Slap for young people who do not care about politics

Nah, to so many of those people who tok kok that politics don’t affect them, don’t involve them, it is none of their business……Here;s a slap for you.

“We don’t have the jurisdiction to sentence non-Muslims committing khalwat with Muslims,” he told reporters after closing the seminar on behalf of department director-general Datuk Ibrahim Lembut at Ikim here today.

“The Muslims can be sentenced in Syariah courts, and the non-Muslim partners can probably be sentenced in the civil courts, to be fair to both parties.”

Taken from TheStar online;

This, my little chewren, will certainly affects you now. So, are you going to remain disinterested and continue to let a majority rule? Aren’t you more secure now, knowing that we have a bigger opposition voice who will fight in Parliament? We Chinese cannot suka-suka pakhtor without worrying that some officers will jump out of the bush to nab you. Or lagi chialat, officers who peep at your window enjoying your sex act and then, nab you on the case of zina? I.e. kongkek without a marriage cert? Tangkap basah. Ada faham?

That’s why, start taking an interest in politicis because it does affect us. Even raba-raba nen-nen also you can kena spied on and slap with a fine.


Now, is my point clearer? :mrgreen:


ADDED : Read this revealation from Malaysia Today by Farish Noor

But it is in the ranks of UMNO and the UMNO-led institutions of the state that we see the mental quagmire of the elite at its worst. IKIM and the Shariah Judiciary Department are both institutions that were created under the auspices of the UMNO-led government. Yet the so-called reforms we have been presented are not intended to open up the minds of Muslims, but rather to add yet another layer of moral policing on Muslim society today.

45 thoughts on “Slap for young people who do not care about politics

  1. P/S : I know they say one party is Muslim, the other is not. But this are all slowly creeping into us because if your boipren is black-black or your girlfren has Malay girl feature, how? Tangkap semua dulu, belakang kira?

  2. But what if the boypren is Malay/Muslim, and the girlpren is Chinese leh ?

    Is the ruling only applicable to female muslim women ah ?

    Or is it tutup satu mata if the male offender is a Muslim?

  3. Hehehe, you really got me laughing there. I think you are the BEST-est teacher candidate young people should have these days. Really open their eyes up.

  4. New conditions to dating: Must save up a lot of money first, just in case kena tangkap basah and have to pay fine.

    Or else, don’t go pakthor with that skin colour people loh….and don’t go suntanning or else they mistaken identity pulak…and…hmmm…to be completely safe, don’t go pakthor at all! LOL. :mrgreen:

  5. Auntie, please read the report carefully, it says that the proposal is still under study. It is still a proposal, it has not been drafted or sent to Parliament yet. In other words, too early to comment so why are you inciting your readers to attack Islam?

    – MENJ

  6. Foong – They have caught that Chinese couple before mah, right? That’s why we have to constant be alert on this Islamisation process. It is not Islam we are against, but the abuse of the religion to penalise non-Muslims.

    KGC – Before the election, so many of those eligible voters were saying how politics don’t interest them and many did not bother to even register to vote.

    shadowfox – I think it applies for both, and also gays and effeminate men.

  7. MENJ – Which part did I attack Islam? You mean we are not allowed to express our opinions? There were already many cases of over zealous Islamic officers who pounced on the wrong parties, e.g. the old couple in Langkawi, that Chinese couple in KL and I heard, Shah Ruk Khan (however you spell his name). So, do you think we are attacking Islam or bringing an issue that is very real and that may affect us all?

  8. Close proximity means what ar? Being close to that person also cannot ar? Touch here, touch there sure cannot lah.

    Case study: Muslim in love. Courting and dating stage but not married. To show his love and affection towards his lover, they hug and kiss. Can or not??? No hanky panky mah, no sex involve what. He loves her, care for her, so hug and kiss lor. Haram or not?? If haram, how do a muslim show his affection to his lover??? Not challenging their beliefs but curious to know.

    Can someone enlighten me?

    Case study 2: If don’t hanky panky and test. How to know whether one might be marrying the person of the same gender??? Bwahaha!!! Don’t laugh. Macam macam ada.

  9. terence – HOI, touch here, touch there lagi cannot. Sit together in dark places, alone already counted as khalwat.

  10. Ok. A bachelor living alone. Girlfriend comes over. How??? Sit 10 feet apart ar?

    Near my place, there is a rented house with muslim couples staying in there. Each couple one room. Then how???

