Soli lah, no full RSS for the time being

Ok, those of you who are used to get full feeds, I know how annoying it is to get only the first few lines. But you have to bear with it because I am trying to shake off all the fleas that took my full feeds and make it as their blog aggregators. These are like tiny fleas that suck off my content, photos and they used it for their own good. It is so rampant. The moment I hit publish, there are at least 20-30 sites who took the feeds and make it theirs.

If you think I do it to get people to come to my site to click my ads, sorry lah. I don’t need readers like that. Because it is very insulting for people to think that I have this blog to earn money. You may unsubscribe now. Sayonara, thank you, bye-bye.

paperbag boy

a bit off topic but could you please please please turn on full story for RSS again mrs. beautiful young hip lillian chan? I love your content but having only a summary makes me want to unsubscribe (chances are that people who know how to use RSS won’t click on your adsense anyway).

5 thoughts on “Soli lah, no full RSS for the time being

  1. aiyoh why so perasan!

    it’s kinda obvious isn’t it, even the ad block above is positioned so closely to the content. you’re not the only adsense optimization expert in malaysia lah 😉

    and what makes you think those sites scrape off your RSS feed, it’s equally easy to scrape from the main site. anyone can create a yahoo pipes custom feed in a few minutes with full content, you know -__-.

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