake form and bigger liang liang in it…

  11. I will be going to Velankanni Medan soon. Any idea on any reasonable hotel i can stay (nearby to the church)? Really appreciate if u can give some info.

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