    Payday, backlane brothel. Banglas lining up for a good fark. Then how???

    Sendiri punya rumah kotor pun tak mahu sapu. Pergi sapu jalan di luar rumah pulak.

  11. Pillion rider on motorcycle. Then how???

    Fetching friend in a car. Then how???

    Taking a lift/elevator. Then how???

    HOW LAH???!!!???

    When the scriptures were written, no motorcycle, no car, no lifts/elevators.

    SO HOW NOW??????

    The answer is; it up to the individual on how strong they are to their own faith. Why wanna drag others into the fray???


  12. 😆 on terence’s reaction…

    Just want to add that I didn’t mention Islam la. ❓ ❓

    I have nothing against any religion for I believe all religions are good. It is the extremism of people practicing it who are the problems. However, I don’t think it is even right for them to try to implement their religious laws on those of us who are not Muslims.

    Am glad that we have more DAP and PKR fellas in parliament to shoot this stupid idea down if they even dared to table it! 😛

  13. this fellas just dont get enough…
    who is this(Ikim) and the Syariah Judiciary Department Malaysia plp for us, the non muslims…… if it is u muslims fate to compliance with Koranic laws… go n have it for urself. it doent seem to me like moral policing for a better tomorow but a way for this religious hypocrites to get us into their Koranic law. Today its the cuddle ban, and tomorow we can expect more from their koranic laws n teaching. SO BEWARE!!!!!

  14. Now I am very very sure my 2 votes for PR is sure the korek korek korek wan! Wahhhh like that do they need to amend the constituitions or not?
    Why cant we Malaysians be more tolerant like Indonesia goshhhh and they are the world biggest Islamic country.
    Understand in Indon religion are not a forced issue, you do whatever but ULTIMATELY you answer to GOD!
    So guess who is more developed now ????

  15. Muslim authority should not make attempt to prosecute non muslim directly or indirectly under syariah law, period! If this goes ahead, non muslim will stay away with muslims because the chances of being set up or sabotaged is there.

  16. Islam LAW: No touching, no 2 person sitting next to each other w/o third party, no hand holding, no sayang, no muack muack, cant stay alone. wana meet; meet outdoor where u have people! If staying together must have marriage cert, else wait for Syariah COURT! Non muslim & Muslim friend, becareful lor :0

  17. a bit off topic but could you please please please turn on full story for RSS again mrs. beautiful young hip lillian chan? I love your content but having only a summary makes me want to unsubscribe (chances are that people who know how to use RSS won’t click on your adsense anyway).

  18. The government will be walking into deepshit la if they impose these type of law. I mean how are we to know who is muslim and non muslim ah?

    Show ic issit before konkek…. what if i donno how to read wor…many of our politicians ah like Mike Tyson buta huruf wor..or the guy is am agmokau.. how ah..

    Summore the person may look like a malay…dark dark skin.. but not malay, only non malay bumiputra or celup eurasion ….. speak malay like manay baba nyonya grandma in Malacca or non malay bumiputra or ah….. u know la even puasa also their religous polis also salah tangkap all the time.

    Dressing also cannot tell wor.. even if you wear tudung. u may be mistaken for catholic nun haha

    Like that better ask all muslims to wear an armband with the crescent la….a.k.a the jews during second world war.. then we know how to avoid the muslims in Malaysia hor…

    Maybe hor.. to be fair hor.. the govermenet also allow non muslims to have four wives hor.. then can konkek until u drop legally lah hahah… dun like wife can SMS divorce…

    Does the BN regime.. want this sort of problem ah….

  19. I just remembered a story somewhat related to this.

    I had a teacher who is american (putih) but married a Muslim lady so he became Muslim jugaklah. Then they divorce but he still kena jadi Muslim cause otherwise, he might not be allowed to see his Muslim son anymore cause he’ll influence his son to go serong and have pork chops… wtf??

    So now he single mah, so he go fren-fren w a Sarawakian girl (brown) look melayu but actually she Iban Christian. They go pak-toh in a park sitting on the same bench.

    Then came the ‘wakil-tuhan’ and tangkap them for Khalwat cause they think the girl is Muslim but actually she’s Christian so I guess they because sad 😥 but then (jeng jeng jeng!) they became happy jolly again when they found out that the Mat Selleh is actually a Muslim so if was not a wasted effort.

    Happy day for the ‘wakil tuhan’ except for my poor teacher who no wife, lost GF and can’t see son cause was put in lock-up. Do you think this was what God aka Allah had intended for us?

  20. LikeHugs – Poor chap. There are many cases but usually, people will not want to highlight it because it is embarassing and moreover, their words are usually final.

    sylvesterthekat – LOL, your comment is funny but the joke has been used by Menj. Label us non-Muslim with kafir on the forehead. :mrgreen:

  21. But Shah Rukh Khan is a Muslim what… Maybe not practising lah (still yet to confirm), but he’s born a Muslim, so deemed a Muslim according to their holier-than-thou laws. 😕

  22. kyh – Actually, I heard this from an Islamisation forum. The lawyer told us, Shah Rukh Khan came to Malaysia for a show. He went to sleep. At night, the officers banged on the door because Shah Rukh Khan tidur sama bini dia yang bukan you know….. So, he wasn’t allow to sleep with the wife. In his own country, it is fine. In our country, he committed a big sin. But hor, this is between me and you. Other people read, not my business hor? In other countries in the Middle-East, ‘they’ are free to drink and eat whatever they like. It is not as strict here. I don’t have problem with being strict but usually, some of them abuse their power and use it for political gains too. That’s why we need to voice our discontent. :mrgreen:

  23. terence – Ya worrr..this morning when I wrote this, I thought only you and I notice how screwed this idea is. Now, almost every big guns are condemning it. Even the bar council website mentioned it as well.

    kew – Mat skodengs a lot wor. Still need sign board ah?

    Know what is Mat Skodeng? Read Lim Kit Siang’s blog post.

  24. You sure no one wants to hire a Political ANALyst or super duper advisor ar??? I am still available.

  25. Like having nothing to do, they stand on overhead bridge and throw stones at passing vehicles below… Then they watch people go crazy screaming at them. Now, don’t you think these IKIM flers doing something like that? Looks like that to me….

  26. huiyoh, in Taiping Lake Gardens, pondan berkeliaran… mat skondeng also tired of raiding them alrady… the photo above was taken in Taiping Lake Gardens, not at the pondan area…

  27. kew – Actually hor, not that I want to say lah, but sometimes, these pondans are born like that but these ‘people’ very unforgiving wan. Nay, in the paper, the IKIM oso wanna charge the pondans jugak. Kesian lah.

    LC Teh – When I read that IKIM has UMNO backing, I lagi geram.

    terence – Go ask Pak Lah lah! Tiu. Or better still Chua Soi Lek. Future MCA President.

  28. “Which part did I attack Islam?”

    By questioning aspects of Shariah law and suggesting that lewd acts is tantamount to asking khalwat officers to jump upon you at their whims and fancies. Rest assured, that is not how Shariah works. There needs to be at least four witnesses and the Shariah enforcement, with regard to the Malaysian context, is only enforced when the religious department officers receive reports from the public to act. They have NO POWER to act upon their own.

    Why I say that you are inciting people to hate Islam? Because you are an influential blogger and have been around nearly as long (if not longer) as I am. Whatever you say will definitely influence your readers, no matter how wrong your opinions are. That is why I am reasoning with you politely, because I do respect you as a seasoned blogger and sometimes you do make good and insightful remarks about religion.

    However in this case, you are simply…well, wrong.

    “You mean we are not allowed to express our opinions?”

    This is your blog, I do not have a right to tell you not to express your opinion. However, as a blog commenter, I have a right to express my opinion of your opinion and as a seasoned Muslim internet activist, I have even more right to defend my religion when it comes under attack.

    I understand where are you coming from with regard to the cases you mention. However it is not the law itself which is at fault; rather, it was poor enforcement and lack of tact on the part of the religious officers to check their facts before jumping on unsuspecting couples. However these are isolated cases. There ARE good people in the religious departments, I have met many of these people. They are better Muslims than even I am. So why are you using such cases as a reason for you to incite people to hate and attack Islam?

    In this regard, what makes you any different from Geert Wilders and his “Fitna” movie?

    Respectfully yours,

    – MENJ

  29. Poking fun directly at people who make ridiculus comments in my view is fair game as long as we do not question others religious practices and ridicule their god(s)(some peopole have one god.. others have many)

    We dont have problems with how muslims practise their faith but IKIM suggesting imposing muslim values and muslim religious practices on us non muslims is way out of line.

    In short those comments by IKIM are pretty screwed up and they should not even have thought of the idea in the first place let alone suggest it openly.

    We hope and pray to Allah/God/Yaweh (‘the one and only lah in my view’) that common sense will previal and the Malaysian Government of the day whoever, will not be pursuing the matter.

    Otherwise, the government of the day can kiss bye bye to the votes from the non muslims in Malaysia and thats a fact.


  30. sylvesterthekat – Ya, our fears and insecurities were based on the previous cases.

    Menj – We have seen the previous cases and in particular the one I linked to Lim Kit Siang’s blog on Mat Skodengs. Those are the reasons why we are hostile and do not wish to see any of such things happening, ever. And Farish Noor mentioned about the link of IKIM to UMNO and that makes us even more jittery. However, if you wish to continue taking this post as an attack, what can I say? Our defensive mode is always taken as an attack.

  31. I am a young non-malay Malaysian and had close Malay-Muslim friends growing up. Nastaein & Suhana were just my ‘darker’ friends.

    Religion & Race never reared it’s ugly head till uni where I will be forever scarred by the zealots demanding I do the following in the name of respect for our national religion & the bumiprinces. I’m sorry but respect must be EARNED. By forcing me to bend to your culture & beliefs shows how little you respect me & mine. Where is the tolerence in the situations below?

    1. I had to wear a tudung during my uni orientation ceremonony
    – no, I can’t even drape it around my head ala Sophia Loren but must ikat at my neck like some market mak cik cause the sight of my strand of stray sexy hair might just send my male classmates to a frenzy!

    2. When at Uni clinic-dead sick, I was asked to go all the way back to my hostel and change into long pants cause I was not ‘decent’ in my bermudas
    – hey, if some horny guy gets turned on at the sight of my knee connected to my hijau face- my fault ah??)

    3. Not encouraged to display my bible or any signs of a Cross in my room as it might affect the iman of my Muslim room mates.
    – If someone’s faith can be so easily shaken, then I say he/she should reflect what is is that they actually believe in.

    I can go on and on. So, was the above a problem w the ‘law’ or enforcement or just a simple matter of someone trying to ram their belief of what is right or wrong down my throat?

  32. Oh btw, I do think MenJ is such a hypocrite here.

    On his blog, he launches his insensitive attacks on Christianity and non-muslims and now he has the guts to say that we’re attacking his faith?

    Oh gawd… where’s the justice?

  33. kyh

    there are many morons on this earth God an unfortunately allowed them here with us to test our faith… be true to God and do not allow their negative thoughts and immature remarks to affect us…

  34. this guy a bit sak boh sek … go round accusing ppl of this and that but don’t get the idea that it’s ppl like him that drive ppl like that ang moh to make that stupid film in the first place….

  35. ISLAM? MAIN KOTE? tangkap basah? LAW?

    I think most of us didn’t see bigger picture here.

    Consider this senario:

    1) Ur daughter not married – fcuk with her bopren. Than bopren dump. ur daughter stress. kill her self terjun bangunan. Who got the advanrage? Family member because insurance RM 1 million maa…

    2) Ur anak lelaki, fcuk here…fcuk there… fcuk everybody..kena STD, siflis, AIDS… then who dump ur anak lelaki…. U juga…

    3) ur daughter fcuk unmarried boypren.. boypren ask ur daughter fcuk with gigolo..taking picture..then dump ur daughter..then ramson on pic with video… sapa untung? bloggers juga coz everybody putting their pic and video on net… sapa malu….pompuan juga…

    Most of LAW or agama want to protect everybody to have equal opportunity. Do you all want this happen to your family member?




  36. ah… after reading this guy’s thoughts I think we don’t need stricter laws la… we just need to reaffirm the need for sex education in schools with an added emphasis on family values…

    who la gave you the talk on the birds and the bees? screwed you up nice and good man…..

  37. kopi – Yalah, no wonder they need to slap the laws on everyone. Hahaha.

    krazl – Eh, you buta huruf kah? The issue is about IKIM trying to propose to change the constitution to impose Shariah law on non-Muslims. A lot of MP, NGO, Sisters In Islam have voiced their displeasure with this proposal.

    So, what the fark are you talking about lah? If you support the idea of imposing Shariah on non-Muslims, which I think is what you are trying to say, please get the fark out of here lah. Go join UMNO and champion the cause, please. Vacancy for Mat Skodeng still open. This post is tagged Humour and you just added more to it.

    Next time, read and understand my point before you buta-buta trying to steam roll my readers and commentors down. You got no permission to do that.

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